BBQ Bingo Challenge & My Herbs Infused Grilled Trout

BBQ Bingo Challenge & My Herbs Infused Grilled TroutThere is no better time for a barbeque than now… long hot days, warm evenings and green nature all around… the perfect setting for some perfect outdoor dining.

I adore barbeque food… meat, veggies and even fruit… you name it and I will eat it; so when I was asked to be a part of BBQ Bingo Challenge I simply couldn’t say no.

I was asked to prepare a barbecue recipe which would be posted on their special challenge website. As it so happened I posted my Herbs Infused Grilled Trout only days before and I was allowed to make it my challenge entry.

Lucky me 🙂

Well, lucky and unlucky… on the plus side my recipe is the only fish dish but on the other hand the competition is fearless…

Other bloggers have submitted some amazing recipes.

We have two different burgers – a beef one for all the meat lovers out there – Big Brunch BBQ Burger – and a veggie version – Curried Veggie Bean Burger.

There is a very interesting recipe for BBQ Tamarind Belly Pork Strips. I know that belly pork strips are not to everyone’s liking but trust me, once you pop them into a sizzling BBQ all that lovely fat is going to simple melt away 🙂

But back to the competing recipes…

In my humble opinion there would be no BBQ without chicken – we have two recipes for it – Lemon and Garlic Chicken and Chicken in Curry Marinade.

And if you aren’t into burgers, chicken or fish, how about cheese?

Barbeque Halloumi & Vegetables Kebabs sound perfect to me and if you are more in a picking mood, how about BBQ Veggie, Cheese & Salami Platter?

And to finish off our perfect outdoor cooking and dining experience, there is even a dessert! Yes, you are reading it right – a lovely sweet treat for afters – Summer Sunset Dessert with Lavender Infused Golden Rum.

Sounds like a great selection of recipes doesn’t it?

Why not visit the BBQ Bingo Challenge page and check out all these great recipes?… and I suppose as you are going there anyway, please vote for My Herbs Infused Grilled Trout as I really fancy myself being crowned winner of this year BBQ Challenge 😉

What’s yours favourite barbeque food?

Would you like to try any of the dishes mentioned above?

*I was compensated for writing this post.

Parragon Book Buddy – “The Camping Cookbook”

Parragon Book Buddy -- “The Camping Cookbook”

It is summer time and I have the perfect cookbook for this time of year – The Camping Cookbook – Recipes for the great outdoors.

Like most of the time with Love Food cookbooks there is more to the book than just recipes. The Camping Cookbook – Recipes for the great outdoors contains a lot of great tips for your outdoors living including:

  • What to take – the equipment list
  • Hints & tips for pitching your tent
  • Campsite cooking – cooking with gas, cooking on the barbecue and cooking over the campfire
  • “Don’t forget” check list
  • Store cupboard essentials

It even offers some advice on why skipping breakfast is bad for you and how to beat bad weather blues.

So you see it is like a great outdoors guide all in one 🙂

The cookbook part in itself is split into five main chapters:

  1. The big breakfast
  2. Lunchtime
  3. Seriously filling dinner
  4. Something on the side
  5. All things sweet

There are over 70 yummy recipes in there or how I would describe them as a list of our favourites.

Some of the recipes are simple meals that we might do everyday anyways like Bacon Butties, Apple and Spice Porridge or a Rice Pudding but despite this fact I really like this book. I think it offers a great selection of dishes to pick from and it is written purely with outdoor cooking in mind, so you know the recipes will be fairly easy and will only require a minimum number of ingredients.

I picked few of my personal favourites to share with you.

Parragon Book Buddy – “The Camping Cookbook”  Spicy Fried Eggs

Spicy Fried Eggs – this reminds me of all the camping trips I took as a child with my parents. I actually still cook it from time to time but Mark isn’t so keen on it. He thinks that all the additional trimmings do not belong with eggs… but hey what does he know?

Parragon Book Buddy – “The Camping Cookbook”  Tomato Bruschetta

Tomato Bruschetta is my next pick. It is so quick and simple yet so delicious. I totally adore the taste on nice fresh toasted bread, sweet juicy tomatoes and basil. This is a perfect lunch meal… anytime and anywhere.

Parragon Book Buddy – “The Camping Cookbook” Sunshine Risotto

Sunshine Risotto makes for a perfect dinner meal; it is light and healthy, fabulous looking and full of goodness. This might not be the quickest meal but once camping we shouldn’t be in any rush. It is good to take your time and prepare your meal with love. This particular recipe features sun-dried tomatoes, which give the biggest flavour burst but it can be adopted to suit any pallet. If you are not a tomato fan you can try and create for example a mushroom risotto, especially if you are close by to some nice woodland and can go and pick your the wild mushrooms yourself.

Parragon Book Buddy – “The Camping Cookbook” Meatballs on a Stick

There are Meatballs on a Stick. This is my favourite recipe from the book. I totally love it and I just can’t believe that I’ve never thought about doing it before. The recipe calls for pork and herb sausages, fresh minced beef, breadcrumbs, onion, fresh herbs, egg and some salt and pepper to taste. It couldn’t be any easier. It reminds me of my Polish Meatballs 😉 I am sure cooking it on the BBQ will enhance the flavour and provide a great dining experience.

Parragon Book Buddy – “The Camping Cookbook” Fruit Skewers

Fruit Skewers is my choice for a pudding. I love fresh fruits and I love chocolate, so these two paired together makes for me a perfect combo. You are supposed to brush your fruits with a little maple syrup, which will make them caramelize over the fire. Then just drizzle over them some melted chocolate and enjoy the fresh sharp taste of the juicy fruits mixed with the sweet chocolate. Oh, this really sounds great!

So what do you think about my choices?

Would you like to try any of these dishes?

Parragon Book Buddy  “The Camping Cookbook”

The Camping Cookbook – Recipes for the great outdoors
ISBN 978-1-4723-5619-2
Published by Parragon Books Ltd in 2014
Part of Love Food
Number of pages: 192
RRP: £8

*  I received this book for free from Parragon as a part of my Book Buddy pack.