Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a Foodie

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a FoodieThere is nothing better than receiving a personalised gift; something picked and created especially for you. If picked right these types of gift can be a real treasure and source of long time happiness.

Most of us have homes full of clutter and the idea of yet another “useless” gift received for my birthday or a name day makes me cringe inside. I know that I might be different than others but I like practical gift, something I can use, something of good quality which I can enjoy for many years to come.

In June I celebrated my birthday, we actually went away for our holidays during this time but once we returned there was a beautiful gift waited for me – a personalised meat carving board from ToxicFox. I have to admit it was a perfect gift! High quality wood, lovely engraving, perfect finish… this is my type of gift and I know I will cherish it for a long time to come…

This made me think… there must be others like me who would prefer something nice and usable yet unique and created just for them… I was on the hunt for the best personalised gifts for a foodie…

These are my top five choices:

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a Foodie - Personalised Mixing Bowl SetPersonalised Mixing Bowl Set
Mixing bowls are always useful and you can never have enough of them. This one allows you to add two messages of up to 70 characters each and one symbol. I really like the design of this bowl and I think mixing a future cake in it would be a pleasure 🙂

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a Foodie - Personalised Pair of Coffee and Biscuit Storage TinsPersonalised Pair of Coffee and Biscuit Storage Tins
I’ve always liked storage containers and this pair looks perfect to me – they are airtight, have lovely retro style and would make for a wonderful gift… after all who doesn’t love biscuits and coffee?

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a Foodie - Definition Cheese Board SetDefinition Cheese Board Set
Beautiful looking and extremely useful for any cheese lover out there and to make it better you can engrave it with any name you want and add to it any definition you want.

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a Foodie - Personalised Oven Gloves and MittsPersonalised Oven Gloves and Mitts
I picked this one because in addition to the message you can add your own picture as well. I really like the idea of them and I think I might just order some for us.

Top 5 Personalised Gift Ideas for a Foodie - Personalised Embossing Rolling PinPersonalised Embossing Rolling Pin
This isn’t just a rolling pin with your name on it. This pin can be personalised with your message which will be later left on your cookies… or anything else you roll with it.

I hope you enjoyed my little list here.

Do you like personalised gifts?

Would you like to own any of my top five choices?

Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Foodie

Father’s Day Gift Guide for a Foodie

Father’s Day is upon us yet again, how quickly the year whizzes past us. So another day of celebration and another day of head scratching as we yet again try and work out what to get them that will be awesome and at the same time not break the bank. Now for some of us out there it will be an easy call, your father has a hobby so you’re going to get something specific to that end; for others maybe your father is trying to give up smoking so an e-cig kit will be called for or some exotic juice to smoke. For others maybe it’s a timing magic and that their favourite band, show or comedian is in town and tickets are still available, again an easy call.

For the rest of us, well we are screwed and as such have to come up with that present of awesomeness that must surely exist out there somewhere…

As many of my readers will know I like reading top 5 lists, they can inspire all sorts of tangents when thinking of what to get. You may see something on the list that is just perfect or maybe it’s close to what would be perfect and so you brain thinks “ahh but what about a…..” so yes, lists can be good and too that end I am going to throw my hat, or at least a list, into the ring for others consideration.

Flash Party – No to little money

Got no money but heaps of spare time? Well you’re obviously computer literate enough to have found my list to read so you’re online and connected; a good start. So connect to your twitter friends, your Facebook friends and organise a flash party or flash event prepare the food in advance than pick a spot where you know he will be and do a pop up party, if you have been secretive enough it will catch your father out and be an epic, potentially memorable, event. Video it and bang it on Youtube and internet stardom could befall you, stranger things have happened.

Beef Jerky – Little money

What can be more primal than a beef jerky… take your father back in time to the old days when cave men pulled chunks of meat off of the woolly mammoth (although in this day and age its more likely to be a plastic wrapper) and sat there chewing, happy days.

