Why use comfrey ointment?

Why use comfrey ointmentComfrey is a perennial herb which can be found in Europe, Asia and North America. It has been cultivated and used as a herbal medicine for more than 2,000 years.

Greeks and Romans used comfrey to stop heavy bleeding, treat bronchial problems, and heal wounds and broken bones.

In recent years we discovered that its oral use might be toxic so a lot of countries banned it but it is still safe to use it in ointments, creams and salves.

Comfrey works on: muscle pains, joint pains and arthritis. It can speed up wound healing as well as reduce swelling. It really is a wonder herb.

Recently I was introduced to comfrey ointment from Remedinature. This odourless skin balm really does wonders.

Comfrey’s most important ingredient is the substance called Allatoin. Allatoin is believed to be a cell proliferator, able to strengthen skin tissue, promoting the growth and multiplication of cells and this is what facilitates the speeding up of the healing period.

Remedinature Comfrey Ointment comes in 60ml or a 120ml jar. The jar is dark brown so sunlight can’t penetrate inside, thus keeping the ointment fresh and safe for longer. The product is colourless and odourless and it’s nice to learn that it is not tested on animals; it has no chemical additives and it contains only natural ingredients!

The best bit I can say is, after some extensive testing myself, it works!

As an everyday example one of the first times I used it, it was to treat my skin after a particularly nasty insect bite; my skin was red, swollen and extremely itchy… within a brief time the ointment took all the itchiness away and that was a relief in itself. Hours later and the itchiness had still not returned and the redness had mellowed and the swelling had reduced in size…

Comfrey Ointment is a versatile remedy which can help in many situations and should be in every medicine cabinet I believe.

Have you had the chance to experience the joy of comfrey?

* Post written in collaboration with Remedinature

3 Easy Ways to Drink More Water

3 Easy Ways to Drink More WaterHydration, hydration, hydration – I bet all of us at some point in our lives have been reminded to drink more water.

We all know how important hydration is yet it is claimed hardly any of us actually drink the daily recommended amount of water.

I personally struggle with drinking water in the amounts I should. I am much more eager to reach for a cup of tea or coffee.

In June I started my journey into the new me. I want to have a healthier, more balanced lifestyle and also stay on top of my hydration. I can’t say that I like pure water. I find it… well boring… there is no other way to say it. But as drinking water is a necessity to staying well hydrated and indeed alive, as well as an essential element in keeping a balanced diet I had to find ways to make it work for me.

So, what can you do to drink more water?

Infused water

This is one way to make your water more attractive. Infusing water is easy but for maximum effect it takes some planning. You can infuse it with fruit or veggies or even herbs… whatever you fancy on the day. Lately my favourite infused water is made from lemon and ginger (half of the lemon thinly sliced, 3 slices of fresh ginger and 2 litres of water). I tend to set it up in the evening and then leave it in the fridge to infuse overnight. In the morning I remove all the “floating” bits and have 2 litres of delicious water to keep me going through the day.

Flavoured ice cubes

Yet another way to make water more appealing than just plain water. Yes, again, pretty easy and even less time consuming – you make your ice cubes once a week and they keep you going. To maximise the effect of your pure water do not freeze anything artificial to make your ice cubes. I found that small pieces of sharp tasting fruit like lemon, lime or grapefruit or even an orange work the best. Or if you fancy a bigger flavour boost, freeze pure fruit puree – simple pour it into an ice cube mould and use as needed.

Natural water enhancer

Third and last way to make your water more than it actually is. Natural water enhancers are the easiest way to “flavour” your water. There is no need for any preparation – you just add a drop to your glass and job jobbed. Just please have in mind that I am not talking here about so called “coloured waters” you buy from supermarket – these are artificial and full of sugar or other types of weird sweeteners… I am talking about Stur – which is natural, has 0 calories and 0 sugar. Stur is a natural flavour water booster and you don’t have to keep it in the fridge which means that you can take it with you wherever you go.

That’s it, this is my list so far.

Do you have any trick and tips up your sleeves which can help to drink more water?

If so, please do share.

