Online Bargain Hunt + #Win £150 Tesco Gift Card

I am sure everyone loves a good bargain. Why wouldn’t we? We get what we want and there is still money left over in our wallets and purses. A trip to a shopping mall can be fun but let’s face it, most of the time there are 100s of other shoppers, queues and the deals aren’t as good as the ones online. I totally understand the fact that shops having to pay their rent and their overheads are facing much higher costs, but how much higher? Come on, the difference in prices for some items is simply off putting.

Online Bargain Hunt + Win £150 Tesco Gift CardI am a huge fan of online shopping. It’s convenient, hassle free and much cheaper! Not only might you get a better price from the get go but you also save on petrol (as you don’t have to drive to the town), parking (as you don’t have to park your car) and most likely some lunch or snack as in the comfort of your home you aren’t going to smell those Belgian waffles cooking in the corner shop or that freshly brewed coffee in the café next door. To add to this, you can enjoy a selection of unique online discount codes which just aren’t available in any store.

There are quite a few different companies’ offering online deals and discounts, BargainFox is one of them. They offer discounts and special offers for all the best online shops that deliver to the UK; their coupon code selection is updated as soon as new deals are made available and if you wish you can set yourself up an alert for your favourite brand.

Let’s take Tesco as an example. Currently BargainFox has 6 deals for them. They vary from 50p off (for a Cadbury Fingers), to £3 off if you spend £12 on dairy items (which isn’t very hard if you are doing your weekly shop), to a staggering 50% off if you fancy a leg of lamb 🙂 Yes, these deals might not be to everyone’s liking but as they change all the time it is worth popping back and checking what’s new out there… after all this is what a bargain hunt is all about, isn’t it?

And if you fancy yourself £150 Tesco gift card, simply fill out the Gleam app below.

Good luck and happy hunting!

Win £ 150 TESCO Gift Card

Thanks to the discount vouchers that TESCO offers, saving money is as easy as counting to three since the bargains are already unbeatable.
1. Open to UK readers only.
2. This giveaway is sponsored by BargainFox.
3. There will be 1 winner chosen at random from all valid entries.
4. The winner will receive £150 Tesco Gift Card. The prize will only be fulfilled by BargainFox.
5. Closing date for the giveaway is Wednesday 20/01/2016 at 23:59pm.


Pimp Your Kitchen Gift Guide – The Power of Red

A change of colour scheme is one of the easiest ways to revamp any place, if you are on a budget … well accessorising is even easier as long as you pick the right pieces. Adding a splash of colour in the form of well thought through items can easily turn your nice looking room into an amazing one.

I love red, I always have and I assume I always will.

Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, strength, power, determination but also with love and passion. Red is a very emotionally intense colour; it’s energising, it excites the emotions and motivates us to take action but it is also strong-willed and can give a confidence boost to those around us who are shy or are lacking in will power.

A few years ago, we decided to accessorise our kitchen in red… it is still a work in progress. We bought a few nice pieces but there is always room for improvement. I have my “wish list” and hopefully one day I will collect them all. If you love red as well and your kitchen might benefit from some sprucing up, have a look at my Pimp Your Kitchen Gift Guide.

Pimp Your Kitchen Gift Guide – The Power of Red A change of colour scheme is one of the easiest ways to revamp any place, if you are on a budget … well accessorising is even easier as long as you pick the right pieces. Adding a splash of colour in the form of well thought through items can easily turn your nice looking room into an amazing one. BODUM 10938-294 Brazil Coffee Maker | Bodum Presso Glass Storage Jar | Bugatti Diva Espresso Coffee Machine | Bugatti Vela Blender | Bugatti Vera Kettle 1.75L | Bugatti Vita Juicer | Bugatti Volo Toaster 2 Slice | Falcon 87030 F1092DXDFRD/NM 1092 Deluxe Dual Fuel Cooker in Cherry Red & Brushed Chrome with Matt Pan Supports | Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot Plus | Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Plus | KitchenAid 5KFP1644BER Artisan Food Processor 4L | KitchenAid 5KHB2571BER Hand Blender | KitchenAid 5KSM6521XBCA Artisan Bowl-Lift 6L Stand Mixer | Mason Cash Strawberry Red Mixing Bowl | Morphy Richards 461000 Sear and Stew Slow Cooker | Morphy Richards 46241 Bread Bin Roll Top | Morphy Richards 46391 Pan Set | Smeg DI6FABR2 60cm Wide Standard Dishwasher | Smeg FAB28QR1 Retro Style Fridge with Ice Box

