Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster

1. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster2. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster3. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster4. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster5. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster 6. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster7. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster8. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster9. Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster10. Baby #ootd – Cookie MonsterSweater – Next
Jeans – Next
Cookie tin – Boots
Cookies – Homemade, recipe coming soon  🙂

13 thoughts on “Baby #ootd – Cookie Monster

  1. These photos are amazing! I love the second one. He looks like he has discovered all the wonders of the world in that cookie tin.

  2. This is the most gorgeous post ever and his jumper is gorgeous. I’m always a little jealous of the clothing available for boys, I swear I have to shop in Zara to not be hit by pink overload!

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