Chambers – Natural Leather Care – Review & Giveaway

Chambers – Natural Leather Care – Review & GiveawayWho doesn’t love a pair of real leather, soft, comfy shoes, leather jacket or hand bag? I bet most of us do. Leather products are still perceived as luxury and who doesn’t love a little bit of luxury? But in order to fully enjoy our beautiful posh and luxurious leather items we actually have to care of them – clothes, shoes, accessories or even your leather chair or sofa, they all need love and attention from time to time. Keeping them clean and well-conditioned will assure that they look perfect for far longer.

I personally adore leather, especially when it comes to my shoes… but hey I just love all shoes… full stop.

Anyway… I was given a bundle of Chambers leather care product to test ride. Chambers leather care range is packed with natural wholesome ingredients. They do not use silicone or other synthetic additives; the ingredients are natural and are of the highest, cosmetic grade. They may not be the cheapest ones on the block but they are for sure the most natural ones.

I was actually a little cheeky when it came to testing my Chambers leather care product; I enrolled the help of my dad… I have to admit it was a brilliant move. Dad (who exhibits mild OCD tendencies) spent almost the entire day “playing” with his new toys and cleaning all the leather items he could get his hands on… oh well I am just glad I could provide him with all that entertainment 🙂

The selection of Chambers leather care product was as follows:

  • Chambers Natural Foaming Leather Cleaner
  • Chambers Leather Balsam which can be purchase in unscented, vanilla and lavender
  • Chambers Boots Waterproofer

Chambers Natural Foaming Leather CleanerChambers Natural Foaming Leather Cleaner RRP £8.50 +P&P for 500ml

Brilliant and easy to use cleaner which according to my dad “actually works and removes stains with ease”. The results are visible immediately and it leaves any surface clean, shiny and soft. Dad used it on their sofas and noticed there was a slight problem with stickiness… evidently the sofa didn’t dry out as quick as expected (which knowing dad most likely means now, this instance) but as it ended up no one performed any test on the back of the sofa as is clearly advised on the packaging… well you live and learn every day. Despite the slight delay with the sofa being ready for use again dad was very pleased with the results and will definitely use it again… and again… and then almost certainly again.

Chambers Leather BalsamChambers Leather Balsam RRP £9.75 + P&P for 200ml

I picked my balsam in the unscented version as I wasn’t sure what would we use it for. I didn’t really want Marks bike leathers to smell of lavender (despite all the potential for lolz)… but seriously I personally wouldn’t mind it but I am not so sure Mark would be happy about this fragrant addition. So… balm… just like foaming cleaner it is easy to use and extremely effective. The formula based on beeswax and coconut oil absorbs very quickly making the whole process of application a pure pleasure. It gives a lovely sheen to your leather and plenty of additional softness.

Chambers Boots WaterprooferChambers Boots Waterproofer.Chambers Boots Waterproofer RRP £4.99 + P&P for 100ml

This is by far my Dads favourite product. He had so much fun using it that he even waterproofed his slippers and then splashed some water on them to test the effect. The waterproofer looks like an old school shoe polish and you actually apply it in exactly the same way; the only difference is you need a source of heat to make it work (a hairdryer works just fine). So you clean your shoes, then condition them and finally pop some waterproofer on them and ta-da you have 100% totally water proof shoes… the water drops bounce of them just like on a good Gore-Tex jacket for example or even our Bunks’ coat.

In all honesty I think that Chambers have created a fantastic selection of products. Not only are they 100% natural but also work just as they state on the packaging, a refreshing change imho.

And now for the best bit… If you want to test them yourself just enter our giveaway below and who knows you might be the lucky owner of the entire selection.

#win a selection of Chambers products

Good luck!

1. Open to UK readers only.
2. This giveaway is sponsored by Chambers.
3. There will be 1 winner chosen at random from all valid entries. Winner will be chosen by Gleam.
4. The winner will receive
• 1 x Chambers Natural Foaming Leather Cleaner
• 1 x Chambers Leather Balsam in scent of their choice and
• 1 x Chambers Boots Waterproofer
The prize will only be fulfilled by Chambers.
5. The winner will have 7 working days to claim the prize, after this time, a new winner will be selected.
6. Closing date for the giveaway is Wednesday 29/07/2015 at 23:59pm, any entry made after this time will not be counted.

