Review – multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes

multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes
multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes

So, we are still categorized as smokers. We have had a lot of progress lately but still cigarettes are an inseparable part of our lives. It is not so easy to quit ūüôĀ

I was offered to try multiCIG electronic cigarettes and I gladly said:‚ÄĚyes, please‚ÄĚ. I could choose a trial kit or disposables cigarettes. As I have never tried any multiCIG products before I went with the disposable electronic cigarette, as most new clients would do, simply because they are cheaper and I also liked the packaging ūüôā You might laugh a little now that I chose my product based upon its packaging but the multiCIG disposable electronic cigarette comes in a single box, which makes carrying it around so much easier. There are other companies on the market who sell their disposable cigarette stuck to a piece of cardboard so once you open it, you have nowhere to hide it. We all know how tricky lighters can be and how easy they get lost, believe me when it comes to the cigarettes themselves they are even more cunning…

So, my small parcel arrived and in it where two multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes, one in each flavour ‚Äď golden tobacco and menthol. There is also a third flavour available on their website called classic tobacco. I was trying to find some information about what is the main difference between the classic and the golden tobacco, but I was not able to. They have the same strength, 18mg of nicotine, so maybe the flavour is just a little bit different, I am really not sure.

These multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes are really easy to use. There is no need for charging at all, you just open a packet and off you go… you can smoke away or should I rather say vap away.

Ready to go in no time...
Ready to go in no time…

The multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes cost a reasonable ¬£7.99 each, when you think that they are equivalent to 40 standard cigarettes, so you are already saving money. In addition to the money you also make huge savings in the risk factors against your own health and potentially the health of others around you… the multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes have no ash, tar, smell or smoke, but you still get the satisfaction from the action of smoking and of course your nicotine fix.

The multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes feels surprisingly real in your hand, again being pernickety they are a little bit heavier and a little too fat, but they are close enough to the real thing so as not to be a nuisance… they also work as stated ‚Äď they give you the satisfaction of smoking without the negative side effects.

The multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes are the entry point in the multiCIG electronic cigarettes range… if you decide that they are for you and you enjoyed the experience, you can use a 50% discount code printed on the back of your cigarette pack to purchase a starter kit.

I know that for most people ¬£69.99 for a starter kit is a lot of money but… you can get 50% off this price and comparing it to the price of cigarette itself ‚Äď it can be argued it is a real bargain.

I would recommend multiCIG disposable electronic cigarettes if you want to start your journey with electronic cigarettes. They are a cheap way of ‚Äútesting the water‚ÄĚ and making sure that vaping is for you.

I did however found something missing on the multiCIG website ‚Äď nicotine free cartridges. I was thinking what about all those people who are really determined to quit, including giving up on the nicotine part as well, but maybe would like to keep vaping for old time sake?

Product was provided free of charge (2 packs of disposable cigarettes) for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

Review ‚Äď Smoke Relief Electronic Cigarette

Smoke Relief

Lately we have been under huge pressure regarding our smoking in general, especially smoking in the house. In a few months time it will be categorically a big NO NO! I guess in summer time it will not be such a big deal, but imagine running outside and standing in the rain every few hours when you want to have a smoke. I was looking at our options and tried to find a solution to this problem. I know that giving up would be the best option but unfortunately this is easier said than done. I read about electronic cigarettes but I did not have a lot of faith in them. So when I was offered the opportunity to try and then review a Smoke Relief Electronic Cigarette I jumped right at it.

Firstly let’s answer some basic questions.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Ever seen “smoke” machines in nightclubs?

It’s actually vapourised glycerine. Smoke Relief¬†electronic cigarettes¬†or ‚Äúe-cigarettes‚ÄĚ are battery-powered devices that give you inhaled doses of glycerine vapour mixed with nicotine and one of seven flavourings (tobacco, menthol, cherry, peach, cappuccino, vanilla, and apple.)

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Each electronic cigarette consists of a battery and a cartomiser (atomiser and cartridge combined). As you draw on the cigarette the cartomiser gets powered up and vapourises some of the flavoured nicotine which you inhale as “smoke”.

So why use it?

  • Looks and¬†feels¬†like a real cigarette – although it’s a bit heavier
  • Freedom¬†to smoke it anywhere in the UK – buses, trains, planes, bars, clubs, work
  • Cheaper¬†than cigarettes – roughly equivalent to ¬£1 a packet.
  • Nothing to offend¬†other people around you
  • No¬†teeth discolouration¬†or nicotine-stained fingers

I was sent a Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit. It came in a lovely sealed box. First impressions are very important and this kit for sure leaves a good one. Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit would make a perfect gift for someone without any extra fancy packaging. It looks really nice and luxurious.

