Happy National Bed Month!

It is said that the key to all life’s happiness and successes is a good night’s sleep. For some a good night’s sleep is akin to the Holy Grail, and almost as elusive!

It is said that the key to all life’s happiness and successes is a good night’s sleep. For some a good night’s sleep is akin to the Holy Grail,and almost as elusive!Sleep is something which we can’t do without; good sleep promotes healing and energy; essential for our physical and mental health. When we are asleep our bodies – and minds – can recover from the stresses of the day and help us to prepare for whatever the next day brings. During sleep our brains can recharge while our muscles can repair themselves. The trouble is that many people are unable to get the good sleep they need and in some cases this could be down to their bed, particularly the mattress.

The right mattress plays a big part in ensuring you can get a proper night’s sleep and when your mattress is old and worn, it loses its shape and no longer offers the support your body needs to be comfortable. This is one of the reasons why you often wake up not energised and refreshed but tired and aching. If you wake up feeling like this then it is time to consider replacing your mattress with aTempur Mattress.

Some Effects of Lack of Sleep

If you don’t get enough sleep this can have a significant impact on your day-to-day functionality. You may feel groggy and continually under the weather, but these are not the only problems you’ll face if your sleep problems aren’t resolved. The long term effects could include things like:

  •  Lack of concentration
  •  Mood swings and irritability
  •  Lack of enthusiasm and under performance at work
  •  Memory lapses and accidents
  •  Physical illness

Of course there are various factors which can affect how well you sleep. A busy lifestyle can leave you stressed and the ever increasing reliance on technology and gadgets can leave you unable to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day. Pressure at work, noisy towns and cities, juggling the work-life balance, these are all things which conspire against you in your need for a relaxing and beneficial sleep. For some people health issues can prevent you from getting a decent night’s sleep whether short term or chronic health problems. But whatever is stopping you from achieving the perfect sleep, we at Booths Furniture believe it shouldn’t be your mattress and that a Tempur Mattress could be the ideal solution for you.

Benefits of Good Sleep

We’ve all heard stories of people who can get by on 3 or 4 hours sleep a night but for most the optimum amount of sleep needed is no less than seven hours. The right amount of good sleep is essential to keep us healthy and energised and here are some examples of how it helps us:

  •  Good for heart health. Studies show that lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on blood pressure and cholesterol levels so the right amount of sleep can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
  •  Good sleep reduces stress.
  •  Good sleep helps you to feel more alert and ready for the day ahead.
  •  Good sleep helps the digestive processes and allows the body to repair itself.

Why Choose a Tempur Mattress?

Simply put, good quality sleep is important for our health and well-being. We spend so much time asleep that it is worth investing in the best mattress you can buy. A Tempur Mattress is unique in its construction and comfort factor and has been proven time and time again to provide a superior relaxing night’s rest, and given the benefits of getting quality sleep, it’s certainly a consideration well worth taking.

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  1. I did not know it was national bed month! What a great thing to celebrate. I always ty to get to bed at a reasonable hour!

  2. This sounds good to me, I’ve been sleeping on an unmade sofa bed for a few years now. I’m a lazy idiot.

  3. National Bed Month sounds like an excellent excuse for a lot of early nights and long lie-ins to celebrate it to me!

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