Review – The Running Mat… not only for runners

The Running Mat as featured on Dragons Den
The Running Mat as featured on Dragons Den

When I was sent a Running Mat to review I thought to myself this is a sign! Today I am going to birth the new me, the fitter, younger and happier me. I am going to eat better, smoke/drink less (or not at all), sleep longer and develop that mythical deep sense of well being. That decided I needed a first step on my journey to becoming the new me, what better way than a run, I can start slow, say 5km. I looked at the dogs as I tied my shoe laces, the look of overwhelming anticipation was tangible, they knew, running shoes meant something big was about to happen, a walk of legendary proportions. I grabbed my Running Mat that simply wraps around you like a big soft cosy belt that just clicks together, easy, I reckon less than 5 seconds to equip, and in just a short while I will discover, a useful use of 5 seconds as we will see.

As the front door clicked behind me, I was already stretching and warming up, the dogs bounced around me like demented grasshoppers, even the sun was shining, this was a perfect start.

And we are off….

What seemed like an eternity later, I reached the end of our close, time to re-evaluate that 5km run length, I was shattered and breathing like a steam engine.  Remembering why I was standing there by the road in an ever increasing river of sweat, I unclipped my Running Mat and unfolded it, on the floor and I had somewhere to rest. No worries about chewing gum, dog mess, puddles or little creatures, I was warm, dry and comfortable. The dogs realised that the ultimate walk was off. Sat there looking at each other a bargain was reached that we would go for a long walk, but at a more sedate rate.

As we wandered across the rolling hills of Bedfordshire it did occur to me that although this is called the Running Mat it could be used in a variety of situations. Festival goes, day at the races, dog walkers, and the queue for the Harrods sale, watching Andy Murry defend his Wimbledon crown on the big screen in the park, picnics, beaches or anywhere on a bench after it has rained.

Now I take it everywhere, used it just the other day to rest my foot on as I changed from practical shoes to my dressed to impress shoes, it is very versatile, light, comfortable to wear, you can literally forget you are wearing it which is far more annoying when you realise you could have just used it if only you had remembered it was there. It is definitely my new best friend on walks.


Features of The Running Mat:

Portable – the compact unit easily fastens around the waist/hip area to enable the user to run/exercise whilst carrying the mat.

Outdoor Protection – the compact unit opens up to a cushioned exercise mat to protect the joints and clothing whilst exercising outdoors.

Waterproof – the Running Mat is waterproof and easy to clean.

Holds the heat – the material used holds in the heat in the area using the exercise mat.


* Product was provided by The Running Mat via FuelMyBlog free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .

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  1. My sister loves to run. I wonder if she knows about this product. I will have her check it out. Thanks for sharing your review.

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