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Review: InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

Hello everyone! This lovely sunny morning I would love to share with you a new beauty product I’ve discovered lately (or should I say: was offered the chance to discover) – InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel. I don’t agree to review beauty product very often simply because I always check what’s inside them first and that can put me off but in this case I really liked what this eye gel is made from, so here it is…

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel is an ultimate gel to battle dark circles, puffiness, small wrinkles and bags under the eyes.

It is made from natural organic ingredients and it contains no parabens, sulfates or alcohol.

The full ingredients list looks as follow: Organic Herbal Infusion, Organic Aloe, Matrixyl 3000, Palmitoyl Triepeptide-3, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Plant Stem Cells, Cucumber Hydrosol, Organic Jojoba Oil, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Carrageenan Gum, Silk Amino Acid Blend (Sodium L-Pyrrolidone Carboxylate, Sodium Lactate, L’Arginine, L-Aspartic Acid, L-Pyrrolidonecarboxylic Acid, Glycine, L-Alanine, L-Serine, L-Valine, L-Proline, L-threonine, L-Isoleucine, L-Histidine, L-Phenylalanine), Wildcrafted Vinca Major (Periwinkle), Organic Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice), Wildcrafted Euphrasia Officinalis (Eye Bright), Wildcrafted Ganoderma Lucidum (Reishi), Organic Gotu Kola, Boswellia Serrata (Frankincense), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Ethyl Hexyl Glycerin

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel - PackagingReview - InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel comes in a 50ml pump dispenser bottle (my favourite type of packaging for beauty products). It is securely foil wrapped so you can be sure that product is brand new and unused. After opening you will have to pump it a few times and then finally the gel emerges… after this priming it will simply come out after every small pump.

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel in use

The gel itself is kind of milky in colour; it’s not too thick and not too watery… it has a texture as you would expect from a gel product, I guess. It’s quite lightweight and it spreads with ease leaving a slightl cooling sensation on your skin. It doesn’t get absorbed immediately; it needs about 30 seconds to “dry out”. After this time you should experience a slight tightness of the skin where the gel was applied; it’s not like wearing a mask which has just dried out but I can definitely feel the difference on the skin when comparing it to parts of my face which the gel didn’t touch.

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel doesn’t give the full effect right away but I have to admit that after just a few days of using it, during a night time only, I could definitely see the difference – my dark circles are much less defined and the puffiness is almost completely gone. The skin under my eyes feels much tighter now and for sure is much less baggy.

My InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel

InstaNatural Youth Express Eye Gel costs just £16.95 for a 50ml bottle. Taking into consideration its ingredients and what it can do, I would say it is a steal.

I am not very good with keeping non essential routines but I do try my best not to forget about this eye gel. It really does make a difference to my appearance so why go back to baggy dark circles under my eyes?

Do you use any eye specific products?

Have you tried anything from InstaNatural?

MyPure Choice – Alva Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner

If you remember my Christmas Wish List, I was after some new hair care products… I picked caffeine shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair from Alva to satisfy my need for something new.

Alva Naturkosmetik is a range of certified organic skin care products made in Osnabrück, Germany. Alva was established in 1988 and is now one of Europe’s leading natural skin care brands. The Alva range is split into several categories offering skin care items such as deodorant, shower gel, body lotion, hair care products as well as make up and a whole range of anti-ageing skin care, products for sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Their range is extensive and I am sure everyone would be able to pick something to suit their needs.

MyPure Choice – Alva Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner for Thinning Hair

As an introduction to the brand I picked the Alva Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner for Thinning Hair. Both these products are formulated with organic caffeine to stimulate circulation to the scalp, helping to strengthen both the roots and the hair follicles. Both, shampoo and conditioner are:

  • Natural product
  • Certified organic product
  • Not tested on animals
  • Suitable for vegetarian
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Paraben Free

Now let’s take a closer look at them.

