Healthy Living and Modern Society

Healthy lifestyles should work for us, keep us fit, both body and mind, improve our health and well-being… healthy lifestyles should make us happy but how do we achieve it in modern society?

7 tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle in modern society. Healthy lifestyles should work for us, keep us fit, both body and mind, improve our health and well-being… healthy lifestyles should make us happy but how do we achieve it in modern society?That is the million $ question… what steps should we take to achieve healthy living?

We are all different and my happy balance will probably be different to yours but some main rules will always apply… in the end, we both want to achieve the same state of happiness, being fit, energetic and simply feeling good!

Since we left the busy life style of the city and moved to the countryside, I am more content, calm and happy… I know this change worked for me and I would never go back but lately, I find myself searching for a deeper meaning of healthy living and the different steps I can take in order to improve even more the quality of my life.

I came up with some tips, which I believe if followed should improve one’s life and put them on the path towards healthy living.

Stress Reduction

I know this is easier said than done, but it can and must be done. Try to identify what is stressing you and take steps to reduce it or preferably make it go away completely. Stress is part of life, there is no question about it but high-stress levels can be very damaging to our health especially if they accrue over a long period of time, so stress less… or at least try.

Practice “Me Time”

We all have things we love to do, things which calm us down and bring us joy. No matter how busy life gets it’s important to find the time for these activities, being a long bubble bath or a lonely walk in the woods… “me time” should never be optional… this is something which keeps us sane and can be extremely helpful when trying to achieve a healthy living state.

Good Night Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is an essential part of life; an uninterrupted good nights’ sleep will go a long way to making our life better… make your bedroom nice and cozy, air it well, leave your phone outside the door, turn the TV off, pull the curtains too and sleep… try to leave day to day worries behind and just sleep… focus on your breathing, relax and sleep… everything will look much brighter after a good night sleep.

Stay Fit

We all need some form of exercise in our lives, walking, running, cycling or swimming, the choice is yours… but we all need it. It’s hard to know what form of exercise will suit us well, improve our well-being and bring us the most satisfaction, so you might want to consider a personal trainer for a while; trainers like Stephen Coleclough can guide us on the right track, can help to make us healthier, fitter and stronger.

Right Nutrition

This is most likely the more difficult one to achieve. Wherever you look there is a fast-food joint on every corner, shops are packed with unhealthy snacks and processed food, and we always lack time! But where there is no pain there is no gain… as they say… start from a position of smart shopping, buy raw ingredients instead of packed food, plan your meals, cook in batches when you have time so you have some healthy nutritional meal in your freezer once you don’t… swap crisps for nuts and cookies for fruit… take care of your body and in return, it will take care of you.

Right Friendships

We don’t live in a vacuum. Every day we are surrounded by 10s or 100s of people, we interact with them because we have to but what about the people we really want to spend our time with? A good, real friendship is the best cure… there really isn’t a better thing in life than having someone you can always count on. Look after those friendships, they take work too but in the end, it is worth it!

Do What You Love

Do what you want, do what makes YOU happy; after all life is short! Hate your job? Maybe it is time to quit and find something else which will give you an income? Drowning in debt? Maybe it’s time to downsize and finally put your life on the right track? Always wanted to see Paris? Why not buy the last minute ticket and go for a trip?

I know we all have our own burdens and responsibilities but at the end of the day ask yourself: Am I happy? Is this all I can expect from my life? If you are satisfied with the answer… good for you but if you are not, maybe it is time for a change… take baby steps but do something to improve the quality of your life before it’s too late.

7 tips on how to achieve a healthy lifestyle in modern society. Healthy lifestyles should work for us, keep us fit, both body and mind, improve our health and well-being… healthy lifestyles should make us happy but how do we achieve it in modern society?

“Sustainable happiness is important, because it not only elevates our own well-being locally, but also contributes to the collective global flourishing.”
Lisa Cypers Kamen,

* This is a collaborative post.

Weight Loss, The Human Brain & Social Programming

The human brain is an amazing thing, for example it can be used to “program” our thinking in order to help us achieve our goals… if we only let it!

The human brain is an amazing thing, for example it can be used to “program” our thinking in order to let us achieve out goals… if we only let it!Unfortunately however, when it comes to weight loss we have been “programmed” for years by society and endless marketing to think that there can be no gain without an equal amount of pain which is let’s face it, a lot of crap.

On Saturday I had the huge pleasure of spending a few wonderful hours amongst the Slimpod stars of 2015. I’ve won the “Most Inspirational Blogger” category due to my complete changing of the way I see and blog about food. My journey with Slimpod has awarded me, so far, with just over 2 stone of weight loss but most of all it has allowed me to rediscover food in a way that I never would have thought about before. And no, I didn’t starve myself, I didn’t have to count calories or sins, I didn’t have a loooong list of foods I can’t eat or any other kind of restriction for that matter… so then how does it work?

