Homemade Coffee Scrub

Reduce food waste and make yourself the best scrub you had ever had… trust me, your body will thank you for it.

Reduce food waste and make yourself the best scrub you had ever had… trust me, your body will thank you for it.

The idea for the scrub came from my friend Kate. Some time ago I was blabbing away to her about my new shop bought scrub and she told me about her DIY version… The difference is Kate has oily skin, I have dry skin, so I took her recipe and messed around with the measurements and added a bit of coconut oil as a carrier to make it glide on to my skin more easily… the results are perfect and I absolutely love it!

Coffee is a great antioxidant and it has some wonderful anti-cellulite properties; recently it has been appearing in the ingredients list of more and more beauty products especially those designed to fight the so called “orange skin” effect. It will help tighten and tone the look of your skin as well as get rid of any dead cells.

Coconut oil has unbelievably good moisturising properties. The fact that it is solid when left alone is a big plus as it makes it quite easy to handle and yet as you gently scrub it will heat up and then become a liquid allowing you to moisturise your skin at the same time.

Himalayan salt is the purest and the healthiest of the sea salts out there. It works as a great detoxifier and it will help with removing toxins from the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and well energised.

Cinnamon has been used for years to treat various skin disorders like acne or eczema, it stimulates the blood vessels, has nourishing properties and it can help with many forms of skin irritation.

Therefor when all these ingredients are put together they create a truly powerful scrub which works like no other.

I have extremely dry skin and normally I have to be very careful as to what I use but I’ve been using this scrub for a while now, including on my face, and I have not experienced any side effects, nor any redness or discomfort of any kind. I can highly recommend this DIY wonder mixture!


  • 50g coffee grounds
  • 1tbsp organic, raw coconut oil
  • 1tbsp cinnamon
  • 1tsp coarse Himalayan salt


In a bowl mix the coffee (I used the old coffee from my coffee filter machine but if that doesn’t appeal you could always use some new coffee straight from the pack), cinnamon and salt, add coconut oil and try to combine. This process isn’t easy as your coconut oil is in a solid form but as you are mixing it will break into smaller chunks and with time it will form a sort of bread crumbs… once you get there you are done.

Move into an air tight container and use as needed.

This portion size should be enough for two full body treatments.

The scrub works wonderfully. The ingredients are beauty friendly and your skin will feel amazing, I am sure of it.

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin Care

One of the perks of being a blogger is the opportunity to try products from brands I would most likely never have found on my own. With my dry and sensitive skin I am always on the lookout for new natural skin care products, but I have to admit, I’ve never came across Sinivalia before.

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin CareSinivalia was founded by a team of women passionate about skin care who literally travelled the world in search of superior skin care ingredients. Their promise:

  • Never to test product on animals
  • Every product is safe, effective and gentle
  • Every products is manufactured to the highest standards with strict quality controls
  • 100% money back guarantee in case you are less than satisfied with the product

Well, with promises like that who wouldn’t want to try their range?

I was offered to pick a few products which would suit me best. I went for: Rose Gel – Natural Daily Moisturiser simply because it’s pink and I’ve never had a pink moisturiser before and a Face Cream which can be used by all skin types; these types of creams are always useful around the house so it seemed like a great choice.

So how are the products in use?

Let’s start with the Rose Gel, RRP £49.99 for 120ml, currently on sale at £21.99

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin Care – Rose Gel – Natural Daily MoisturiserThe gel is pink! In addition to being pink which is super cute it’s extremely light and soothing with great moisturising properties. It absorbs very quickly leaving a lovely smell behind. Normally I am all pro scent free creams but I actually truly adore this rose gel… maybe because it smells of roses and who doesn’t love roses? I am not able to fault the gel itself or its properties in any way, I am however a little disappointed when it comes to packaging. The gel comes in a jar… ok, this is fine and despite the fact that this is my least favourite container for a cream I could live with it but the jar doesn’t have any security measures to assure that the product received it actually brand new and never used… there is no seal on the rim of the jar itself, there is so sealed wrapper around the jar, there is no box… I know it might be my OCD talking right now but as this is a face cream with RRP of £49.99 some sort of step to assure it has a tamper-proof protection would be nice or indeed expected.

