Who / What Am I? 25/04

Evening my lovelies,

Easter is already long gone so it is time to resume our normal schedule 😉

I missed last week, I am so sorry. It was a Good Friday and as such I had far too many things to do… On the plus side I did manage to wish you all a Happy Easter… so surely this must count for something… at least I hope it does.

So two weeks ago we had a red shot. So many of you were right – it was indeed a red parrot!

Who What am I answer to 11 04Who What am I cut out answer to 11 04

To be honest when I set it up I didn’t think it will be so easy for you all … I was hoping that you would think that a parrot was too easy and would go for something else… hey ho…foiled again!

If you have ever wanted a talking parrot, I read that the African Grey Parrots are the best imitators of human speech. In studies, African Grey Parrots have also been known to count, identify objects and even string together short sentences to answer complex questions;* how cool is that?

I wanted to have a parrot as a kid, instead I ended up a lovely yellow canary… he didn’t talk 🙁

So on to today and for your perusal I have for you this shot.


Who / What Am I?

Who What am I 25 04

Enjoy your weekend and if you have any pictures which will be suitable for a Who / What Am I? please do send them my way. My pictures collection appears not to be endless and I could use your help. So dig in your archives and email something over.

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