The New You Diet Plan

The New You Diet PlanThe New You Plan is the fastest growing diet meal replacement company in the UK & Ireland. The New You meals are suitable for ketogenic dieting with the range of specialist diet meal replacements suitable for Total Food Replacement (TFR) & Very Low Calorie dieting (VLCD). Enjoy four meals a day and occasional snacks and achieve weight loss results that motivate and excite you!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

When I was offered to try The New You Diet Plan I didn’t have to think twice; I wanted to give it a go. I am not good with diets; I have hardly ever lasted more than just a few days but I am always open to give something new a try, in the hope that maybe it will stick 😉

So I was yet again on a mission…

The New You Diet Plan offers an extensive range of products and plans to choose from. Everyone will be able to choose the perfect match not only in regards to preferred meals but also the intensity and length of the diet. I went for the one week bundle plus snack pack. I had to choose 30 products (with no more than 2 snacks) which is supposed to last me the entire week; 4 products a day; that’s it; nothing more, nothing less… As I said before, the choice is pretty good and you can really vary your meals. I tried to pick one of everything with the exception of meals I know I wouldn’t eat, like porridge (I am simply not a porridge fan).

A few days later my food arrived on my door step. In addition to my chosen meals I was given a VIP accessory starter pack, which included: cool mint fresh breath strips (very handy as chewing gum is not advised while on the diet), drop a jean size e-journal and a fantastic, almost life saving blender bottle (this bottle makes meal creation a pure pleasure; no need for hand blenders and endless stirring… just pop your food into the bottle, add water and shake until well combines… easy peasy).

First impressions

The New You Diet Plan Food SelectionThe New You Diet Plan Lovely NotePerfect. All the meals were well packed with a cute note wishing me good luck. Some of the meals had original eye catching packaging, with all the required information stated on them as well as cooking / preparation instructions, others came in silver bags with just the name of the product on it. I would have preferred for them all to be in their original packaging’s but I understand the need for savings and different packaging for multi-pack products, so really no big issue here.

Did I last the whole week?

I am ashamed to report than I didn’t. I don’t necessary blame The New You Diet Plan, I blame roasted chicken being cooked in the oven and filling the entire house with an amazing smell; I simply had nowhere to hide 🙁 I survived two whole days and on the third one… well you know it already… chicken for dinner…

How was the food?

Actually as powdered foods from packets go, it was outstanding. It was easy to prepare and extremely tasty.

The New You Diet Plan Veggie SoupSome of the meals like Vegetable Soup were totally unexpected. I actually enjoyed their veggie soup a lot but it was like nothing I had had before – a veggie soup based on milk. I truly liked it, it was a nice surprise.

The New You Diet Plan Shaker Bottle and Chocolate shakeIn my choices I took all the shakes, at least one pack of each and I am pleased to report that all of them were extremely good. They tasted like a real shake prepared from scratch and didn’t leave any weird after taste in my mouth.

The New You Diet Plan Sweet BarSweet bars were all yummy too (oh, ok, almost all – chocolate cream cookie flavour bar was the weakest from them all in my opinion).

The New You Diet Plan BBQ ChipsAs to snacks… I only had BBQ flavoured chips – loved them…

The New You Diet Plan Soy Nuts…and BBQ soy nuts – loved them even more 🙂

Final thoughts

I think if you are really motivated The New You Diet Plan might be the perfect solution for you and anyone else who needs to drop a few pounds. Not only is their food nice and tasty, they also offer fantastic support so you are never alone.

As for me, well maybe I just need a bit more motivation… maybe once I actually have nothing to wear because all my clothes are way too tight I will hit the bottom and finally have enough self restrain to stick to the diet. But even with my lack of strong will, I found The New You Diet Plan very helpful. Morning shake replaced a slice of toast or two; sweet bar replaced a sneaker or two… and as they say every little helps…

Have you ever tried a food replacement diet?

Do you have any “magic” dieting tips?

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  1. Seems like a great option for people to consider. I love the personalized note they sent too! It is motivating to know you have support.

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