Now, let’s move to the Face Cream, RRP £39.99 for 150ml, currently on sale at £21.99

Sinivalia – UK Made Natural Skin Care – Face CreamFirst thing you notice is, it’s the size of the jar – a giant 150ml. The cream itself is pure white and extremely silky. From the first time I tried it, I really liked it. The cream is lightweight and it spreads with ease, kind of gliding on your skin leaving it super smooth, soft and well moisturised. The scent of the cream is quite strong but not very girly so I am sure it could be used by the male population as well with no big objections. Again, I really like the product inside but have the same problem when it comes to the packaging. The complete lack of any kind of protection against it having been opened before is very off putting, especially that both products have no expiry date, only PAO (period after opening).

So, to sum it up.

I like both creams… the creams as in the product inside the jars… but the packaging a big no, no for me.

Both creams are priced well, taking into consideration their natural ingredients list and their size, but unless the packaging will get some sort of make-over I wouldn’t re-order them.

Have you ever came across Sinivalia before?

What about that super cute pink gel face cream?

#OrganicBeauty – Campaign for Clarity

#OrganicBeauty – The Soil Association’s Campaign for ClarityHave you ever wondered if that organic product standing on the shelf in your bathroom is truly organic?

Currently there is no legislation governing products labelled as organic; if the product contains just 1% of an organic ingredient it can be labelled as such but this isn’t really organic is it?

It’s really puzzling… once you start reading the labels instead of clarity and peace of mind most of the time you are met with confusion. I wish things were much simpler.

Wendy Stirling, founder of the multi-award-winning beauty brand Botanicals, is passionate about natural and organic beauty. She is sharing her tips on how to select true natural and organic skincare products:

  • Select products that are certified by key natural and organic certification bodies.
  • Check the ingredients list carefully avoiding any synthetic or chemical ingredients and opting for natural and a high percentage of organic ingredients instead.
  • See whether the company has won any awards and been recognised for its commitment to the natural and/or organic skincare industry.
  • Research how a natural and organic product is made. Usually they are produced with care, passion and dedication and in smaller batches, for greater quality products with better quality ingredients and enhanced benefits for skin.
  • Organic skincare products are usually no more expensive than many ‘luxury brands’ and, in many cases, provide comparable if not superior results, as well as being safer and kinder to your skin.

I have had the pleasure of using Botanicals products and I have no reservation of any kind in recommending them to others. Botanicals creates real natural products which are formulated with our beauty, health and wellbeing in mind by harvesting the pure power of plants. Botanicals has its entire range certified by the Soil Association.

Botanicals’ Soil Association Organic Certification Commitment:

  • no synthetic, petrochemical or toxic ingredients used
  • only certified organic ingredients
  • or ingredients from substantially produced natural resources
  • safe ingredients, both from a human and environmental perspective
  • fully biodegradable ingredients that are also certified non-GM
  • reassurance there is minimum processing of ingredients
  • clear labelling for informed choices about what to buy
  • strict ethics based on personal & environmental health & wellbeing

How many other brand can show such a commitment to being truly organic?

On 14th September, Organic Beauty Week will start with a Twitter Takeover and a Thunderclap of tweets surrounding this issue. Botanicals is showing its support for the Soil Association by using Botanicals’ blog and social media sites to promote the benefits of clarity in the organic skincare industry. Why not join in and help spread the word? Share your thoughts and campaign for clarity in the natural and organic beauty industry using #organicbeauty and #campaign4clarity.

Will you be joining in?

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – Inika & EcoTools

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – Inika & EcoToolsIn March my MyPure order contained some Inika Mineral Illuminisor and its perfect companion a Retractable Kabuki Brush from EcoTools. As I don’t wear make-up everyday it took me a while to properly asses both products; I am now ready to share my judgement 😉

Let’s start with the Inika Mineral Illuminisor.

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – Inika Mineral IlluminisorInika’s Illuminisor is an iridescent loose powder which gives the skin a beautiful dewy sheen and luminosity. You can use this gorgeous product as a highlighter on the cheeks and brow bone or dust over the entire face and decolletage to enhance your complexion and create an all-over healthy glow. Can be worn with bronzer, blush or alone to complete your look.

The first thing you will notice once you actually hold the product in your hand is its size – it is tiny. The powder comes in a 3g box. I really have no idea why I was expecting something bigger but I was. The packaging itself is very convenient. The illuminisor comes boxed and the container containing the powder itself is securely sealed.

