Fractal Art by George Thomson

Fractal Art by George

Guest post by George

The images you see here are most likely unfamiliar to you, maybe a bit of a mystery, but kind of intriguing, right?  Well, let me introduce you to fractal art.

I’m George, a 23 year old student and I make these fractals in my spare time.  I love it.  But I’ve never shared my art with the world before – I am only doing so now to try and fund a trip to visit my girlfriend who is currently taking a year abroad, studying in Japan.  Her name is Paulina, hence the name of one of the pieces: ‘Paulina’s glass’.

‘Paulina’s glass’
‘Paulina’s glass’

These beautiful pieces of art are what’s known as fractal art; a complex mix of geometry, algorithms and millions of calculations produce these awesome images. I find fractals absolutely fascinating – for me, they are a representation of the beauty and wonders of the world and the universe.  How can mathematics translate into something so beautiful?  I love just staring at them and letting my thoughts wonder, I find them very peaceful and also stimulating at the same time.  What I find fascinating about them is that with the same process I can create something that looks like a galaxy or a nebula, but also something that looks like what you might see under a microscope.

These images take such a long time to create you wouldn’t believe it. Once I have programmed all the algorithms and patterns I want, the computer starts performing billions of calculations to ‘render’ the image.  This process can take over 72 hours just for one image.  It really feels like it is recreating a small representation of the universe.  Once my poor laptop finishes its hard work, each image is larger than 300-400 mega-bytes, that’s right I said MEGA-BYTES!  This is why they are so perfect for printing on large canvases or posters: the quality and resolution is simply unreal.  The images you see here are of extremely reduced quality unfortunately (otherwise they would take forever to load).

If you like my art and you would like to support me, please visit my crowdfunding page on kickstarter, where you can buy downloads of the ultra high resolution fractals (which make stunning screensavers!), prints of them on posters, canvas prints and more.



One man and his dog – The Doodle Family

Art is all around us, some of us are good at it, some of us are not… such is life. The doodle family – Adam the Doodle Man and Rover the Doodle Dog – is the perfect companion for anyone who loves both pretty and useful things, for anyone wanting a visual cue, to facilitate them in being able to put that human or animal form down on paper. Time to meet The Doodle Family…

Adam the Doodle Man
Adam the Doodle Man
Adam’s Best Friend Rover the Doodle Dog
Adam’s Best Friend Rover the Doodle Dog

I am not so good with drawing though I am always seeking a model to practise with. I need a model who will do what I need him to do without asking too many questions, getting tired, needing a break and so on… Adam is perfect! He will stand, sit or strike a pose and what’s more, keep that pose for as long as I need him too. Same with Rover… no questions asked. Put this couple into the pose you need and then take your time… with these two as your models there is no rush, you can take all the time in the world to make your drawing perfect.

Play time
Play time

And when you finished with bending their joints and twisting their limbs you can place them somewhere nearby, such as sitting on a book shelf so they can watch over you… they are such a pleasure to look at.

The Doodle Family, both Adam and Rover are:

  • Handmade of stainless steel wire with aluminium rivets
  • Bendable into many positions
  • Lightweight

They come packed in a lovely box, into which they are securely attached to prevent any movement in transit.

Unpacking my new friend
Unpacking my new friend

On the back of their box are a few pictures giving you a general idea about what both Adam and Rover can do.

General skills ...
General skills …

Despite the fact that they are both made of wire, they are smooth to the touch… cool, but smooth… so there is no danger of getting scratched while handling them. They are really, really well made. I was expecting a nice product but I didn’t think it will be so nice and so faultless. The rivets are perfect, they all bend easily; while at the same time they will stay in the desired position until changed.

So what they are good for, you might ask…


First of all they will be perfect as an art prop, helping you, your kids or friends to perfect their drawing skills.

Secondly, they will both make a perfect home decoration for anyone loving quirky things or anyone into modern design, where pure form and unusual decor pieces are of an essence. As ornaments go these two make ideal candidates, as when you’re bored of them you can just change their location and position, have them looking out the window one day and the next reclining on your PC.

Checking out the view
Checking out the view
Chilling out on top of my PC monitor
Chilling out on top of my PC monitor

Third, I think they just look really cute; I cannot even begin to imagine why someone might not want one of them.

If you like them they can be ordered from HomeArama. Both Adam and Rover are priced at £24.95 each. It might seems a lot, but you are getting what you paid for – handmade companion which will look good for years to come and don’t forget will do as he is told 🙂

So what do you think about the Doodle Family so far?

I heard the rumours that there will be a new addition joining Adam and Rover very soon…

Cookie time? Oh, Let it be a cookie time...
Cookie time? Oh, Let it be a cookie time…
You ate all the cookies! Bad Rover, bad boy!
You ate all the cookies! Bad Rover, bad boy!
Let's just relax a bit...
Let’s just relax a bit…
Hello humans, we are here... come and get us...
Hello humans, we are here… come and get us…


I received Adam and Rover free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.