Demijohn – The Liquid Deli

Demijohn – The Liquid Deli Demijohn was founded in 2004 in Edinburgh’s Old Town as the world’s first liquid deli. How does it work? Well… you pick your product, you pick your bottle and ta-da… your shopping for the day is complete. The beauty of Demijohn is that you can return the bottles to be refilled. And on the topic of bottles, they do stock some real beauties!

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to pretty containers, especially bottles. For some reason I really love glass, the more unusual the shape the better. Many, many times in the past I’ve bought something simply because I loved the packaging… Demijohn is a perfect place to let my bottle desires run wild. They have a huge range of stock with many different bottles, in many shapes and sizes.

I especially adore their stacking top bottle collection, simply put they allow you to save on storage space and once filled with a wonderfully colourful liquid this stack of bottles will make a wonderful useable and practical display piece.

Demijohn stocks drinks like wines, whiskey, liqueurs and other spirits but as I am not a big drinker, this section doesn’t take my fancy… what does however, is their oils and vinegars selection… oh yes, I would love to have them all.

I was sent two small sample bottles to check out the quality of their service… well I have to admit… I am hooked and I am in love!

First, the packaging… my bottles arrived perfectly wrapped looking simply stunning. To be honest I struggled with the decision to open them up but my desire to see the contents won through so the outer packaging had to go!

Demijohn – The Liquid Deli Then you get to the bottle itself, perfectly formed clear glass bottle and a handwritten note about the product inside of it – wonderful.

Finally you get to use your product… well no wonder they are called deli… they deserve this name. Demijohn products are sourced in line with Slow Food UK principles, environmental friendly and as local as possible.

After reading a little bit more about Demijohn I really want to try their Elderflower Vinegar as there is a great story behind it… intrigued? Pop to the Demijohn website to find out why…

It’s not very often I get excited about everyday cooking ingredients but with Demijohn it is different, their products seem to have a soul and a deeper history and I just love the idea of taking my bottle back to the shop to have it refilled 🙂

I have my eye on a few products I would love to buy as Christmas gifts for my friends and family. I am sure something as unusual as a 25 year old balsamic vinegar will be much appreciated by some cooks I know out there.

Have you ever came across a shop like Demijohn?

What do you think about the idea of having your posh looking funky bottles refilled?

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