The illuminisor powder has a slight pink colour and gives an amazing looking glow. It doesn’t leave too many sparkles so it can be used all over your face. This natural, fragrant free, not tested on animals product is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

The Inika illuminisor is priced at £17.00 for 3g. It is a very nice product but it is a little over priced in my opinion. If money is not an obstacle and you are looking for natural make-up then Inika may well be perfect for you but if you need to count every penny I believe there might be better value products out there on the market.

Just as stated on the MyPure website it should be applied with a Kabuki brush. I don’t have a nice brush so I ordered the Recycled Aluminium Retractable Kabuki Brush from EcoTools.

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials – EcoTools Recycled Aluminium Retractable Kabuki BrushIf you never heard about EcoTools they specialise in environmentally friendly makeup brushes made from recycled aluminium, bamboo and cruelty free bristles.

I like my new brush, I like it a lot, mainly because it doesn’t shed. All my other brushes loose bristles which most of the time get into my eyes or simply tickle me in places they shouldn’t; my new brush having been in use now for way over a month hasn’t even lost a single hair 😉

The brush is both lightweight and well finished yet feels very robust. It comes with a reusable pouch which is an extra bonus I guess as it isn’t really needed for this type of brush. The bristles are extremely soft and well-formed; and as stated earlier they do not shed.

Priced at just £12.99 the EcoTool Kabuki brush represents a great value for money and if you are on the market for a new brush I can highly recommend it.

MyPure Choice – New Make-up Essentials - Inika & EcoToolsMyPure Choice - New Make-up Essentials – Inika & EcoToolsDid you use any of these products?

What are your make-up essentials you have discovered lately?

*Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.

Review: InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

Hello everyone! This lovely sunny morning I would love to share with you a new beauty product I’ve discovered lately (or should I say: was offered the chance to discover) – InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel. I don’t agree to review beauty product very often simply because I always check what’s inside them first and that can put me off but in this case I really liked what this eye gel is made from, so here it is…

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel is an ultimate gel to battle dark circles, puffiness, small wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

It is made from natural organic ingredients and it contains no parabens, sulfates or alcohol.

The full ingredients list looks as follow: Organic Herbal Infusion, Organic Aloe, Matrixyl 3000, Palmitoyl Triepeptide-3, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Plant Stem Cells, Cucumber Hydrosol, Organic Jojoba Oil, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Carrageenan Gum, Silk Amino Acid Blend (Sodium L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylate, Sodium Lactate, L’Arginine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Pyrrolidonecarboxylic Acid, Glycine, L-Alanine, L-Serine, L-Valine, L-Proline, L-threonine, L-Isoleucine, L-Histidine, L-Phenylalanine), Wildcrafted Vinca Major (Periwinkle), Organic Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice), Wildcrafted Euphrasia Officinalis (Eye Bright), Wildcrafted Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), Organic Gotu Kola, Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel - PackagingReview - InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel comes in a 50ml pump dispenser bottle (my favourite type of packaging for beauty products). It is securely foil wrapped so you can be sure that product is brand new and unused. After opening you will have to pump it a few times and then finally the gel emerges… after this priming it will simply come out after every small pump.

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel in use

The gel itself is kind of milky in colour; it’s not too thick and not too watery… it has a texture as you would expect from a gel product, I guess. It’s quite lightweight and it spreads with ease leaving a slightl cooling sensation on your skin. It doesn’t get absorbed immediately; it needs about 30 seconds to “dry out”. After this time you should experience a slight tightness of the skin where the gel was applied; it’s not like wearing a mask which has just dried out but I can definitely feel the difference on the skin when comparing it to parts of my face which the gel didn’t touch.

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel doesn’t give the full effect right away but I have to admit that after just a few days of using it, during a night time only, I could definitely see the difference – my dark circles are much less defined and the puffiness is almost completely gone. The skin under my eyes feels much tighter now and for sure is much less baggy.

My InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel costs just £16.95 for a 50ml bottle. Taking into consideration its ingredients and what it can do, I would say it is a steal.

I am not very good with keeping non essential routines but I do try my best not to forget about this eye gel. It really does make a difference to my appearance so why go back to baggy dark circles under my eyes?

Do you use any eye specific products?

Have you tried anything from InstaNatural?