New Discoveries – Furminator by Ween

Lately I have felt a bit like a slacking blogger… first there was Easter and I really did not have a lot of time to blog and then straight afterwards came the flu, which put me out of circulation for a while… but now I feel better and I am back!

Last month I wrote my first New Discoveries post… I enjoyed a lot the sharing with you something which I found to be quite amazing, so I have decided to continue with it. Every time I discover something worth sharing I will tell you about it 🙂

So let me tell you a story…

A few weeks ago I read a thread on one of my Facebook groups all about dog grooming. Basically someone was getting a puppy and they had asked what other owners where using for grooming. As I am always on the lookout for something I might have missed or something regarded as better or easier when it comes to pet care I studied the replies very carefully. A lot of the products were very familiar to me but one was not – a furminator. Weird sounding “tool” I thought but off to Mr. Google I went. I found out what a furminator was and now I wanted one! It is a brush designed in a specific way that it effortlessly removes all the dead hair / fur. I don’t have one but I wanted to try it out.

My initial research left me in an “unhappy” state. I wanted a brush but I didn’t really want to spend £40 on it. So on to step two, it was time to look at “bargain” sites. I found a few furminators on Amazon and eBay which could do but they were not perfect – the price was better (around £15) but they were either too small for my dogs or if they were the correct size they didn’t have particularly great customer reviews. So I quit. Not for ever just for the time being… I decided to put a pin in this purchase idea and revisit my options within a week or so…

Then came Saturday and off shopping I went. My brother in law (to be, I think… one day) had come to us from Poland for a visit and so off we went shopping to procure a list of items requested by my sister and my parents. Step one TKMaxx, as it is always a good starting point for any shopping spree 😉 So we are walking around and filling the basket with weird items… and then we hit the sales “red card” home section… Roman being a strange fellow is offering me some weird product to try and buy – one of them being a cooling bandana for dogs – great idea if we had a Chihuahua in the house (it was in size XS) and then he passed me something really odd looking – a bright green tool, which I could only describe as a window scraper… to my huge surprise it was a dog furminator in size XL and price tag of £5.20. Serendipity don’t you think?

Ween Furminator

So now you know how I come around to owning this weird sounding grooming tool.

I must admit it was love from first use!

I am not sure what you use to groom your dogs but I normally use a slicker brush on Lilly. I found that it is taking the most amount of loose hair in the shortest time, but Lilly is not a huge fan of it. I guess a slicker brush has a lot of sharp pins and even the one with ball pin heads must hurt her a little when used repeatedly in the same spot. She lets me groom her but she is not happy about it, she moves around and twists and turns… However with our new furminator there was totally no movement; it is like she doesn’t even feel it. It removes hairs within minutes and Lilly totally doesn’t mind. The teeth in the furminator are not sharp so there is nothing to hurt her.
The furminator is advertised for all type of dogs, though I didn’t really believe it… there is no tool which will do it all but… I was wrong! It worked just as perfectly on Bunk as it did on Lilly.

I am very impressed with our new grooming tool. It is solid, a bit too heavy maybe for really long sessions, but it works perfectly!

On the day I bought it, when we returned home we went for a walk with the dogs and within 5 or 10 minutes Lilly was all done, no loose hairs coming out of her whatsoever. Probably due to the flu but I didn’t think about writing this post at that time, so sadly there is no pile of fur to show you as proof but I hope you can take my word for it.

The company who manufactures this brush – Ween – is a bit sketchy to me – maybe because I do not understand the website. If I had found this as an online link and checked out their website I do not think I would have gone for this brush… and it would have been my huge lose!

Now that I own the brush, have used it and now know how it works I would have absolutely no objections to spending £40 for it in the first place. Luckily I found it for just over £5 but still even if the Ween furminator would cost around £40 (again no idea how much it retails for) knowing what I know now I would recommend it and I would buy it at this price.

So now I wonder, do you own a furminator?

Did you ever hear about it?

What is your must have grooming tool for dogs?

How to keep your dog pretty – general dog grooming tips

Every dog needs grooming, no matter how small or hairless it is, but some need it more than others… like with Lilly and Bunk… Lilly needs a brush and a quick bath, and that is all. Bunk however requires much more work and a detailed knowledge in order to keep him pretty most of the time.

