Who / What Am I? 06/06

Evening everybody,

Just a brief post today as time is of the essence. The weather is lovely and we are doing a BBQ for 40! Actually we are getting ready for a big cook tonight… 18h long slow smoked pulled pork… oh, I am drooling here already…

Tonight we are having kebabs and some chicken drumsticks in a She Devils sauce… after this is done, the temperature on our Primo will go right down and a big pork shoulder will be invited to take honoured place on the smoking rack… and sometimes in the late morning it should be ready…

Wish us luck as this is our first proper BBQ session this season and Mark feels a bit rusty 😉

As for last weeks picture, yes! It was a koala.

Have a look at his cute little face…

Who What Am I answer to 30 05

Did you know that koala is not a bear?

Weird isn’t it?

So many people call them koala bears, me included.

This week picture came out awesome and I really like the final effect. I hope you will like it too.


Who / What Am I?

Who What Am I 6 06

Have a lovely weekend everyone and please keep your fingers crossed that our BBQ is a success, otherwise there will be 40 very grumpy and hungry people in Beds tomorrow.

Take care