“I Heart My Pet” campaign

I Heart My Pet campaign

This campaign is run by the National Office for Animal Health (NOAH) with one main purpose in mind – to encourage pet owners to seek preventative healthcare advice for their animals. The NOAH report from 2011 shows that over 50% of pet owners usually forget to vaccinate their pets – the results of this study were put into a fun infographic, which I featured earlier on my blog.

A new study of over 2,000 UK pet owners has revealed that more than three quarters (77%) believe their pet’s health is as important as, or more than, their own. If the numbers are right, it means that we are going in the correct direction.

So why do I heart my pets?

There are a lot of reasons but mainly because they are fantastic companions… they do not judge me or care if I wear my PJs all day long because I am having a lazy patch… They are there for me when I need them and will always listen to my rants, plans or dreams… They make me a better person. They mobilizing me to get up in the morning, to prepare meals, to play and when it is time they come for a cuddle. Yes, sometimes it is hard work to own 4 pets, especially two big dogs. With the current weather as it is the daily walks become more like a chore than a pleasure, but it has to be done… All four of them are totally different, but they have one thing in common I love them all!

Lilly – because she is our princess!
Lilly – because she is our princess!

She came from a rescue place, never walked, kept in the garden and scared of most things. We worked with her to overcome her fears, taught her some basic obedience and good manners and as a result we have the most loyal dog one can imagine. She is a fantastic guard dog, who loves to sleep on our bed and will never take any food from strangers. She always looks sad (not sure why, but she does) until you say “walkie, walkie…” then her whole face lights up and she is ready for a new adventure…

Bunk – because he has this look!
Bunk – because he has this look!

There is a lot of work involved around Newfoundland’s – all the brushing, cleaning, grooming and of course the gloop… but it is all worth it. This is my first Newfie and I am amazed by this breed… so caring, gentle and understanding… you can really see it in their eyes.

Mr. Ginger – because he is always ready for cuddles
Mr. Ginger – because he is always ready for cuddles

Mr. Ginger is a weird cat, he is more dog-like to be honest, but we love him for it. He walks with us on the morning dog walk, he eats from the dog bowls and he is always ready for cuddles. No matter what time of the day or night it is, as long as he is home, you can just go and pick him up, put him on your laps and off you go… let the cuddle sessions begin.

Ode – because he is the magnificent! btw he hates paparazzis
Ode – because he is the magnificent!
btw he hates paparazzis

Ode is one of those cats, who could rule the planet. There is something special about him. He moves with grace like he owns the place. He spends nights in and days out… and he is always outside the front door when dinner time comes… I am still unsure how he does it and how he knows (it is not like every day dinner is served at the same time… sometimes it is 2+ hours off) but he is always there, yet if you open the door before dinner time he isn’t there!

So, whatever your reasons for loving your pets – do love them, but remember: we have the choice they don’t.

Once we decide to become a pet owner, we are responsible for them and I hope we can all rise to the challenge and be as good as we possibly can be!