The simple pleasures

What do you do to relax?

Do you take a long hot bubbly bath, do you sit with a glass of wine and a good book?

How do you organized your “me” time for yourself?

The simple pleasuresThe other day I came across a “Top Tips to Stay Organized” from Little Hearts Big Love at The Free Range Family. Point five stated – take advantage of small windows of time. I agree with that and sometimes I do find that there is no other option but to do a few things at once. Then with any downtime I have whilst waiting for one thing to happen or finish, I simply end up using the time to do something else as per point 5, but then the principle got me thinking…

What if we would use those small pockets of time as “me” time instead of just another opportunity to do something else on our list?

What if instead of unloading the dishwasher whilst the toast is cooking we would just sit down and relax for a minute or two?

Will this, would this work?

Can those short breaks make a difference?

I know from experience that finding any “me” time becomes harder and harder. Most of us struggle for time and always have to rush to finish what needs to be done, but what about all those things that could be done? What about all those little pleasures we simply no longer have the time for?

How do you balance work time, family time, all those chores which have to be done and any “me” time? How do you make the time?

Can using those small pockets of time we have during the day really be enough to relax and unwind?

I miss the times when I could just sit down with a fresh cup of brew a good book or a Sudoku puzzle and simply enjoy the moment whilst munching on some tasty snacks.

I wish things were slower.

I wish people didn’t rush all the time and I truly wish we simple had the time for all those little pleasures.

So, what do you think?

Can those short bursts of multi break during the day be enough to call it “me” time?

What are your favourite simple pleasures and how do you find the time for them?

…and how long is that time?