Future proofing the nursery

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart BearHug Desk from HelloHomeAs you might remember way back in March I shared with you our big dilemma regarding which furniture we should pick for the toddlers’ room. After much deliberation we settled on the lovely BearHug toddler collection from HelloHome as seen on the Worlds Apart website.

I’ve already shared with you our views on the BearHug storage stack and My First Ready Bed and today I would like to introduce you to yet another piece from the BearHug collection – the BearHug Desk.

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart BearHug Desk from HelloHomeThe desk, like every other piece from the BearHug collection, is designed around a bear theme. It’s made from sturdy MDF and it offers two built in storage pots. It looks wonderful and from the moment we put it together Leo just keep “playing” with it.

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart BearHug Desk from HelloHome.The desk is suitable for 18 months+. As you know Leo is just over 12 months old but with a little assistance and the inevitable constant supervision he can already use it during his play time. He is tall enough to keep his little feet firmly on the floor whilst sitting at the desk but he struggles a little bit with getting in and out of the sitting position. I think he just needs a little bit more time to grow into his new desk.

Future proofing our nursery with Worlds Apart BearHug Desk from HelloHomeFuture proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart BearHug DeskFor now he is especially fascinated by the two storage pots. He keeps hiding things in them which seems to bring him a lot of joy.

The desk is very easy to put together and it really doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. A simply wipe down with a damp cloth will keep it nice and clean.

I think that the BearHug desk is the perfect addition for Leo on his journey through toddlerhood. In the months to come it will give him his own little space to play and discover the wonders of the world around him.

The Bear Hug desk can be purchased at Very, Amazon or Littlewoods and price starts from as little as £49. The desk itself looks beautiful but it is worth remembering that it is a part of a much larger collection of toddler furniture which together would create a child friendly and extremely cosy environment for your little one.

What do you think about our new desk?

Do you like it?

*I was provided with BearHug Desk free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

Review: BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds Apart

BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds ApartFor the last few months we have had the pleasure of test-driving a ready bed from the BearHug collection. This beautiful looking and ready in just a few short minutes’ bed, has proven to be extremely handy. It has served us well during sleepovers and short weekend visits both at home (for guests) and when we are all away.

BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds Apart.The BearHug ready bed is suitable from 18 months old up to 3 years, despite Leo being just below the recommended age, he did spend a few nights in it and I would have to say he had a pretty good night’s sleep 🙂

The first thing you may notice about the BearHug ready bed is its size when it is still all tucked up in the bag. It’s small, so easy to hide away when not in use and is only a small addition to the mountain of stuff you inevitably have to take with you when going away somewhere.

BearHug My First ReadyBed from Worlds ApartSecondly this funky looking back pack becomes a bed in just a couple of minutes. By using an easy to use pump you transform a bag into a comfy, soft bed, ready for a good night sleep.

BearHug My First Ready BedThen you notice its look. The bed looks extremely child friendly; it is soft and very inviting. The colours aren’t too bright nor are they too dull; they are simply perfect. The details on the bed are well finished and as a whole it is very well made.

So why should you get a ready bed?

Well, they are quick to put together and ready in just a few short minutes. Simply unroll and pump it up with the included pump and job jobbed. There is no high drop to worry about and no real option for the occupant to even roll out from the bed. In addition the protective headboard is providing an added assurance that the bed is keeping the kids safe and snug. There is a handy side pocket for storing a favourite toy or a bottle. It also has a removable cover which can be washed as needed, so we can simply let kids be kids.

As for any negative sides… we didn’t really find any. My only annoyance (albeit a selfish one) was that they are far too small… not small for a toddler but way too small for me… I would much more prefer an adult sized funky looking ready bed than that boring, plain grey coloured pump-up mattress I have to “dig out” from the loft from time to time. Personally I think they would be a roaring success, after all who ever thought that the onsies would have become as popular as they have done.

BearHug My First Ready Bed in useBearHug My First ReadyBed in useReview BearHug My First Ready Bed from Worlds ApartIn conclusion I am a happy bunny and have no objection whatsoever in recommending the BearHug Ready Bed to others. If you have a toddler at home you might want to consider a ready bed, it really makes things so much easier at times.

BearHug Ready Bed can be purchase from Tesco, and it costs just £40… which is a great value for money, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you own a ready bed?

If yes, do you like it?

If no, would you consider getting one?

*I was provided one BearHug ReadyBed free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

Future proofing the nursery

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds ApartWith the time flying by so quickly our nursery is now no longer fully functional. Baby has learnt how to crawl and he is wondering all over the house; to keep him still he needs entertainment and that means a lot of toys to keep him busy… and toys need storage space.

As it ended up we are lacking quite a bit in this department.

But not too worry… just when we were trying to figure out how to resolve this problem and what to buy Worlds Apart came to the rescue.

We were offered pieces for a review from new HelloHome collections:

HelloHome StarBright Toddler CollectionHelloHome BearHug Toddler CollectionBoth collections are truly beautiful, well designed and definitely child friendly, wouldn’t you agree?

