Who / What Am I? 03/01

We have a New Year full of wonders to be discovered, and endless stream of moments each ripe with possibility and yet as a rock of certainty I still bring you the Who / What Am I?  series, it must be a Friday :-), the first Friday of 2014!

I had great plans… a plan of writing something different, more inspiring for the beginning of this lovely New Year, but… as you already know we have a leak, so not feeling very inspired more worried, therefore forgive me if I am brief…

Last week I asked you to guess what my Blogger Secret Santa gifts were…  the answer given of “cheese” made me laugh but I think my favourite was “a paint scraper” – Colonialist I really like your thinking… looking at the picture it does look like one or maybe a car window scraper…

There was one right answer – chocolate! I received 2 bars of lovely chocolate, a slice of cake shaped storage tin (although it might be good for a cheese) and a set of measuring cups or rather should I say hearts…

Who What Am I answer to 27 12

I liked my gifts a lot. The cake shaped tin was a nice touch… I didn’t even have a glimmer of an idea that you can buy one of those. I really like it! Big thank you to my Secret Santa <3

I was also thinking about mixing up my pictures a bit and maybe giving them a bit of a twist but as stated above not in the mood today for creative thinking, so maybe next week I will try to implement my new ideas… if the house hasn’t fallen down, yes drama queen but at the moment I think I have the right to be one…

Anyway for this week you have something green… I would say it is wide open to interpretation…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 03 01 2014

Happy New Year one an all.

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  1. alainabethb

    How fun! Love Secret Santa gifts! I think it is some kind of pea or leaf…most likely a pea though

  2. Yummm chocolate!!

    It looks like a window with raindrops on it? I’m probably completely wrong LOL x

  3. Ohhh I love that chocolate its so nice .x

  4. That is a Google shot of the advance of the Hjghvfyeng in their War Bubbles over the hills of the planet Flmwrsuw?
    Or it is a slightly curvy white-spotted green thingy on a black background.

  5. Chocolate is ALWAYS a great gift. I think that pic is one of the snow on your windshield.

I love all comments :-)