Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits Filous

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits FilousWe all know how important having the correct nutrition is (or at least I hope we all know). It’s important to us but especially so for our little ones. When they’re growing up, it’s essential that your little rascal has a healthy, balanced diet which helps ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

Kids can run (or crawl in Leos’ case) like crazy, they burn a lot of energy and it is crucial to replenish it by using “real food”, food containing natural ingredients and not added preservatives, colouring or sweeteners. With the busy lifestyle, most of us lead these days, it is hard sometimes to find the right meal for our little one, especially when we are out and about, rushing from A to B and trying our best to get everything done in time.

Well, there is something on the market which can help with this dilemma 🙂

Petits Filous offers a great selection of natural fruit yogurts and fromage frais. We have tried them before (you can read about my Magic Squares here) but now there is a new addition to Petits Filous family – super handy 70g yogurt pouches which are ideal for on the go.

Petits Filous provides your child with the goodness of calcium and Vitamin D, which as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, are critical for strong bones.

Toddler Life - Summer, Pool & Petits FilousThe new Petits Filous resalable pouches come in three different flavours: apricot, raspberry and strawberry. They are specifically designed with kids in mind and contain vitamin D which helps absorb calcium. As the main source of vitamin D is sunshine and we all know how much of a rarity sunshine is here in the UK, therefor it is necessary to top up through diet. Few foods naturally contain Vitamin D but luckily some foods, such as Petits Filous, are fortified with it. As to calcium, well calcium is essential because it gives strength to bones and teeth. Since our bodies can’t make calcium, it is important that children get enough in their diet.

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits FilousAnd in all honesty they taste delicious. I have to admit I am guilty of “stealing” one from the fridge every now and them 🙂

Have you tried any Petits Filous products?

If you did, which one is your favourite?

*I was provided with a superstore gift card in order to purchase a selection of Petits Filous products.

#MagicSquaresPlaydates – Our Playdate with Food

#MagicSquaresPlaydates – Our Playdate with FoodA playdate, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is defined as a play session for small children arranged in advance by their parents.

The most popular meaning of a playdate would require at least two children to play together, but can you make a playdate with food, arranged in advance yet with a solo attendee?

Well… I think you can.

I wanted to take the basic concept of a playdate and instead of it being just a couple of hours of screaming and running around at 100mph that it would be useful and progressive time for my little one. With this in mind I was thinking that it is very important to help kids develop their taste. Kids learn by watching us as we all know, and if I have a negative reaction to any particular foods, there is a good chance that they might simply pick up on it and have exactly the same response later on, in other words I have decided for them that a particular food is not nice. I think it is essential that they make this decision for themselves.

Youngsters discover the world in such an amazing way, every little new thing seems to be exiting and full of wonders; the same can be said for food… as long as we let them discover it.

Now playdates are supposed to be all about fun, new discoveries and learning new experiences, so why not make a playdate with food. It is so simple to set up when compared to a playdate with a dozen real kids running around. All you need is a selection of foods, an easy to clean area and someone curious to play, simple!

#MagicSquaresPlaydates#MagicSquaresPlaydates and Our Playdate with Food#MagicSquaresPlaydates & Our Playdate with FoodWe had a collection of Petits Filous mini pots including some Magic Squares, which I thought where excellent for introducing new flavours, we had a total of seven in our range. It was fun for me to watch the facial expressions as each new taste was experienced. From the big smile and open mouth ready for the next spoonful, to the frown and pursed lips when we are not sure if that is nice or not.

#MagicSquaresPlaydates - Our Playdate with FoodI think our playdate was a roaring success, and will become a regular feature in the house, I am already planning what foods to introduce at the next one. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to try the concept with a dozen youngsters for a more traditional playdate feature.

Have you ever had a fun session of introducing new flavours?

If so, how did it go?

*This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.