What’s in your handbag? #Whatsinyourhandbag

Did you even wonder what mysteries are hidden inside a women’s handbag? Some of us care a great deal about our handbags (I personally prefer shoes!) but nevertheless bags are very important in every women’s life.

Today you have a chance to look inside my “bag of wonders”.

I really hope I will not spoil your fun of wondering for the future.

So here you go… let’s see what’s in my handbag…

What's in my bag

And here you have it, all the mystery revealed. I don’t have a magic wand in here, or a small helper… just normal everyday items… no magic involved.

Now let’s have a closer look on all the items I chose to carry around with me most days. Did you ever wonder how much an average women handbag and its contents are worth? To be honest I have no idea either, but let’s see if we can price-up my one.

My bag

This is one of my bags. I like it because it is huge and I can fit a lot of extra items into it, if needed. Yes, I can hardly find anything in it… but that is the price we pay. This bag was a gift from my sister. It is good few years old now but I still love it. Crew Clothing Handbag – £145 when new

Priceless items

This next bunch of items is priceless to me:

–       My wallet, with all the cards I could possibly need debit and credit cards, Cosco card, various store cards etc. There is not a lot of real cash in it but I wouldn’t want to lose it… ever again. I used to carry my driving licence and Polish national ID card with me but once I lost my wallet, I decided that it is to much of a risk and it cost too much time, hassle and money to replace it, so I do not carry it with my any longer.  Wallet £6.99 from TKMaxx +  £10 cash in it.

–       Phone, it has everything I need to communicate with the rest of the world.  I cannot even think about losing it. Samsung Galaxy S3 – £400 when new

–       House and car keys – you would think that there is not too much value here but this are the only car keys we have, so they are really priceless to us. Cost of replacing car and house keys estimated at £150.

Magic envelope full of vouchers

I carry a magic envelope with me. In it are various coupons or money off vouchers I have won or received from companies. Looking at my envelope today there is £87 in there.

Polish coins just for luck

These 2 Polish coins have no real value but I found them whilst in Poland so I carry them for luck 🙂


Now we are getting into the important part of the bag. My smokes! I have a pack of cigarettes (£3 as they come from Poland), 2 lighters (£1.50) and eCigarette kit (£29.97)

All important items in my bag

This lot is even more important, as it has all I need just in case:

–       Painkillers (£1.50)

–       Tissues (£0.10)

–       Selection of tampons (£1)

–       Plasters (£0.10)

–       Dental floss (£1.50)

–       Lip-gloss – Lancome Juicy Tube – to keep my lips nice and moist 🙂 (£16)

Even more important items in my bag

Oh, this is my favourite part of my handbag and something I always check. A must have for me! A selection of chewing gums, sweets and snacks (£6)

Reminder of my engagement party

And now the last item in my handbag. It is something very important to me. Not a lot of value in real world money but it has a HUGE sentimental value to me. It is a champagne cork from my engagement party. I like to carry it around with me.

And this is it! All items which I carry with me in my handbag.

What is most surprising to me was the total value – £859.66! Wow, I have to be much more careful with it!

This post is my competition entry into Moneysupermarket ‘What’s in your handbag’ Competition.

If you want to enter as well, hurry as deadline is tonight – 11:59pm on 1st July 2013.

Good luck and have fun!


0 thoughts on “What’s in your handbag? #Whatsinyourhandbag

  1. Heavens, what a wide selection of things!
    I manage pretty well with my pockets and belt, though. Included in my collection is an all-weather lighter, a Leatherman toolkit, a smartphone/camera, and a tazer/flashlight. One has to carry a driving licence in S Africa or risk being fined for driving without it.

    1. I tried pockets but it did not work so well with so much “crap”… I have a small bag when I go with the dogs, so I can prioritize when needed.
      In Poland you have to carry your documents with you as well, and driving licence is a must when you plan to sit behind the wheel.

  2. I can’t show our handbag – that’s too embarrassing :o) We bought the cigarettes in CZ – they are awful but only 2.50 eur/25 pack :o) My “souvenir” is a chestnut from 1996 :o)

    1. I looked and some other posts showing off what’s in the bag… believe me you most likely have nothing to be embarrassed about. Regarding smokes – try to stop… I am doing my best to quid but it is a slow process… way to slow to my liking

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