My Top 5 Summer Essentials

I love reading top picks, wish lists and guide type posts but I actually hardly ever write one myself, so for a change I’ve decided to write one too.

Looking at the calendar summer might not be here for another few weeks but looking at the weather… it is definitely here, it has arrived and it is time to get ready.

I spent my morning today wondering around a couple of car boot sales and I have to admit I wasn’t prepared… I came back home all hot and sweaty with a burnt neck and in desperate need of a glass of water… as I said I wasn’t ready… Well, it is time to get ready as it looks like this lovely sunshine and high temperatures will stay with us for a while.

So here you go, my top 5 summer essentials:

My Top 5 Summer EssentialsA pair of comfy shoes

By now you most likely all know about my shoes addiction so it would be very weird to have any sort of list without shoes featured at the top of it… but to the point… summer + sun = adventure; adventure most likely equal walking, which means that a comfy pair of breathable shoes is a must. So what can be better than a suede leather pair of fab looking sandals like the ones from Merrell?

A pair of proper sunglasses

As lovely and pleasant as bright sun is, it is most definitely not ideal for our eyes. A pair of proper sunglasses is a must have! I say proper because I really do not mean ones that are just a fashion statement, which look cool and you buy them mostly for theirs look; I mean sunglasses which actually have some real UV filter and will protect your eyes.

A tube of a sun cream

I don’t know about you but I burn very quickly (I guess this is what you get when you are as white as they come). Even today, after just a few hours out and about this morning in the sun my neck is now totally burnt and it resembles a well-cooked lobster 🙁 Good sun cream with the correct level of UV filter is a necessity. It is much easier to put sun cream on now than try to “cure” sunburn later.

A lip balm

Ok, this one has nothing to do with vanity or looks, believe me. I am talking about clear lip balm to protect my lips from drying out. For me a strong sun is even more deadly to my lips than a harsh winter wind and low temperatures. So again a must have during the summer months and ideally with UV protection and at least SPF30.

A water bottle

I, like most people, hardly ever drink enough water. Mark always has to remind me to drink some, but as always to no effect. Then I discovered that if I use a water bottle and carry it with me I actually drink far more. It is extremely important to stay well hydrated both in the coldness of winter as well as during these summer months and inevitable high temperatures which will lead to dehydration. So due to this Health & Safety issue I will take a bottle of water as my 5th and final choice.

So, this is it… my top 5 summer essentials 😉

What’s on your summer must have list?

*Post contains PR samples

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct

I think at some level we all love shopping. We might not all love food or clothes shopping but I am sure that there is something for everyone to be passionate about when it comes to shopping.

I love shopping. Full stop.

Depending on the type of things I want or need to get I would sometimes pick old that old fashioned shopping method, you know the one, on my feet in the store over the modern version of internet shopping. They both have some good and bad sides in my opinion. I often pick the online option because I hate crowds, hunting for a parking space and high prices. Shopping online most of the time allows me to get the best deal possible without even leaving my home… but I still go out to do my grocery shopping; picking my own fruit and vegetables is kind of therapeutic for me and our local veggie man doesn’t deliver any more.

So imagine my happiness when I was offered a budget to go shopping in order to review Chemist Direct… yes!… It was like Christmas came earlier this year.

The shopping code arrived in my mail box and a few hours later when my entire house was sleepy and quiet I started my shopping spree.

Chemist Direct is an online pharmacy stocking everything you might need in order to manage the wellbeing of yourself, your partner, kids, parents and even pets.

The choice of products on their website is absolutely huge.

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct.

The website itself is very user friendly and provides many different search options. You can search by departments or by category; you can sort your search by price – high to low or other way around – alphabetically, by popularity and even, for all the bargain hunters out there, by the amount saved. You can also pick your preferred layout on the page from grid or list view.

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct..

All products have at least a clear description and most come including an ingredients list, usage instructions, warnings (if applicable) and ratings / reviews. Each product page gives the price of the product as well as the required recommended retail price, so you know straight away if you have saved any money; it gives you clear delivery instructions and any further savings offered directly related to this particular product such as buy 3 but only pay for 2. In addition it also shows you a list of similar products you might also be interested in.

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct - Bulk Buy Offer

In addition to your normal single purchases there is often the option to buy it in bulk (3, 6 or even 12 units of the same product). This option obviously offers even bigger savings when comparing it to the single unit price.

I actually spent over an hour picking my goodies 🙂

I started my shopping spree with an open mind and wanted to pick something for everyone to enjoy. I didn’t want to be selfish this time and blow my whole allowance on one face cream… I wanted to make it a family friendly shopping spree 😉 My final basked contained the following: Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Skin Gel, Bioconcepts Cod Liver Oil Soft Gels 1000mg x 2, Bioconcepts Glucosamine Tablets (360s) 1000mg, Green People Fennel Toothpaste x 3, Johnson’s Baby Bath 500ml, Johnson’s Baby Powder 500g, Radox Brazilian Fusion Handwash, Radox Muscle Therapy Bath Soak 500ml, Radox Shower Smoothies Soul Soother, Radox Spa Radiant Shower Scrub, Radox Stimulate Shower Gel, Radox Stress Relief Bath Soak, Regener8 Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner 250ml, Regener8 Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Serum 50ml, Regener8 Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo 250ml, St. Ives Apricot Scrub Gentle.

Straight after I placed my order I received confirmation via email. Closely followed the next day by a dispatch email arriving in my inbox and then two days later my complete order was delivered by courier.

The order was neatly packed in a box with a lot of bubble wrap inside, protecting my products in transit. Everything was there including a full invoice and a returns label.

Most of my order in the end was filled with products we both know and use on a regular basis but I couldn’t help myself and also picked a few new products to try.

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct - GreePeople toothpaste

Green People Fennel Toothpaste caught my eye when I was browsing the Dental & Oral Care section. It is a natural paste that is ideal for sensitive teeth and gums and is suitable to be used by the entire family. This mint-free formulation features a fennel flavour and contains an antibacterial action so that it is even suitable for users of homeopathy and those suffering with bleeding gums. This Fennel Toothpaste also contains calcium carbonate and essential oils, which kills plaque and bacteria. Green People Fennel Toothpaste is made with organic cloves, cinnamon, myrrh and propolis; it is an SLS-free and fluoride-free natural toothpaste.

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct - Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Skin Gel which moisturises softens and helps hydrate dry and sensitive skin. It is produced using organic Aloe Vera gel, which can be applied to stretch marks, scars, dry, chapped skin, sun burn, skin irritations and minor burns.

In general I am very pleased with my Chemist Direct shopping spree. Not only I was able to pick products I wanted but I bought them at a much better price than offered by my local super store.

I sure will be back for more once our little stock pile is gone.

My shopping haul with Chemist Direct...

Do you like online shopping?

Where do you tend to buy your toiletries, beauty and health products?