Your magic box full of wonders

This is what you get

So what do you get in your lovely box?

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Deluxe Smoke Relief Charger Box

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 2 x Lithium-ion cigarette batteries

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† USB cable and charger

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Instruction Manual

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 5 x 18mg tobacco cartridges – equivalent to 100 cigarettes

–¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 5 x cartridges of your chosen flavour and strength – equivalent to 100 cigarettes ‚Äď I was sent a 18mg mixed flavours selection including Apple, Cherry, Peach, Vanilla and Cappucino

What's in the box
What’s in the box

At first I¬†wasn’t¬†so sure what to do… but I¬†didn’t¬†even open the box. For days I was walking around it, just looking at it and telling myself ‚ÄúOk, today is the day!‚ÄĚ Finally one day I built up the courage to open it up and give it a go… I am really glad I did so.

Once you open it, the rest is really easy. You follow clear and easy instructions and within minutes you can be ready to go.

charging your charger box and a battery
charging your charger box and a battery
charging directly via USB port
charging directly via USB port
putting together your electronic cigarette couldn't be easier
putting together your electronic cigarette couldn’t be easier

I started with a tobacco flavoured cigarette. I found it a little bit heavy so I swapped it for the Apple flavoured one and it was a good call. They are really great! It is just like having an old style cigarette without the awful stink. While using it I did not find any downside. You still keep your hand busy, you still get your nicotine fix and you still can see smoke coming out of it… and most importantly you are reducing the health risks for you and everyone around you.

I did however find a few areas where they could be made just a little bit better and more user friendly. Flavoured cartomisers have no markings on them. I did find it a little hard to pick the right flavour I wanted at the time. Your charging box has 4 slots for cartomisers, but as they all look the same, it is not so easy to remember which slot was taken by which flavour. And my second suggestion: if possible it would be nice to make them lighter. Mark smokes really tiny roll-ups and for him keeping it is quiet uncomfortable; it doesn’t feel right due to the heavy weight.

In general I would recommend Smoke Relief Electronic Cigarette to everyone who still smokes. It doesn‚Äôt have any real downsides. This change would be very positive for you, your health, your family and friends and of course much easier on your wallet… just think what you could buy using all the money you will save!

Smoke relief offers a few options for new users:

eCigarette (or eCig) Rechargeable Mini Starter kit now priced at £9.95 (reduced from £19.95) This kit would give you:

Рlithium ion rechargeable eCigarette battery

– mini USB charger

– 2 x tobacco cartomizers – equivalent to 40 cigarettes

Р5 x eCigarette cartomizers of your choice Рequivalent to 100 cigarettes

eCigarette Rechargeable Mini Starter kit
eCigarette Rechargeable Mini Starter kit

Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit currently priced at £29.97 (reduced from £89.95) When ordering this kit you will receive:

– Deluxe Smoke Relief Charger Box
– 2 x Lithium-ion cigarette batteries
– USB cable and charger
– 5 x 18mg tobacco cartridges – equivalent to 100 cigarettes
– 5 x cartridges of your chosen flavour and strength – equivalent to 100 cigarettes

Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit
Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit

Cartomizers are sold in packs of 5. Their price vary depending on the quantity you order (from £5.95 per 5 to as little as £4.75 per 5pack if you order 100+). One cartridge is good for 250-300 puffs and is equivalent to approximately one pack of 20 cigarettes. So 5 cartridges = 100 cigarettes.

Smoke Relief cartridges are available in the following flavours: Tobacco, Menthol, Peach, Vanilla, Apple, Cherry, and Cappuccino flavours. There is also an option of mixed cartridges box (apple, cherry, cappucino, peach, vanilla) so you can sample the other flavours and pick your favourite.

A discount code is also available for free shipping on the first order. Please use code SHIPMYKIT

There is a one thing to remember! Electronic Cigarettes are NOT an aid to giving up smoking.

Smoke Relief electronic cigarettes are a harm-free alternative to old-style tobacco cigarettes for existing smokers. They are not a particularly good way to give up smoking because you are still addicted to the nicotine and you are still getting the full smoking experience. If you want to give up smoking you are best advised to just stop smoking or use a support group like Nicotine Anonymous or for more general advice


* Product was provided free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .