To Beard or Not To Beard?

To Beard or Not To Beard

My Mark has always had a beard; at first when I met him all those years ago I wasn’t all together sure if I liked that particular feature about him but as the years passed I have grown fond of it. I know this as a fact because when he does shave it off for an occasion I tend to scream when he walks into the room, more from the shock of how much the difference in the way he looks is rather than the sudden introduction to the face behind the fuzz.

Now back in the old days when as I said I wasn’t a total beard fan, and as any good woman would do in their quest to shape the man they have into the man we believe they should be I would drop the odd subtle and sometimes not so subtle hints into our day to day conversations…

So have you always had a beard?

I wonder what you look like without a beard, could I see?

Maybe a small short goatee rather than the captain Birdseye look, what do you think darling?

I had limited success and was usually rebuffed with the catch me all phrase that “one day the rest of society will catch up and that beards will be the essential accessory for men everywhere you just wait and see”. Oh God I would think to myself, he thinks the 70’s are coming back, let’s hope that doesn’t apply to flares! Though I do miss leg warmers, especially in winter 😉

Now I hate to be proven wrong but sure enough a couple of years ago suddenly beards where everywhere, TV, films, fashion magazines, billboard posters… you couldn’t move for beards… Mark was happy and for once looked like he was riding the crest of this modern dapper look.

Though I am now reliably informed by Fashion Beans that the clean shave is having a came back. The beard is slowly returning to the resting place of the rubbish bin as men everywhere start their day once again with a razor. The time of the beard is again coming to an end.

Beard InfographicHow long before my man looks fashionable once again… Am I back to screaming as he emerges with his clean shaven “naked” face from the bathroom in the mornings?

Do you like beards?