Well, this is where we come to our mysterious and beautiful brain! Slimpod works on your subconscious and changes the way you think about food in general. And the result, well you start to have a dialogue with your body and it tells you that it doesn’t want that food, that it knows is bad for you or more simply, that 2 spoonful’s is enough. It is not a choice, in fact you don’t even realise it is happening until after the event or more likely it is when someone around you makes a comment. I personally don’t understand the science behind it but frankly I don’t care! For me and many others it works and that is all that matters!

I met some wonderful people on Saturday and they all have an incredible story to tell. They all lost a huge amount of weight but most of all they we all overcame our demons when it comes to food, being chocolate, cake, bread or cheese. We were all different and we all had different reasons for overeating and different “weak spots” but this is all in the past. We all feel happier and healthier now, we are lighter and it’s all because we gave Slimpod a try.

However, we all had one common story to tell… about those people around us who despite seeing our changes flatly refused to believe that such a change is possible without any sacrifice. This is so silly in my humble opinion!

It’s silly because for years we were told that diets have to equal some sort of restriction but this simple isn’t true!

I hardly ever watch TV but yesterday I happened to watch the Channel 4 programme called How to Lose Weight Well. One of the girls who was put on a crash diet said something which really sums up the general public’s opinion about weight loss “It’s not going to work because it’s not restrictive enough”. This statement really stuck with me as my own personal experience and the experience of others there on Saturday show that the statement is a prime example of total conditioned BS, sorry but there isn’t a different way of putting it.

People, think for yourself! Read about our majestic brain and what it can do for you. Don’t let society define your beliefs, give the unknown a go and put your trust in something you might not entirely understand and finally just start to think slimmer. It works. I am good physical proof of this, you can eat all you fancy and yet shed weight, and you can be slimmer, healthier and happier without conscience sacrifice, restrictions and will power! I say we all should start thinking slimmer!

Clean Eating – Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy Living

Clean eating is all about eating wholesome, real foods which are as close to their natural form as is possible. With so many products being processed these days healthy eating becomes harder and harder especially if you are on a budget. If money is no object you have no need to worry but if you are counting your pennies it might be worth investing in some good kitchen appliances and gadgets which will help you achieve a healthy living lifestyle and in the long run save money.

As Christmas approaches I was thinking about some gift for the house, something usable which will benefit us all and it struck me, I will get a new kitchen gadget to help us eat better for less. During my process of selecting the perfect thing, I’ve decided to share my findings with you all, just in case you might want to use it for some inspiration when it comes to gifts or improved healthy living.

Clean Eating – Top 5 Kitchen Gadgets for Healthy LivingI picked my top 5 gadgets which I believe tick all the boxes when it comes to healthy living and long-time money saving.


I actually own this already and to be honest I have no idea how I survived so long with it. Soyabella is a nut milk maker. It turns raw nuts into a delicious nutritional milk within seconds but this isn’t all… it also makes soya milk and if this isn’t enough for you, you can use it to make soups, porridge and various pastes. Taking into consideration soy or nut milks only a Soyabella can offer a significant saving; you only need a small handful of raw nuts to create 1.3l of nut milk, which costs a fraction of the cost compared to shop bought nut milk.


This is the one on my “to buy list”. Trying to follow clean eating recommendations means eating the least amount of processed food as possible. Dehydrated fruits and vegetables require no added sugar or salt or preservatives, so they are ideal for making all sorts of healthy snacks. Fresh produce especially out of season can be very pricy, so my idea is to buy them in bulk when in season and dehydrate for later. Dehydrators very in price, you can pick some for as little as £20+ or you can spend £300+, I guess it all depends how “professional” you want your gadget to be. My parents have one of the cheap ones, they use it for fruit, veggies and herbs during summer time and it is coping rather well. Personally I would like to get something more powerful and funky looking 🙂

Intelligent Multicooker

Tefal Cook4Me is an intelligent pressure multicooker; you drop your ingredients in and it will cook them for you. Cook4Me is pre-set with 50 recipes to suit any household, you are obviously not restricted to these choices; you can simply cook whatever you want in it. The main benefits of a multicooker, especially a pressured one is speed, ease of use and safety… no more bubbling dinners on the stove and small hands trying to reach for it, everything is enclosed and safe.

Cold Pressed Juicer

This is the one on top of my “want” list. We have wanted to buy a cold pressed juicer for a long time now simply because it allows you to retain all the vitamins and nutrients. They aren’t cheap (hence why we still don’t own one) but I think in the long run they are well worth the money. After doing some research I am leaning towards buying an Optimum 600, it has a great reviews and it offers all I want it to do.

Yoghurt Maker

We buy a lot of yogurts and I assume most families do, some of them are better than other so I would like to make my own. Again, there are a lot of different makers on the market and deciding on the one to get isn’t an easy choice but I’ve settled on Yolife from Tribest… mostly because of their Soyabella which ended up a being a wonderful machine. Yolife costs just under £50 which isn’t bad. It can make 2.3l of yogurt within 10-12 hours and you can use milk substitutes if you don’t fancy using cow milk. I do like the sound of homemade yogurt so I would love to give it a try.

