My first ever orchid

My first ever orchid

Let’s start with a few facts about orchids:

Common name: Orchid
Group: Houseplants or greenhouse plant
Flowering time: All year round
Planting time: Spring
Hardiness: Tender
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

The last part of this description is what has stopped me from getting an orchid. I have a lot of house plants and most (I have managed to “kill” a few cactuses in my time so I really need to emphasise the word “most”) of the time I can look after them but I know that orchids can be very tricky. My parents have some and they look beautiful, my sister has some and they also thrive, yet on the her hand my friend Kate isn’t able to keep one alive despite having a green fingers 🙁

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Sam on behalf of Debenhams Flowers. I was offered one of their flower bouquets from their Mother’s Day Flowers range.

Debenhams Flowers

The bouquets are all so beautiful and it was really hard to pick one… but then I spotted the orchids selection… the choice became so much easier! I was still very tempted by the beauty of the orchids and thus an overwhelming desire to own one took over; so I decided to order one of the Twin Pink Orchids.

Finally I was the owner of an orchid and my flower was on its way to me!

My first ever orchid from Debenhams Flowers

My orchid arrived in a giant box. It was packed extremely well and after extracting from the box, then the bubble wrap and finally the tissue paper it looked perfect!

My first ever orchid from #DebenhamsFlowers

My orchid – Phalaenopsis also knows as Moth Orchid – was supplied with a gift card, a silver bucket style flower pot as well as some care instructions. According to the received guide my orchid should:

  • Never stand in a direct light
  • Be placed in a half sunny place
  • Have an ideal temperature of 18C-25C
  • Never stand in water – it should be watered and drained

As I am just starting my journey with orchids, I am open to any suggestion or care tips you might have for me. I will listen and I promise to implement them so my orchid can grow strong and healthy.

My first ever orchid.

Are you a flower or a plant type of person?

Will you be ordering a flower delivery for Mother’s Day?

I am off to check on my orchid 🙂