Posh Chocs – Little to heaps of money

Everyone loves posh chocolate and they don’t come much posher than the chocolates you can find at the online boutique From the moment you see the packaging you know you’re are dealing with a company that takes its subject very seriously. Then taste the chocolate itself….. heaven. Prices start from as little as £20 for a collection, which is not a lot of money if you say it very quickly 🙂

Personal Chef for the night – Splurge for the night

All fathers go through life with the mistaken thought that they are the alpha dog in their house and most women know that is just not the case. However it suits us perfectly that they keep this thought. So what better present than one that supports that notion. Rather than be like other lesser mortals and actually go to a restaurant, oh no your father has obviously been elevated well beyond that level, in fact elevated to the point that now the restaurant comes to him! Well at least the chef part will and cook you a truly memorable meal in your kitchen.

Primo Smoker – Money no object

There is definitely something primal about fire and there is something definitely primal about meat and fire in combination for a man. Now a Primo may be the Rolls Royce of backyard cookers but it can cook anything and delivers it with the mouth drooling taste of wood-smoke that just makes even the simplest foods taste heavenly. There are also countless other smokers out there that are good and suited to any budget.

Failing all that there is always the usual socks, aftershave, bathrobe option but you won’t get any brownie points or receive any bear hugs.

Have you bought a gift for Father’s Day already?

If so, what did you get?

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, which means it is time to get ready.

I am not planning anything extravagant but some little surprises during the day are very much in order.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day - Love Pillow Cases

First thing first – Setting the scene

Human Touch – Love Pillow Cases sent me one of their lovely pillow case sets. They will be perfect for setting the scene for a romantic evening / night plus I am sure they will put a smile on our faces every morning we wake up and look at them.

There are 12 lovely, cute and extremely adorable designs to pick from. Human Touch – Love Pillow Cases are a great way of extending the magic of Valentine’s Day for longer.

To make a day even more special why not start it with a nice cup of coffee from a Love Mug?

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day - Breakfast

Cook that special breakfast

This part still needs some thinking and planning. I have a few options on the short list. The Valentine Breakfast Pinterest board was very helpful but I still couldn’t decide: sweet or sour.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day - Hidden Surprise

Hide a little surprise in their lunch box

Did you hear about Joy Maker? The Cadbury website offers an option of making your very own chocolate bar. The process is easy and very straightforward and as a result you get a chocolate bar with a personalised message of your choice (on the wrapper only to be precise). I think that this would be a very nice touch, which would definitely put a smile on Marks face, so I am getting it made.

Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day Name a Star

A special gift which will last a lifetime

I am still stuck for ideas and would consider any help you can offer. I don’t plan on getting anything huge (budget wise) but something special and thoughtful would be ideal. I found a Name A Star kit, which allows you, among other things, to name a star (surprise, surprise…). I think that Mark would really like that.

How is your preparation going in the run up to Valentine’s Day?

Are you planning something special that’s out of the ordinary?

90:10 – Tapping into the inner child

90 10

Dan is right.

All the men I know have something in their lives that connects to the inner child. Man never completely grow up… they are committed to maturing and “evolving” but they never full grow up. 90% grown up…the other 10% not so much… sums it up just about right.

Anyhow, 90:10 is a men’s clothing line designed specifically to preserve the boyish part of our man. Currently they offer hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts and polo’s. Their design is simple yet elegant, childish but still suitable for a full grown man.

Mark was sent a navy blue 90:10 signature embroidered pullover hoodie to review. Features of the hoodie include:

  • Made from 100% pure organic cotton
  • Double kangaroo front pockets
  • A draw string neck line
  • Lightweight yet warm
  • Close-fitting
  • Small logo

90 10 – Tapping into the inner child

The first sensation which grabs you once you have opened your package is the amazing softness of the fabric. We are quite a sporty family (at least when it comes to clothing) so we have our fair share of tracksuits and hoodies but it is really quite a rare thing to have something so soft. It is not possible for me to describe it in words; you will just have to order one to feel it for yourself 😉

But back to the hoodie – The 90:10 signature embroidered pullover hoodie is suitable for being worn all year round, no matter what nature has installed for us. This isn’t one of those mega thick hoodies which make you look like a snow man; this one is manufactured from medium weight cotton, which means that can even be worn as an undergarment if needed.

