Eat more to weigh less

Eat more to weigh lessSounds weird right?

Well, I didn’t believe it either but I was proven wrong.

A few months ago I was asked to try new XLS Medical Max Strength, new and improved carbohydrates, sugar and fat binder. I was provided with the pills and the support of Jodie Relf, a weight management dietician. Weeks were passing by but my results were less than acceptable. After a few chats I was asked to keep a food diary… so I did…

As it ended up my diet was in general too low in calories, it had too much sugar in it (mostly from fruits) and it was missing vital food groups… as a result my metabolism was extremely slow. I was advised to up my food intake, change my eating times and add some ever so important proteins into my diet.

And you know what?

It worked!

Within a week my weigh started to drop, inches were disappearing and I felt so much better.

The moral of the story is… weight loss is not always about food reduction… in same cases yes for sure it might be the key factor but it is not a hard rule and sometimes, as in my case, you really need to eat more in order to weigh less.

Jodie explained to me why eating proteins in the morning is so important. A breakfast that is high in protein raises your brain’s tyrosine levels which in turn helps your brain to produce norepinephrine and dopamine, which are responsible for your energy levels and what makes you feel awake and alert.

I didn’t eat breakfast for years. Sometimes my first meal would be at 3 or 4pm, until that time I would function on a giant cup of latte. I tried to eat in the morning but as much as I wanted to, I simply could bring myself to having a proper breakfast, so I found a different solution… protein shakes mixed with matcha powder and chai seeds… believe it or not I have now almost stopped drinking coffee… I have so much energy after my morning meal that I no longer have a need for it. Now I will have an afternoon small black coffee as a treat and not as a necessity to stay awake in the morning.

I am astonished that such a small change can have such a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.

So if you are everything like I was just a few months ago: always in a hurry, skipping meals, running on coffee and eating fruit and more fruit thinking that this is good for you… stop… now…

Start your day with a high protein meal.

Drink a lot of water.

Watch your sugar and fat intake.

Try to maintain a regular eating schedule.

Snack smart if you must… use nuts, homemade energy bars or bliss balls.

And I promise you, within days you will feel the difference.

8 thoughts on “Eat more to weigh less

  1. I can’t face sweet food first thing, I’ve tried protein smoothies in the morning and really had to force it down, LOL!! My favourite quick and healthy breakfast is wholemeal toast with peanut butter, yum!

    1. I’ve tried toasts but I hardly eat any bread so it was a no go for me.
      I normally have a strawberry shake on almond milk with some frozen berries, chia seeds and pinch of matcha – it isn’t sweet at all but it must be due to the protein powder I use.

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