MyPure Choice – Alva Caffeine Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Alva Caffeine Shampoo for Thinning Hair with Organic Caffeine

Ingredients: aloe vera, aqua, sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate, cocamidopropyl betaine (plant derived surfactants), citrus aurantium dulcis (orange fruit) water, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (plant derived emulsifier), caffeine, fragrance (natural), sodium hydroxide (pH regulator), citric acid, sodium phytate (antioxidants), limonene, linalool

Price: £15.00; currently on special at £13.50

Packaging: 250ml plastic bottle shaped container with top opening. The open-close mechanism is very secure and it doesn’t open as easy as one might want. I personally like it as it means that someone must really want to open it in order to get to the contents, but I can imagine this being a problem for elderly people especially those with arthritis. The bottle contains all relevant information including product description, direction for use, ingredients, manufacturer, measurements and best before date.

In use: I must admit it is totally different to all my previous shampoos. Alva Caffeine Shampoo comes in the form of a see-through watery like liquid. It is very runny and its texture is more like water than a gel, which I would expect from the shampoo. On the first wash it does lather, on the second wash it lathers slightly. Intellectually I know that less lathering means less chemicals in the product, so I am totally fine with this lack of “foam”. The shampoo must be left for 2 minutes before rinsing, which is not a problem but it helps to read the instructions 😉

Final thoughts: Water like texture takes a little time to get used to. I like the gentle orange fragrance, which doesn’t stay on your hair for long but does make the whole bathroom smell lovely when the shampoo is in use. The two minute leave in time possibly makes it unsuitable for that quick morning shower routine. It is however perfect for an evening bath time routine, when you really want to pamper yourself.

MyPure Choice – Alva Caffeine Conditioner for Thinning Hair

Alva Caffeine Conditioner for Thinning Hair with Organic Caffeine

Ingredients: aloe vera, aqua, citrus medica limonum (lemon fruit) water, jojoba oil, cetearyl alcohol (stabilizer), fragrance (natural), glyceryl stearate citrate (plant derived emulsifier, caffeine, galactoarabinan (larch extract), xanthan gum, pca glyceryl oleate (plant derived conditioning agent), citric cid, limonene, linalool

Price: £14.35; currently on special at £12.92

Packaging: 250ml plastic bottle shaped container with bottom opening. It is the same style of bottle that the shampoo is sold in but this time it stands upside down. This is actually very clever as the conditioner has a much thicker texture and the upright position helps with getting the contents near the exit thus helping with the dispensing of it. The bottle has the same secure open-close mechanism and it contains all the relevant information including product description, direction for use, ingredients, manufacturer, measurements and best before date.

In use: Again, something different to what I was expecting. The conditioner comes in the form of a pure while gel (it really reminds me of an old style toothpaste) but with one key difference – it is extremely light. It is a pure pleasure to use. I am not really sure how to describe it… maybe Jojoba Oil or Aloe Vera gives it this “magic” texture… whatever it is, I really like it.

Final thoughts: I am unable to fault it in any way. It spreads with ease, it smells lovely and it leaves my hair well nourished and smooth (which isn’t the case with every conditioner). Again it has to stay on your hair for 2 minutes but I would expect that from a “healing” conditioner.

#MyPure Choice – Alva Caffeine Shampoo and Conditioner for Thinning Hair

So would I buy it again?

Yes. I would definitely buy both shampoo and conditioner. As a team this products work really well. I remember feeling the difference after just one use. My hair felt somehow stronger and they had much more life in them. After weeks of using it (which actually amounts to 6 uses, as with my dry hair I do not have a need for daily wash) I can see less shedding for sure. My brush doesn’t pick up so many “loose” hairs and my pillow is no longer covered with them in the morning.

Would I change anything?

If I could, I would make both products smell the same. I know that this might not be an option as they aren’t made from the same ingredients but I like harmony and different fragrant are not ideal for my nose.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. If you experiencing increased hair loss due to thinning hair this duo might be perfect for you. Their price isn’t outrageous and in my humble opinion they really work well, so it is worth paying.

Have you ever used any Alva products?

Do you have any experience with hair care products designed to strengthen your hair?

I would love to hear about any other recommendations you might have.

* Products featured in this post were provided for free by MyPure for review purpose.