Review: BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds Apart

BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds ApartFor the last few months we have had the pleasure of test-driving a ready bed from the BearHug collection. This beautiful looking and ready in just a few short minutes’ bed, has proven to be extremely handy. It has served us well during sleepovers and short weekend visits both at home (for guests) and when we are all away.

BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds Apart.The BearHug ready bed is suitable from 18 months old up to 3 years, despite Leo being just below the recommended age, he did spend a few nights in it and I would have to say he had a pretty good night’s sleep 🙂

The first thing you may notice about the BearHug ready bed is its size when it is still all tucked up in the bag. It’s small, so easy to hide away when not in use and is only a small addition to the mountain of stuff you inevitably have to take with you when going away somewhere.

BearHug My First ReadyBed from Worlds ApartSecondly this funky looking back pack becomes a bed in just a couple of minutes. By using an easy to use pump you transform a bag into a comfy, soft bed, ready for a good night sleep.

BearHug My First Ready BedThen you notice its look. The bed looks extremely child friendly; it is soft and very inviting. The colours aren’t too bright nor are they too dull; they are simply perfect. The details on the bed are well finished and as a whole it is very well made.

So why should you get a ready bed?

Well, they are quick to put together and ready in just a few short minutes. Simply unroll and pump it up with the included pump and job jobbed. There is no high drop to worry about and no real option for the occupant to even roll out from the bed. In addition the protective headboard is providing an added assurance that the bed is keeping the kids safe and snug. There is a handy side pocket for storing a favourite toy or a bottle. It also has a removable cover which can be washed as needed, so we can simply let kids be kids.

As for any negative sides… we didn’t really find any. My only annoyance (albeit a selfish one) was that they are far too small… not small for a toddler but way too small for me… I would much more prefer an adult sized funky looking ready bed than that boring, plain grey coloured pump-up mattress I have to “dig out” from the loft from time to time. Personally I think they would be a roaring success, after all who ever thought that the onsies would have become as popular as they have done.

BearHug My First Ready Bed in useBearHug My First ReadyBed in useReview BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds ApartIn conclusion I am a happy bunny and have no objection whatsoever in recommending the BearHug Ready Bed to others. If you have a toddler at home you might want to consider a ready bed, it really makes things so much easier at times.

BearHug Ready Bed can be purchase from Tesco, and it costs just £40… which is a great value for money, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you own a ready bed?

If yes, do you like it?

If no, would you consider getting one?

*I was provided one BearHug ReadyBed free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

29 thoughts on “Review: BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds Apart

  1. This is so lovely, we’re just had the Starbright todddler bed from Worlds apart and it’s brilliant! Will have to look at getting one of these for when we head to Nanny’s

  2. What a great idea, really like the sound of the Ready Bed. Would have been great when POD was younger, she’s four now – no idea how that happened! Seems brilliant though 🙂

  3. This is so cute and would be perfect for Naptime at daycare for my neice. Giving her something to make it special and her own spot would help convince her to lie down, I think. 🙂

  4. Aww, this is really cute, and perfect to take with you if you’re out visiting friends/family and they toddler needs to have a nap – much more comfortable than lying in their pushchair or similar!

  5. My gripe with our ready beds was how noisy they were- the inflatable mattress seems to be made from very cheap plastic and it makes a noise each time the kids move about.

    Ready beds can also be deceptively cold to sleep on: the air in the inflatable mattress is cooled from below, never warming up the the child’s temperature, causing heat loss all night. Ok on a warm summer night, but less so at other times, even in warm rooms. (only exception being with underfloor heating, which is rare as an albino dolphin)
    They are an absolute no no for camping.

  6. we have a Cinderella ready bed. But these first ready beds are so cute! love how it looks when it folded away

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