We actually struggled with our choice; StarBright will go much better with the rest of the room colour wise, but BearHug is just so adorable that we simply couldn’t resist. Thinking about the future and what we would need to transform the nursery into a toddler room we chose BearHug… and thinking about the present and what we need right now we went for the BearHug storage stack.

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds ApartHelloHome BearHug storage stack comes flat packed and it takes literally just a few minutes to put it together. All you have to do is to attach a few screws to poles and you got your stack ready; really simple and totally foolproof, as they say, even I could do it.

HelloHome BearHug Storage StackThe stack itself looks beautiful; the pastel colours make them a suitable addition to any kids’ room and the bear faces just make them extra cute and friendly. We were wondering if the pink / red box will not look out of place too much in a boy’s room, but it doesn’t; it looks really great and it is adding that so much needed warmth into the room.

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds ApartFuture proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart.Future proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart...A very big plus of this stack is its weight or lack of. The stack is very light which makes it extremely portable and a breeze to move for cleaning. For now our BearHug storage stack has its place on the floor, box next to box, so Baby can reach and simply grab any toy he fancies at the time, but in the future when more toddler furniture’s will start to arrive in the room and floor space will become more of an issue, it will be stacked as it should or even placed on the shelves… as it ended up each box fits perfectly in our built-in unit; it almost like they were meant to be there from the beginning.

I know that in the future we will need even more storage to help keep all toys neatly in order but for this moment our BearHug storage stack is ideal and just what we need. I think it is a great starting piece for transforming a baby room into a toddler one. Next piece on the shopping list is the BearHug toy box; we just need Baby to start walking so he can reach into the box 🙂

Future proofing the nursery with Worlds Apart. Future proofing the nursery with Worlds ApartWhat’s your storage idea to help keep all those toys tidy?

Do you like the look of our new BearHug storage stack?

Home Decor – Marine Theme Nursery

Home Decor – Marine Theme Nursery

Creating a perfect nursery isn’t an easy task. Once you have picked your ideal theme, which is a huge task in itself, you are left with all the buying to do in order to create your perfect space. We settled on a marine theme room or so we like to call it 🙂

Home Decor – Our Marine Theme Nursery

We kept to a white, blue and red colour scheme for most items, we have very carefully picked pieces that create a lovely space, yet it became too sterile and not very child friendly 🙁 We were missing something… we were missing that something special to bring it all together and give it the finished look. Then along came Witty Doodle

Witty Doodle is an exciting and dynamic company, founded by two young mothers, looking to inspire their young babies with nursery art that is playful, creative, stimulating and fun.

Contrary to popular belief, they found in their research that soft pastels are not especially soothing, attractive or interesting to babies and toddlers, and therefore not suitable for developing growing minds. So they came up with the idea to create aesthetically pleasing products that would truly enhance their babies’ environment. With that innovative spark, Witty Doodle, stimulating art for babies and toddlers was born.

Witty Doodle offered us a nursery sticker for review. I have been offered wall stickers for review before but I always end up refusing politely. I am not quite sure why; it wasn’t because I didn’t like them necessarily or that I didn’t really have space for them… I am really unsure as to why, maybe I just didn’t get how good stickers can be… but then, once I had seen the Witty Doodle range of products, I just knew we should have them, I just knew that these Witty Doodle stickers where the missing piece for our nursery… They are like nothing else I’ve seen before – extremely bright with funky shapes and smiley faces.

We obviously picked an underwater sticker to go with the rest of the room, and what a good choice it did turn out to be.

Witty Doodle wall stickers are shipped in a secure tube; there is no chance of any damage in normal transit. The website states: estimated delivery time – up to 7 days, yet ours arrived within just 2 days. The stickers come in a form of a 1mx1m square piece.

Home Decor - Marine Theme Nursery

Features of Witty Doodle Nursery Wall Stickers (as stated on the website):

  • created in consultation with an expert in child development;
  • designed to be use in stages according to the growth and development of your baby;
  • attractive and visually stimulating for babies and toddlers;
  • designed to encourage your baby’s brain and overall social and emotional development;
  • fully removable and repositionable;
  • made from non-toxic material of the highest quality.

The quality of it is really outstanding!

Home Decor – Marine Theme Nursery with Witty Doodle

The square shape wasn’t ideal for us; so we cut it into smaller pieces in order to create our perfect layout. The sticker is a pleasure to work with. It sticks to the wall with ease; it can be removed without any damage to the wall and repositioned if needed. Its matt finish looks really amazing and reduces the glare most stickers suffer from due to the highly polished finish. The colours are bright and seem to be coming out of the wall. We are extremely happy with them and with our finished nursery! The Witty Doodle wall sticker, not surprisingly, has made a huge difference to the nursery and has finally given the room that super child friendly feeling that we worried was missing.

Witty Doodle wall stickers are priced at £55, which is more expensive than most stickers around but you also get more… You not only get a piece of decor, you get a tool which will help your child to develop, which will be stimulating and encouraging.

In addition to wall stickers, Witty Doodle also offers nursery canvases and nursery prints with the same bold designs, bright colours and smiley faces. And for older children you can download a selection of free printables.

Home Decor -Marine Theme Nursery with Witty Doodle

Will you be getting yours Witty Doodle?

Do you like the idea of bright, bold colours for a nursery?