Toddler Life – Snack Time

A lot of parents complain about their kids being fussy eaters, they may be right, their kids might be fussy but then there might also be a different explanation – a lack of the right type of food…

Toddler Life – Snack Time

A few months ago Leo started to show a lot more independence when it came to food. He will no longer blindly eat whatever is in front of him, his taste is now much more refined and he is communicating his wants and needs quite clearly. It took us a while to find a good combo which makes feeding and snacking time pleasurable for all of the family.

1. Toddler Life – Snack Time2. Toddler Life – Snack Time3. Toddler Life – Snack TimeA combo of good quality, kids friendly feeding “tools” from Oxo Tot and a great selection of healthy, tasty snacks from Kiddylicious seems to have worked wonders for us. We no longer have to worry if Leo will or will not eat his food.

Toddler Life – Snack Time Flippy Snack CupToddler Life – Snack Time - Flippy Snack CupOxo Tot offers a wide selection of baby and toddler feeding cups, plates and dishes. Lately our favourite is the flippy snack cup. The Flippy Snack Cup’s soft, flexible opening gives kids easy access to goodies, yet keeps even small snacks off the floor. The twist-on lid stays secure when the Flippy Snack Cup is dropped, and the non-slip handle is shaped for tots. Includes a solid snap-on cover to keep snacks fresh and secure. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? But it isn’t only about keeping food fresh and off the floor, it also gives the feeling of achievement, it’s like a mini game… if I want a snack, I have to “hunt” for it, inside my cup… Leo enjoys it, which really does make a difference when it comes to the whole eating process. I only wished that Oxo Tot made this cup in a bigger size as well. Our flippy cup is good now but very soon it will simply be too small 🙁

Toddler Life – Snack Time - Kiddylicious Smoothie MeltsWe first were introduced to Kiddylicious almost a year ago when Leo received a giant goodie box filled with their delicious snacks to help him celebrate his first birthday. Since that moment Leo was hooked, and in turn so were we 🙂 Now this year it is even better as the Kiddylicious range has expanded. Currently flavour of the month award goes to Smoothie Melts, no matter which flavour as he loves them all.

Do you have your own perfect combo when it comes to snacking time?

Toddler Life – Snack Time - Perfect Combo - OXO Tot and Kiddylicious