Just Brew It – Homemade Beer with Brewbarrel

Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages in the world and for sure one of the most widely consumed. It is in fact the third most popular drink coming just after water and of course that British classic, a cup of tea.

The production of beer is called brewing and it’s usually a complicated process, which requires a lot of equipment, ingredients and space… usually… as now we have Brewbarrel!

Just Brew It – Homemade Beer with BrewbarrelBrewbarrel has thought of a complete home brewing process without the need for all that expensive equipment, bottles, grains, hops etc etc… but most of all without the need of transforming one of your rooms into a brewery! If you have ever attempted the art that is known as the “making of a home brewed beer” before then you know exactly what I mean… I know as I’ve lived threw it… Some time ago my Mark decided to make his own beer and wine. Fine, I had no problem with the concept that is until he arrived home with the entire estate car filled with giant plastic containers, 100s of bottles, weird looking tabs, caps and bags of ingredients… well, despite owning a fairly large house and a garage we simply didn’t have the space for it all.

Brewbarrel home brewing kit is different!

With Brewbarrel you can successfully brew your own beer after just a few quick short steps. Every single Brewbarrel home brewing kit contains a five litre keg, a bottle of malt extract, a sachet of beer yeast, and a bottle of hop aroma (up to three different natural aromas depending on your order), three beer coasters and an instruction manual. The step-by-step instructions will explain all you need to know and the pre-measured ingredients will ensure that the preparation of your beer for fermentation is fast and easy.

All you have to do after that is wait a week, personally I think this is the hardest part of the process!

After the time is up, simply pop the keg open and enjoy!

Easy peasy!

A Brewbarrel home brewing kit makes the ideal beer gift. Every man dreams of brewing their own beer one day, so why not make their dreams come true?

The price starts from £27 and it goes up depending on the style and flavour of the beer you select. Considering what you get for your money and how much fun and satisfaction the entire process can be, I think this is great value for money. You get everything you need so as soon as it arrives on your doorstep you are ready to just brew… or wrap it up and wait patiently until the elected gift recipient decided to get brewed up.

Have you ever consider brewing your own beer at home?

Do you know a beer lover who would love to try it out?

2 thoughts on “Just Brew It – Homemade Beer with Brewbarrel

  1. omg!! I don’t even drink beer but I want to try this LOL
    Maybe add some blackcurrant (snakebite) or something like that… I promise I haven’t made that up LOL
    Thanks for sharing this sugar
    Charlotte x

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