#EverydayWins with Bosch – My Month with the Bosch Athlet ProAnimal

For the last month I have been sharing with you my journey with the Bosch Athlet ProAnimal vacuum. Any pet owner knows that pet hairs are a nightmare but as it ended up there is a way to make life easier.

#EverydayWins with Bosch – My Month with the Bosch Athlet ProAnimalAthlet ProAnimal was designed especially with pet owners in mind. This light and powerful vacuum can really make a huge difference in everyday life. It’s perfect for anyone who isn’t crazy about household chores yet still wants to keep their house in picture perfect order; anyone who doesn’t have hours to spare for every day cleaning; anyone who simply needs just one tool to do it all!

So what were my highlights during this month with the Athlet?

Well, let’s see….

Performance must be on the top of my list. The Athlet works perfectly on any surface and it is extremely easy to interchange between upright and handheld machine.

#EverydayWins with Bosch – My Month with the Bosch Athlet ProAnimalWeight is also right up there at the top. I still can’t get over the fact that it is only 3kg. Have you ever attempted to vacuum stairs with an upright machine? If you did, you know that it is almost impossible and definitely super uncomfortable… well doing stairs with the Athlet in an upright position is not only possible but it is easy. The vacuum is so light that you have totally no problems to vacuum stairs with it… yet the job might be even easier if you swap it into a handheld mode, but you don’t have to, the choice is yours.

Storage also ended up being quite important. The Athlet is small and narrow, yet it has no problem with supporting its own weight and it will stand upright in any place you chose. The fact that it doesn’t require any specialist charging station makes life even easier, you can simply plug it to any electrical socket of your choosing.

The accessory kit that is provided with the animal version of the vacuum also proved to be a very valuable addition too. The choice of different brushes which came with the ProAnimal is spot on and they really allow you to clean even in the trickiest places. The pet hair brush works perfectly picking both pets and human hairs from all over the place.

SensorBagless technology proved to be a great feature too. There is no longer any need for remembering when your filter was last cleaned, the vacuum will remind you when it is time to take care of it.

Battery life is pretty impressive as well. When used on setting one, which one would normally use for daily vacuuming, there is no other cordless vacuum on the market which can beat 75 minutes of running time. That’s five 15 minutes sessions from one charge, handy isn’t it?

#EverydayWins with Bosch - My Month with the Bosch Athlet ProAnimalI really like my new vacuum. If I had to pick just one reason for someone to buy it, it would be portability. The Athlet can be used everywhere; any place you can think of you will be able to take it there. For me the moment of truth was cleaning the loft. We just had our house insulated and the loft was left in a mess. Can you imagine cleaning it with a standard upright? It wouldn’t be a lot of fun, would it? Well, the Athlet totally aced that challenge – swapped to handheld with no cord to suck up all the dust and so I was able to clean all the corners with ease. Bosch can really make your life easier, it is that simple!

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