Who / What Am I? 02/05

Evening everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and that you are in good spirits… after all it is almost the weekend.

If three words are to be used to describe the whole week for me it would be Got the flu 🙁
I think Mark brought a “friend” from work to share with us, although he is blaming me as he suffers with a particularly bad case of man-flu. We spent last week feeling yucky, sneezing and cuddling the blanket… and what’s more we cannot seem to get rid of this unwanted visitor.

Any special homemade flu remedies out there which you have tried and tested and they worked? If so, please do share… we could really use some help here. Feeling ill is not so much fun; the energy levels run so low that I really struggle to perform the simplest tasks…like breathing!

But back to the issue in hand… last weeks’ picture…

Last week picture wasn’t very challenging… yet again…

Yes, it was cat fur… and here is its owner in his full glory…

Who What Am I answer to 25 04Who What Am I cut out answer to 25 04

With my fuzzy head I found for you something “special” for this week. I think it might be fun and more open to interpretation… not sure but let’s give it a go anyway…

Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 2 05

Have a lovely weekend and if you are UK based – enjoy the May Day Bank Holiday Monday 🙂