New family addition – Whiskers the Doodles Cat

Last year I introduced you to the lovely doodle family – you had the chance to meet Adam, the Doodle Man and his best friend Rover, the Doodle Dog.

Today I am pleased to announce that the family just became bigger. There is a new addition – cue fanfare – please welcome Whiskers the Doodles Cat.

Whiskers the Doodles Cat
Whiskers the Doodles Cat

Same as Adam and Rover, Whiskers will arrive in a lovely box with a general introduction to his skill set drawn on the side of the packaging.

Whiskers the Doodles Cat is made in the same way as Adam and Rover:

  • Handmade from stainless steel wire with aluminium rivets
  • Bendable into many positions
  • Lightweight

Whiskers is a wonderful addition to The Doodle family. I can already imagine the hours of play fun you could have with these three.

Discovering the nature
Discovering nature
Picnic time!... but where is all the food?
Picnic time!… but where is all the food?
Making New Friends
Making New Friends
Look what I found! A perfect scratching post.
Look what I found! The perfect scratching post.
This smells very nice ...
This smells very nice …

If you would like to have your own Adam and Rover’s “Puuuurfect” friend Whiskers the Doodles Cat please visit homeArama where you can purchase the whole doodles family.

Best Friends - Rover and Whiskers
Best Friends – Rover and Whiskers

So, what do you think?

Do you like the new addition?

19 thoughts on “New family addition – Whiskers the Doodles Cat

  1. Oh love the new addition and all the moved and actions he can do – so lovely to see something a bit more creative and traditional all the plastic rubbish out on the market – love this

    Laura x

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