Sunflower Seeds – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Sunflower seeds – small, tasty and healthy; eaten as a snack or as a part of a proper meal this fruit of the sunflower has a lot to offer us but just like most things in life, even sunflower seeds have to be consumed in moderation as too much simply isn’t good for us…

Some countries are much bigger on sunflower seeds consumption than other. I’ve read that in Russia for example, you can simply ask a friend for a handful of sunflower seeds once you run out, just like you would bump the proverbial cup of sugar from your neighbour in the UK; they are just so common and everyone eats them. I personally love sunflower seeds, to the point that Mark thinks I should look like a parrot by now. Anyways last night whilst multitasking (re-watching season 4 of House MD and playing Jelly Saga bubbles on my phone at the same time), I heard the episode with the diagnosis – B6 toxicity as a direct result of excessive sunflower seed consumption… well, this caused me to stop nibbling and got me thinking, so here I am sharing with you the headlines from what I have been researching for the last few hours 🙂

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of polyunsaturated oils; they are rich in Vitamin E, copper, Vitamin B, manganese, selenium, magnesium, folate and almost 70 other nutrients.

The main health benefits of eating sunflower seeds:

  • Weight control – due to their high levels of oil they will quickly take care of any hunger pangs, thus making a perfect snack.
  • Some anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits due to their high levels of vitamin E.
  • They help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Anti-depressant – high level of magnesium can help with low moods, as well as help calm muscles and ease blood vessels.
  • Antioxidant – the selenium in sunflower seeds can help with thyroid health and help to repair any damaged cells within our body.

All is good in the world of sunflower seeds that is until we eat too many of them… Well, one might ask how many it too many… apparently, a single 1oz serving per day is the magic number… eating more can lead to several undesirable effects and contribute to:

  • Weight gain! Yes, the same seed which promotes weight loss in moderate amounts when eaten uncontrollably (the habit of nibbling them is very addictive) will inevitably lead to way too many calories and fats and undesirable weight gain.
  • Excess salt, especially if you snack on the salted version of the seeds.
  • General mouth and dental problems due to cracking too many shells.
  • Stomach problems due to high levels of fiber from eating both shelled and unshelled seeds.
  • Vitamin or/and nutrients overdose. All those good nutrients which were highly beneficial in a small amount can lead to problems when over consumed, especially manganese, selenium or B6 (just as House said).

I still love sunflower seeds but I might stick to a serving of roasted seeds as an addition to my salad from now on and lay off snacking my way through a 100g pack of it every other day.

Do you like sunflower seeds?

Have you ever considered that something can be beneficial in a small amount yet can be harmful when over-consumed?

26 thoughts on “Sunflower Seeds – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. I think i’ve only ever had them when they’ve been on top of bread as a sprinkling but they remind me of being at a fun fair in spain when i was a kind and people were eating them like popcorn.

  2. I can’t actually think of a time where I’ve ever consumed a sunflower seed but they sound like a great snack with some great benefits when eaten in moderation. Maybe I’ll pick some up on my next shop

  3. I love sunflower seeds, although you’re right, too much of a good thing is still too much. For me they’re a nice afternoon snack or add a little bit of crunch sprinkled on salads

  4. I don’t eat sunflower seeds but I loved them when I was little. There was a traditional gypsy on our street who would roast them in her home and then sell them to us, kids. We used to go to her house every day for some more.

  5. I’m not a huge fan of sunflower seeds, I think the issue with things like seeds and nuts is it’s way too easy to eat more of them than you should which is when they become unhealthy x

  6. I didn’t know that sunflower seeds had so many benefits (and downsides when consumed excessively!) – I can’t say they’re something Id really snack on, but they’re nice sprinkled on a salad or on top of yogurt x

  7. I really love all of the things you pick up while watching House!! Thanks for the informative article- I think 1 oz per day is very achievable and would be great for the benefits.

  8. I eat sunflower seeds a little, normally on cereal or something similar, I’ve never tried just nibbling on them as a snack in themselves though,

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