Healthy Living and Modern Society

Healthy lifestyles should work for us, keep us fit, both body and mind, improve our health and well-being… healthy lifestyles should make us happy but how do we achieve it in modern society?

7 tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle in modern society. Healthy lifestyles should work for us, keep us fit, both body and mind, improve our health and well-being… healthy lifestyles should make us happy but how do we achieve it in modern society?That is the million $ question… what steps should we take to achieve healthy living?

We are all different and my happy balance will probably be different to yours but some main rules will always apply… in the end, we both want to achieve the same state of happiness, being fit, energetic and simply feeling good!

Since we left the busy life style of the city and moved to the countryside, I am more content, calm and happy… I know this change worked for me and I would never go back but lately, I find myself searching for a deeper meaning of healthy living and the different steps I can take in order to improve even more the quality of my life.

I came up with some tips, which I believe if followed should improve one’s life and put them on the path towards healthy living.

Stress Reduction

I know this is easier said than done, but it can and must be done. Try to identify what is stressing you and take steps to reduce it or preferably make it go away completely. Stress is part of life, there is no question about it but high-stress levels can be very damaging to our health especially if they accrue over a long period of time, so stress less… or at least try.

Practice “Me Time”

We all have things we love to do, things which calm us down and bring us joy. No matter how busy life gets it’s important to find the time for these activities, being a long bubble bath or a lonely walk in the woods… “me time” should never be optional… this is something which keeps us sane and can be extremely helpful when trying to achieve a healthy living state.

Good Night Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is an essential part of life; an uninterrupted good nights’ sleep will go a long way to making our life better… make your bedroom nice and cozy, air it well, leave your phone outside the door, turn the TV off, pull the curtains too and sleep… try to leave day to day worries behind and just sleep… focus on your breathing, relax and sleep… everything will look much brighter after a good night sleep.

Stay Fit

We all need some form of exercise in our lives, walking, running, cycling or swimming, the choice is yours… but we all need it. It’s hard to know what form of exercise will suit us well, improve our well-being and bring us the most satisfaction, so you might want to consider a personal trainer for a while; trainers like Stephen Coleclough can guide us on the right track, can help to make us healthier, fitter and stronger.

Right Nutrition

This is most likely the more difficult one to achieve. Wherever you look there is a fast-food joint on every corner, shops are packed with unhealthy snacks and processed food, and we always lack time! But where there is no pain there is no gain… as they say… start from a position of smart shopping, buy raw ingredients instead of packed food, plan your meals, cook in batches when you have time so you have some healthy nutritional meal in your freezer once you don’t… swap crisps for nuts and cookies for fruit… take care of your body and in return, it will take care of you.

Right Friendships

We don’t live in a vacuum. Every day we are surrounded by 10s or 100s of people, we interact with them because we have to but what about the people we really want to spend our time with? A good, real friendship is the best cure… there really isn’t a better thing in life than having someone you can always count on. Look after those friendships, they take work too but in the end, it is worth it!

Do What You Love

Do what you want, do what makes YOU happy; after all life is short! Hate your job? Maybe it is time to quit and find something else which will give you an income? Drowning in debt? Maybe it’s time to downsize and finally put your life on the right track? Always wanted to see Paris? Why not buy the last minute ticket and go for a trip?

I know we all have our own burdens and responsibilities but at the end of the day ask yourself: Am I happy? Is this all I can expect from my life? If you are satisfied with the answer… good for you but if you are not, maybe it is time for a change… take baby steps but do something to improve the quality of your life before it’s too late.

7 tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle in modern society. Healthy lifestyles should work for us, keep us fit, both body and mind, improve our health and well-being… healthy lifestyles should make us happy but how do we achieve it in modern society?

“Sustainable happiness is important, because it not only elevates our own well-being locally, but also contributes to the collective global flourishing.”
Lisa Cypers Kamen,

* This is a collaborative post.

Is Anxiety Ruling Your Life?

It seems that in more recent years, there has become a greater awareness of mental health. Mental health disorders are considered common throughout the United States and research shows that millions of people are affected each year. Mental health disorders range from milder issues like anxiety and panic attacks to more extreme disorders of depression, borderline personality disorder and schizophrenia.

The common condition of Generalized Anxiety Disorder affects 3.1% of the U.S. adult population over a 12-month period and 32% of these cases are considered as a severe condition. This disorder creates excessive worrying about issues such as employment, finances, family, relationship and health. Sadly, it seems that only half of the sufferers look for help to aid anxiety, while the other half may not be aware that they could be actively getting professional advice or seeking out alternative therapies to improve their wellbeing.

Don’t Let Anxiety Stop You from Focusing on The Future…

Many people find that when they are anxious or depressed, they find it difficult to not only focus on living in the now, but also being able to focus on a positive future ahead. Anxieties and loss in confidence can hinder you from making plans and having inspiration on what you want to do in your life. Often, having goals for the future can especially help someone to look at making positive changes, even if it’s just one step at a time. Some people have also found that having something to look forward to and getting positive insight for the future from a tarot reading, empowers them to focus ahead and to feel more confident about life. Anxiety and stress can easily feel like it is taking over your life, but learning how to manage it by taking small steps, can make you feel more in control, making a huge difference.

Why Do We Get Anxious?

Anxiety and stress disorders are one of the most common issues in mental health, but they can also be one of the easiest to recover from. Most stress and anxiety is caused by feeling vulnerable, weak or out of control of your life. Often it may be because you are feeling unhappy about certain circumstances that you believe are beyond your control. Perhaps you are in a difficult relationship, or maybe you are miserable at work? Also, family issues and disagreements can cause anxious feelings and may be causing a stressful living environment. Professional counsellors have helped many people with these problems by educating them on how to take more control of their life, how to safeguard themselves and how to avoid or remove themselves from situations that may not be good for them. Mindfulness has also proved to be a useful therapy that enables people to focus on the here and now.

Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Treating mental health disorders with complementary therapies and alternative health is often successful but it very much depends on the person. These therapies are believed to increase wellbeing, promote better mental health and help a person to learn how to relax. Some therapies are not regulated, so it is important to work with someone who is fully trained with a professional qualification. Therapies range from aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, shiatsu, reiki, acupuncture, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy and hypnotherapy. There is not yet enough research being done to prove that these therapies truly help mental health disorders, but many people have found that they certainly lessen anxiety and stress levels, helping them to feel more relaxed.

Many mental health disorders need professional treatment, whether it’s medication, early intervention teams, professional talking therapies (counselling, CBT etc) or in extreme cases, electroconvulsive therapy. While every mental health disorder should be diagnosed and professionally recognised for appropriate treatments, we should also consider that perhaps some conditions like anxiety, could be alleviated by other treatments. However, anyone suffering from these conditions should always seek professional diagnosis and advice before looking to alternatives.

* This is a collaborative post.