Getting ready for Halloween

Our try-out Halloween look
Our try-out Halloween look

It’s not too long till Halloween so it’s time to get ready. As always costumes are the most important part so they take priority in preparation hierarchy. This year we were lucky – F&F Clothing at Tesco came to the rescue! We could pick any costume we wanted.

The choice wasn’t easy, as there is a great selection to choose from.

There are 20 kids’ costumes to choose from so E. battled a bit with a choice between the cat onesie and a devil onesie. In the end she decided that the cat is the way to go.

Halloween Cat Onesie Costume from F&F
Halloween Cat Onesie Costume from F&F

Halloween Cat Onesie retails at £8 and is available in 6 sizes ranging from 3 years old up to 14 years old. I would say the sizing is pretty accurate. The costume itself is very soft and well made. E. has already put it on and then taken it off 20+ times and it is still in one piece, so it is durable. I think the cat nose is a really nice finishing touch and it brings all the costume together.

As for us, adults, we couldn’t decide between vampires and skeletons. So we compromise and got one each – vampiress for me and skeleton for Mark.

Of course we had to check our costumes out, so on Sunday we had a pre-Halloween dressing up session. As we had company and only 2 adult costumes – Roman took Marks spot as a skeleton and Mark was standing behind the camera suffering from an acute case of stage fright.

So this is us… on our pre-Halloween trying out session

Halloween Vampiress Costume from F&F
Halloween Vampiress Costume from F&F
Halloween Men’s Skeleton Costume from F&F
Halloween Men’s Skeleton Costume from F&F

Both adults’ costumes are true to the size stated. We didn’t have any problems with fitting into them nor do they hang too much. The skeleton is very thin, so there will be need for some thermal underwear :-). My vampiress dress is exactly the same as the stock picture, which actually surprised me a bit… I wasn’t expecting stiff collar and such a soft velvet fabric, so big plus there.

What do you think about our choices and try-out Halloween look?

Do you have your costumes ready?

If not, there is still time to order your favourite costume from F&F.

We received 3 Halloween costumes from F&F for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

48 thoughts on “Getting ready for Halloween

  1. Awesome costumes! I don’t have one for myself this year, but I managed to get a little tiger outfit for my son. It will be his first halloween!

  2. I’m looking for a Halloween mask myself…so this post is perfect even if I’m going to wear something simple. An all black tulle dress made wrapping myself in this tight and cute and light fabrics. I love tulle and I can’t wait to use it. xxx

  3. I love Halloweeennn 😀 although it is not in our culture to celebrate it but I would definitely use any kind of occasion to dress up! lol….maybe not something spooky..

  4. Halloween is super fun! I totally like to get into the spirit by doing things like decorating with pumpkins and things. But I don’t like dressing up as anything scary, ugly, or gory — I much prefer something clever, funny, or cute!

  5. I agree that it’s often really difficult to decide on a costume! I think it’s because you know deep down that it’s going to be another year before you get to choose a new one, so you’d better be okay with the decision you make. 😉 Your costumes look so awesome! Way to do it up with the makeup!

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