Who / What Am I? 20-12-13

Evening everybody,

Yes it’s true, it is almost Christmas!

Just think by this time next week this will all be over!  Scary thought.

Anyway, with all the Christmas preparations going on these days, you still managed to find the time to post 14 lovely answers to last week picture… unfortunately none of them where the correct answer… unless we count “animal in grass” like one 🙂

Kimberly was closest, as our creature could be called an anteater… but anteaters don’t have spiny covered coats… however…

Our mystery animal was in fact an echidna, commonly known as (you guessed it) a spiny anteater…

Let’s have a look at him…

Who What Am I answer to 13 12WAI 13 12 cut out

Cute hey?

Echidnas live in Australia and New Guinea. Apparently they were named after the “Mother of monsters” in Greek mythology. Not sure why… I think that they do look quite cute… with their long noses and spikes. They do remind me of giant hedgehogs.

So here we go again, one last puzzle for you before Xmas…

Who/What am I?

Who What Am I 20 12 13

If I don’t hear from you before and you are so inclined then please have a wonderful and cheerful Xmas festival.

Enjoy the time off work and have a little fun!

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