So this is my list of helpful gadgets for a healthy living.

Have I missed something essential in your opinion?

Can you think yourself slimmer? Part 2

Change your eating habits in just 9 minutes a day – the easy, lasting, natural way: take control of food & sugar, end cravings for sweet snacks, lose weight without willpower, stop constantly feeling hungry, enjoy eating out without guilt, get more energy, enjoy exercise, keep food off your mind, say goodbye to dieting for ever… this is a Slimpod promise…

Change your eating habits in just 9 minutes a day – the easy, lasting, natural way: take control of food & sugar, end cravings for sweet snacks, lose weight without willpower, stop constantly feeling hungry, enjoy eating out without guilt, get more energy, enjoy exercise, keep food off your mind, say goodbye to dieting for ever… this is a Slimpod promise…So why is it so hard for some people to believe in weight loss without a diet?

I truly struggle to grasp why some people aren’t more open minded?

When I talk to people and tell them “No, I do not follow any diet”, they simply can’t understand how on earth I can lose weight without being on one or taking some magic pills or maybe a super strict exercise routine. They want to know my secret but once I actually share it with them they aren’t satisfied, as it is not a diet and in order to lose weight they expect one!

No exercise routine? Oh, this will not work!

No food restriction? No, this will not work!

You can eat what you want and when you want it? This will not work for sure!

Oh how marketing teams across the world have so conditioned our thinking!

Why is it so hard to understand that once you actually start thinking slimmer, as in thinking differently about food, your own needs for it and its value to your body, you will be able to make all the right choices without any restrictions from outside sources?

Slimpod helps you do just that… it helps you re-evaluate how we think about food. It helps you understand (even if it is only at an unconscious level) why some foods are better for us than others… it simply helps you to make the right choices.

I don’t know about you but personally every time historically when I have ever tried one of the “magic” diets out there, the one offering a quick route to sustainable weight loss as long as you follow it rigorously, well after a few days I just hit a wall and the concept of diet was just going out the window. As soon as I was told, or read, that I can’t have let’s say a cake, all I could think of after that moment was cake… this was making my unhappy and grumpy and obviously I wanted this cake even more now… then I had my cake, my diet was “broken” and I was even more depressed that I am not able to follow a simple diet… never again…

I think healthy weight loss can only occur if you are truly yourself, when you and a happy you can actually listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs and when it needs it.

So what do you think?

Could you think yourself slimmer?

…and don’t be a nay-sayer as I am living proof it can be done.

Can you think yourself slimmer?

Can you think yourself slimmer?What do you think?

Can you think yourself slimmer?

Can the way we think effect the way we look?

I was given the opportunity to try Slimpod, a weight loss program which doesn’t call for a diet, extensive exercise, puts no food restrictions on you and actually lets you eat what you want and when you want it… so how does it work?

That is a good question!

How does listening to a Slimpod for just over 11 minutes a day helps you lose weight?

I am sure there is much great science behind it, all I know is, it works! Believe me or not, those 11 minutes a day listening to Slimpod are well spent. Within days you will notice a difference in your own behaviours and really start to act unlike “you”…

I love chocolate and cake, I could bake a cake and eat half of it in the evening simply because I could and there was always the option of baking a new one the next day… however since I started my journey with Slimpod, in the last 6 weeks I have had one nuttela cookie and I had one chocolate pudding (that was actually last night)…

Do I miss chocolate and cake?

Well… no, I don’t miss them as no one took them away from me, I simply do not fancy them.

Slimpod helped me to achieve the right mind-set towards food. I eat healthier food, create better balanced meals and I do not crave junk food… And you know what the best part is? I do not need any will power to achieve it… it just happens… I’m not sure how but it does.

My relationship with food is so much better these days. I actually enjoy food shopping, it gives me pleasure to pick food, to cook it and to eat it once it is ready but it has stopped being an obsession. I don’t focus so much on my choices… it kind of happens when I see something healthy a green light comes on in my head… when I see junk food my body stays indifferent.

I have to admit I didn’t have much faith in this program before I started it. I couldn’t believe that listening to a track can affect my behaviour and bring about any positive changes. Well, I was proven wrong.

In the last 6 weeks I have lost 5kg.This might not be a giant achievement for some but this weight loss was effortless… all I had to do it listen to my Slimpod. I am extremely happy I’ve tried it. In addition to my Slimpod I’ve received a great handbook and 21 days of email support but this isn’t all – you can join the Facebook community for Slimpod users and you will have free unlimited support in case you need it (I’ve spent over an hour on the phone once getting to the root of my problems).

Currently Thinking Slimmer offers three different versions of Slimpod, three habit-breakers (sweets, chocolate or alcohol), two wellbeing pods (confidence booster and relaxer) and a Fitpod, designed to make fitness fun and easy.

If you need help in any of this areas, I would highly recommend getting a “pod” and listening to it.

It works, I’ve tried it.