My Personal Beauty Wish List

My Personal Beauty Wish List

As a blogger from time to time I get to try something nice… and all is good in the world but then comes the time when I want to try a bit more… or maybe try them all… or even try a slightly different variation…

Last week as it was Black Friday I was browsing various websites in search of the perfect “something” for myself and thus I bookmarked a few things that I would really love to try.

So with no further delay, in no particular order, this is my very own Personal Beauty Wish List!

Gifts Sets from Botanicals

This might be considered a little bit greedy but I would as I said really love them all! I was lucky once enough to try some Botanicals Balm and I totally loved it… now I am hooked and want them all. So lucky for me, they have a special Christmas gift selection, which I think actually represents good value for money; especially with their current special offer of “Purchase any two gift collections and get a facial collection for free”.

Footcare Trio and Handcare Essentials from BotanicalsTo make the offer complete there is also the Footcare Trio and Handcare Essentials set 🙂

MADARA from MyPure

Next on my list is a Madara set. In the past I’ve tried a few face cleansers from this brand and I was very pleased with them. I would really like to try the whole dry skin range; I wonder if I used all the products together if it will make a major difference.

Eau de Parfum Pure Patchouli from MyPure.

Natural perfumes? I’ve never tried any, so I am intrigued and would love to give them a go. I like the patchouli scent so Pure Patchouli from Acorelle seems to me like a good starting point for a journey into natural perfumes.

This Works I Have A DreamLately I have been having some problems with my sleep pattern… again… I have had some Deep Sleep Dream Cream before and I really liked it, so the whole collection of therapeutic products, designed to enhance a peaceful sleep sounds perfect to me right now.

Hair Care from Rahua

Finally…I need something for my hair. They are still dry and I am still looking for the perfect “something”. Until last Friday I didn’t even know that a company like Rahua existed, but I really liked the description and now would love to try it. 100%, free from gluten, synthetics, parabens and sulphates – sounds perfect on paper.

Have you tried any of these products?

What’s on your beauty wish list?

31 thoughts on “My Personal Beauty Wish List

  1. I have never heard ofrom any of these things haha, but you make me want to look into them and try them out. I’m really interested in the shampoo/conditioner and perfume.

  2. Sounds amazing. All these are perfect collection of beauty products, the botanical one in particular. Will have to check this out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Rahua products look so good – I wish I had a beauty list! I barely get time for a shower these days, let alone a pamper… I must put these on my Christmas list 🙂

  4. I love the packaging on the Botanicals, I’m a sucker for Weleda products, Skin Food is the one for me. I’m always running out though. Maybe I should stock up as a Christmas present to myself, sounds like an idea 🙂

  5. I haven’t tried any of the above YET!! Although I do like the sound of the Acorelle perfume. My wishlist would definitely include Sanctuary products especially for the bath and shower, love it.

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