In general the number one rule is: when it comes to dog grooming – never groom a dirty or a wet dog! So step one must me a bath… but hang on, before we can bath our furry friend he/she needs to be nicely brushed so there are no tangles. So let’s start from the beginning…

Step One – Brushing!

grooming tools

The most important tip I can offer in this matter is to know your tools – there are 100s of different tools on the market and believe it or not they all serve a different purpose. Different length of the coat will require a different brush or comb, some might benefit from the use of thinning shears or a special de-matting comb. Doing some research in this area will save you a lot of money and hassle, as having good tools that are the correct tools for the task in hand, will speed up the process and make it much more easy and pleasurable for both you and your four legged friend.

While brushing make sure you don’t miss a spot and take special care around ears and tummy areas, so you do not hurt any sensitive parts.

Once your dog is all brushed you are ready to proceed further.

Step Two – Bathing!

Scruffy Chops

This part is causing us a bit of a headache, simply due to the size of Bunk. He is not so easy to handle so we end up using the garden hose pipe on him… weather permitted of course… and thus always give him his bath outside. With a standard size dog, you can use your bath or even a shower. Whilst bathing it is important to use quality products, as you really do not want to run the risk of causing a skin irritation. Lately we were using Scruffy Chops shampoo and conditioner. They are perfect for all types of skin including sensitive skin. Scruffy Chops claim to use natural ingredients which are very beneficial for dry, itchy and irritated skin and they do smell divine. We especially like the Muddy Marvellous conditioner, which is made from ingredients like dead sea mud, minerals, oatmeal, shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba seed oil… if you didn’t try it… give it a go. So, when you pick your bathing spot and a selection of bathing product – shampoo, rinse, shampoo, rinse, conditioner wait a few minutes and rinse… just make sure that all product are rinsed off completely before you turn off the taps.

Step Three – Drying!Drying time

Depending on your dog you are looking at towel, a stack of towels or a blow dryer. It is important to dry your dog as quickly as you can especially if it is a long haired breed. If you are using a blow dryer be very careful around ear, nose and eyes area.

If the weather allows we normally would take Bunk for a walk straight after his bath, this way he can dry a bit in a natural way, which is preferable to the monstrous drying job with a pile of towels and a blow dryer.

Step Four – Back to Brushing!

Now your dog is all clean and dry, so it is time for a proper brushing and re-brushing.

Step Five – Trimming

If needed, you can trim your dog into your desired shape. We do it with Bunk but never with Lilly, as she doesn’t really have any spare coat to trim 🙂

If you decide to undertake a trimming task upon yourself, spend some time beforehand and do your research. It is not as easy as it might seem and if you don’t feel very confident it might be advised to look for a professional help in this matter.

Step Six – Nails

Depending where you walk your dogs it might be necessary to trim their nails, especially if they don’t do much roadwork. If they are walked a lot on a hard surface you may avoid this part of a routine as nails will have worn down and shouldn’t be long enough. If you walk them on a field predominately you will need to trim and a good nail cutter is a must, so it goes quick and easy. A good quality sharp pair of clippers will make the job easy and drastically reduce the risk of hurting the dog as you try and force blunt clippers to cut through the nail.

Step Seven – The Finishing Touches

Now, your dog should be all clean and fluffy, but there are few more things to take care of. We always finish with cleaning the ears and eyes… some people would do teeth at this point as well… we do not. Make sure you have a special dog ear cleaner and be very careful and gentle while doing it… one move that goes too deep and you can really hurt your friend. Make sure when you have finished that you leave their ears nice and dry, never forget to remove all excess liquid you used for cleaning. For our final touch we use an eye cleaner, just to give them this extra sparkle 🙂 and to remove the endless supply of gunk they accumulate in the corner of their eyes.

Can you think of anything I forgot?

Or maybe you know something which will help speed up the process?

Please do share!


I received one pouch of Zest in Show shampoo and one pouch of Muddy Marvellous conditioner from Scruffy Chops for free for review purpose. All opinions are honest and my own.