9010 - Tapping into the inner child

90:10 is also fairly unique in this modern world of corporate takeover, they are small, young(ish) and above all genuinely enthusiastic about their products and their company and best of all they want to do better. They are still connected to each other in such a way that customer feedback can have a noticeable impact on the way they do business, I know from experience. If they think your idea is an improvement over what they currently do they are only too happy to step it up to a new level of customer service.
So in conclusion 90:10 is a modern company with the quality of foundations that sets it on course to go far in the market place. I appreciate the cutting edge customer service and the absolute top level in quality from their products.

I have their website as a favourite in every browser, need I say more?

Oh, and if you fancy trying the amazing softness of this hoodie for yourself, you can use the discount code CUPID to receive 25% off your order.

A gift guide for that person who appears to have it all

A gift guide for that person who appears to have it all

Men, women, teens, kids – there is always someone who seems to have it all and when asked what would they want or like the answer is always the same – nothing.

This is not necessarily the truth. I personally don’t believe they have it all but this type of person may just not have any immediate needs which need fulfilling, so… buying for them is kind of a nightmare.

We can always pick the easy way out and go with a pre-boxed gift from our favourite store or we could try to find something which will actually suit them and they might actually need or even want, even if they don’t know it yet.

I was wondering about some gift ideas for “those” type of people. So I created a list, in spending order, which might give you some ideas.


Experience Days

There are a lot of options for picking something suitable from experience days. I’ve looked at Virgin Experience Days and prices start from just £5 and go up and up and up all the way to space soon… so I am putting it on top of my list. Driving, flying, days out, spa days, photo shoots… there are literally 100s of different options to suit any budget and of course to suit any person we are buying for. Last year I won a driving experience and gifted it to Mark; he totally loved it even though they wouldn’t let him keep the car despite Hollywood levels of pleading.

Dyson Hot + Cool

Dyson Hot + Cool

Unless the person you are buying for has an air-conditioned house they will love the new Dyson Hot + Cool. I personally don’t have one (I wish we had) but I’ve seen it in action and it is amazing. It looks amazing and it performs just as described. It isn’t cheap though as prices starts from £359.99 but if you have that amount of “spare” money I can guarantee a smile on the recipient face.

Redmond Multicooker .

Redmond Multicooker

Reading different blogs I see that a lot of people are using a multicooker. These smart appliances can fry, steam, cook, stew, bake… they can reheat food or keep it warm until you get home… pretty clever. It is like all your cooking requirements in one piece of kit. The price does vary depending on which model you opt for – the basic 6 program multicooker will set you back £69 going up to an amazing 55 programs in one model for £184.90.

personalised  wine

Personalised Gifts

With personalised gifts the choice also is almost endless – bags, mugs, frames, chocolates, clothing… whatever you want I am sure someone will personalise it for you. ToxicFox have a huge selection of personalised gifts. I particularly like their wine or champagne selection – personalised of course – as they might just be the perfect gift for a fussy adult.

ClaireaBella collection

They also offer a full ClaireaBella collection – cushions, stationery, suitcases, bags to name a few things plus a lot of clothing including PJs, hoodies, zoodies, t-shirt, onesies. With ClaireaBella you can not only personalise with your name but the whole Mr or Mrs ClaireaBella 😉 Prices starts from £4.99 for a personal bar of chocolate going up to £134 for a suitcase.

Mediflow Waterbase Fibrefill Pillow

Water Pillow

Yeah, I know, it sounds awesome, doesn’t it? £39.99 will give you a Mediflow Waterbase Fibrefill Pillow; clinically proven to improve quality of sleep and reduction of neck pain. They can be adjusts to fit the shape of any person and continuously responds to changes in the sleeping position. I actually have one and it is a pleasure to sleep on. People might have a lot of things but I bet most of them haven’t thought about getting themselves a water pillow 🙂

The Country Candle Company

“Posh” Candle Collection

Candles aren’t only for the older women. They have a practical use of course but they might also be used as a decoration, a mood enhancement or just a nice reminder of something or someone special. The Country Candle Company offers the most beautiful range of British, highly scented candle collections to suit any preferences. Prices start from £6.50 and go up to £22.50 for a lovely gift pack.

So, what do you think?

Are any of my ideas useable for you?

What would you add to the list?