Who / What Am I? 2-08

Due to my problems with accessing wordpress we had to have an enforced one week break… I am sorry about this but there really wasn’t a lot I could do.

So our last picture was a red – orange – yellow something… that looked to you like artificial corn or a plastic toy… when in fact it was yet another frog! This time is was a red frog (think maybe I’m discovering a hidden frog thing buried deep within myself?)

Animals_Reptiles_Red_frog_019543_answer to 19 07

Ok, I promise no more frogs…. for a while…

For this week’s challenge I have something different for you.

Are you ready?

Here it comes…

Who / What Am I?
Who / What Am I?

Have fun and enjoy your weekend!

Who / What Am I? 19-07

It looks like last week’s photo caused a little bit of a headache for you guys an girls 😉

We had some great guesses from “A dragon eye” (I so wish it could be a dragon eye) to “Papaya seed”…

My mystery picture was an indeed an eye… but only a tree frogs eye…  see for yourself…

Who am I answer from 12 07

Who am I cut shot 12 07

This week we will keep the red theme going. Maybe this picture will not have you so puzzled, then again maybe it will…

Who / what am I?

Who Am I 19 07