Who / What Am I? 15-11

Good evening everyone,

I am late again today with my Friday post but I had a really lazy day. It all started out good, I was up very early and doing stuff but then it all went west and instead of spending my day catching up and writing as I had planned, I ended up going back to sleep… hmmm siestas are a wonderful treat if you get the chance.

After my 2nd morning coffee, which I had around 4pm I am up and bouncing, breakfast munched (some pedantic types may call it dinner) and an hour of emergency catch up work and let the lights shine on me as I am finally ready to share the truth about last week’s picture.

Momma’s Bacon was 100% right, last week shot was indeed sugar art. Taken somewhere in China on a regular high street… some guy with a little trolley was making these awesome sugar art lollies; right there in the middle of a crowded street.

Have a look

full shot 8 11who  08 11 answer cut out

If you think this is pretty, have a look at this You Tube clip. It is just over 5 minutes long and it shows different art pieces and how to create them. It looks so simple… we tried to do it at home… it is not simple at all. You need a very steady hand and you need to work fast. We didn’t lift our creation up off the work top in time and it stuck to it, better than superglue, Mark was actually considering getting the hammer and chisel from the garage. We ended up removing it from the kitchen island worktop using a lot of hot water and elbow grease. Slowly the sugar art (yes it is art, Mark claimed it was his interpretation of a Jackson Pollock piece) began to melt and with a clean worktop we tried again, and again, and again and then the saucepan was put in the dishwasher and a different thing was found to do. It’s going to take a lot of practise to get good enough to share the finished work.

Anyway… it is time for this week picture…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 15 11

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

And if you do decide to try and make some sugar art be very careful and for sure do not stick your finger into the hot sugar as I once did. The pain was something else! Never EVER again!

10 thoughts on “Who / What Am I? 15-11

  1. I really thought the first one was caramel! hmm
    bet the second one is a parasol or a chair!
    xoxo! giglove 🙂


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