What do you think?

Would you like to own any of the pieces featured in my gift guide?

*Post written in collaboration with Tots100 & Give as You Live.
Give as you Live is a shopping and price comparison website with a heart, a percentage of every purchase you make will be donated to charity. You can shop for products from thousands of leading online retailers and use a price comparison tool to ensure you get the best price and even save money by using the exclusive offers and deals available on the site.

Tricks and Tips to help you save money on your weekly shop

Tricks and Tips to help you save money on your weekly shop

It can be incredibly easy to get a little carried away while out doing your weekly grocery shopping. With so many special offers, red sale signs and reduced prices to tempt shoppers up and down each aisle in the supermarket, the likelihood of overspending on products that we don’t really need is extremely high. According to the Daily Mail UK families spend in excess of £85 a week on food shopping. Larger families are likely to spend even more, so whether you are shopping for one or for many, knowing a few saving secrets will help you to reduce the costs of your weekly shopping trip.

Grocery Shopping Online

Many big supermarkets such as Tesco now offer customers the choice to shop for their groceries online. This usually comes with delivery right to your front door. You can often save money from shopping online as it much easier to compare prices and to benefit from special online offers.

Plan Meals

Simply planning your meals ahead of time will make a huge impact on your shopping experience. Having a set plan and budget will help you to stick to your restrictions and reduce the chances of making unnecessary and impulse purchases.

Buy Generic Products

If you want to save money on your shopping bill then it may be worth considering switching a few of the more expensive brands you usually buy for something a lot cheaper. Store brands tend to be the cheapest option on the shelves and they are worth it when purchasing canned goods and other more basic items such as sugar and butter etc.

Shop Alone

If you want to avoid making impulse purchases then you’d better shop alone. If you take the whole family with you then every member will probably ask for something different which will lead to you spending a lot more money than you had initially planned. Shop alone and leave the kids at home.

Explore your Kitchen

Search through your fridge, freezer and kitchen cupboards to give yourself a clearer idea of what you need to buy at the store and what you don’t. Try your best to use all of the food that you already have in your home, this will save money and will mean that less food is going to waste.

Don’t Shop Hungry

It is a well-known fact that if you go shopping whilst hungry you will end up buying a lot more food than you can eat. Have a meal before you go to the store because shopping on an empty stomach will just lead to an empty wallet.

Watch Items being scanned

It can be easy for the cashier to make a mistake at the till which is why it is a good idea to keep an eye on the items that are scanned through the system. According to it is important to check your receipt before leaving the store so that you can have any errors fixed immediately.

Use Coupons

As you read through your favourite newspaper or magazine, cut out the coupons and vouchers as you go. These can come in handy and despite the savings usually being quite small, you could end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

What would you add to this list?

It’s all about the shoes!

It’s all about the shoes! Belas Men’s Suede Technical Boots from TrespassSpring is now in full bloom and most of us are already planning the summer holidays. No matter what your plans are I bet you will need to buy something new as most seasonal changes require some sort of wardrobe clear-out and update 😉

New shorts, shirt or that swim suit are always welcome but they are very fashion dependant… if you are the type of person who cares about the current fashion trend then normally you would expect these types of clothing to be bought with just one season of wearing in mind but what about footwear?

Do you buy footwear thinking long term or are your sandals, shoes or booties destined to arrive in shoe heaven next year and be replaced with a younger fresher model?

