Who / What Am I? 04/04

Good evening everyone,

And yet again the weekend is upon us… how lovely…

I am hoping for some nice weather this weekend so I can do some car booting… not sure if I will go selling, maybe just a browsing trip for me this week… I have not decided as yet… I will see how it goes on Sunday morning…

I miss not having car boot sales during the cold, wet and windy months… I find these few hours every Sunday morning while walking around and looking at some weird and wonderful items people have for sale very relaxing.

Oh, ok before I put myself into a dream like state, let’s reveal the mystery of last week picture.

I am very pleased to announce that a few of you guessed correctly… behold the might Red Panda…

Who What am I answer to 28 03 2014Who What am I cut out answer to 28 03 2014

Did you know that red pandas tend to live alone? I had no idea. They spend most of their time in trees, they eat mainly leaves and bamboo, but occasionally they like to snack on fruit, insects, bird eggs or even small lizards. Size wise they are just a bit bigger that a domestic cat…* I actually think that they would make a lovely pet, if I happened to live on a huge range. Wouldn’t you agree?

As for this week’s picture have a look…
Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 04 04 2014

Have a lovely weekend and if you are planning a car boot trip of your own I wish you Happy Hunting!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

“Some nights are made for torture, or reflection, or the savoring of loneliness.”
Poppy Z. Brite

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Who / What Am I? 14/03

What a lovely day!

I am so happy that the rain has finally decided to go elsewhere.

Amazing isn’t it, all you need is a bit of sunshine and suddenly everything looks so much better 🙂

I really adore this time of the year… spring is so beautiful! Everything is waking up again after the winter and the world gains so many colours! I have already spotted a few flowers in my front garden… they are such a pleasure to look at every time I leave the house.

Happy times!

but back to the point…

Last week I presented to you a mystery orange “thing”. Your guesses were all over but nowhere near the “real thing”. My personal favourite was an old persons’ knee 😉 – yes, I could see it… but no, it was not a knee, nor a carrot or an apricot – it was a birds’ beak.

Have a look…

Who What Am I answer to 07 03Who What Am I cut out answer to 7 03

I have some grand plans for this weekend… unfortunately they all involve spring cleaning… but hey, how bad can it be when the sun is shining and temperatures are starting to rise… I recon it will be an awesome weekend!

I hope you have some great plans too.

And whilst you are sitting there feeling tired this evening after your day of excitement and just relaxing whilst browsing the net don’t forget to have a go at this week picture.


Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 14 03 2014