I love shoes, I always have and if you are a regular reader of my blog you will most likely already know this. You will also know that I tend to have a very special relationship with my footwear… I never treat them as a “one season of use” thing… for me it’s all about the shoes…

Taking the whole outfit into consideration, no matter what type of outfit, shoes are always the most important part of it… at least for me. This is even more important when it comes to walking shoes or boots. As long as I have the right shoes and my feet are happy, I am happy 🙂

I have tried to convert Mark into my way of thinking.

Mark hates shopping, which is a plus for me because it means that most of the time I am the one doing the picking…

Last month Trespass contacted me asking if I would like to try something from their collection. Sure, I would… I had a long list of things I wanted but then I decided to stop being so selfish and I thought this time about my OH. Just a few weeks before Trespass got in touch our Bunk was obviously having the hump about something and decided that Marks boots need replacing… so he ate half of the right one… doh!… As he had eaten so much of the boot I guess soft leather obviously tasted nice for him… I know Trespass as a company (and I bet you know them too as they have been on the market since 1938) and we actually own a lot of clothing made by them, so I knew that I would find the right footwear to match my standards.

Belas Men’s Suede Technical Boots“We” picked a pair of Belas Men’s Suede Technical Boots; they look great and according to Mark they are super comfy. I know that these waterproof, breathable boots will last him for a long time and keep his feet happy.

He has worn them now for a couple of weeks and it’s safe to say they are durable and even more comfortable now that they have worn in. I am happy that he is happy and as it’s all about the shoes I can say that at least his feet are looking good (even if the rest of him still needs a bit of work).

Some would say that £109.99 (or a £61.99 as they are currently on special offer) is way too much to pay for a pair of boots but can you really put a price tag on your comfort and health?

What is your footwear buying philosophy?

Do you go for quality or a quantity?

Pool Fun, Cuddleroar & The Wicked Uncle

Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked UncleI remember when I was a child I had my favourite wicked uncle. Most times when he came with a visit he would bring some really amazing gifts with him. Thinking back now, these gifts were not all that special by today’s terms but 25 years ago in Poland a pack of Donald Duck bubble gum or a pencil case with a set of colourful crayons was really something special.

I was hoping that everyone has a wicked uncle in his life but as it ended up this isn’t necessarily true. Talking to my friends not everyone had the opportunity to experience the thrill of wicked gifting during their childhood. I think that it’s a huge shame but worry not I tell myself as nowadays there is a solution, an online wicked uncle. Yes, you are reading it right, there is a website called Wicked Uncle and they stock brilliant presents for kids, just like the ones I would dream of getting from my own personal wicked uncle as a child.

We received an opportunity to shop with Wicked Uncle and pick something suitable for our little one.

The website is very cleverly designed making picking the gift a fairly easy task. For starters it is split into gifts for boys and girls. Within these two categories gifts are segregated into appropriate age categories. Easy… just as I told you 😉

I wanted to get something practical yet special enough so it would bring a smile to his face. As summer is approaching us and hopefully even more warm weather is on its way, I picked a Dinosaur hooded bath robe – Cuddleroar by Cuddledry.

1. Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked Uncle 2. Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked Uncle 3. Pool Fun, Cuddleroar and The Wicked UncleI think the robe looks really funky and it is extremely useful. It’s large enough to cover your baby / toddler after a bath and a closing nap just under the chin assures that robe stays in place keeping your little one warm and snuggly. The fabric of the robe is very soft and very absorbent. So far we have washed it 5 times and it still looks just like new.

Pool Fun, Cuddleroar & The Wicked UncleThe Dinosaur hooded bath robe – Cuddleroar costs £39.99. It might not be the cheapest bath robe out there but it for sure is one of the funkiest looking ones and it would make a perfect gift.

Did you have a wicked uncle growing up which would spoil you with unusual gifts?

What do you think about my gift choice?

Would your little one like a robe like this?