Clean Eating – Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks

Clean eating is all about eating whole, real foods which are as close to their natural form as possible. Freeze drying offers just that…

Clean eating is all about eating whole, real foods which are as close to their natural form as possible. Freeze drying offers just that… Yes, it would be ideal to have fresh, ripe fruits straight from the tree or bush instead of freeze dried ones but unfortunately for most of us this isn’t an option.

First of all most fruits are seasonal.

Secondly, fruits out of season imported to us from far far away and then kept in storage for months until required aren’t really all that tasty to begin with.

Third… well even if we had an ever growing tree of our favourite fruits in our back garden, eventually you would simply get bored of them.

Freeze dried fruits aren’t new to me. If you follow me on Instagram you might remember my photos of homemade seeds and nut snack bars which I’d made with freeze dried strawberries on top… but freeze dried fruits in snack packs are actually totally new to me.

Lately I’ve been making quite a few homemade snacks so I had lost touch with what’s new on the shelves in our supermarkets… as it ended up they are now richer (the shelves… not the supermarkets) and contain a great selection of freeze dried fruit snacks.

Freeze drying is a healthy alternative to dry fruits… the freezing process preserves the fruits nutrition and flavours without any additional ingredients like oils, sugars or preservatives so all you have in the pack is 100% natural fruit!

Freeze dried fruits are similar to air dried fruits with one difference… they have a super crunchy texture and you can easily powder them by simply crushing the fruits with your fingers.

Freeze dried fruit can be used in many different ways, usually used as an addition to breakfast cereal, desserts and baked goods but they can also eaten straight from the pack as a snack… and if you fancy an even more “natural” look you can also simply re-hydrate them by adding some water.

The freeze dried fruit snacks from The Snack Organisation are available at Tesco and retail £1 per 18g bag, which is just big enough for a nice fruity snack 🙂

Have you came across freeze dried fruit snacks before?

Which is your favourite and how do you usually eat them?

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits Filous

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits FilousWe all know how important having the correct nutrition is (or at least I hope we all know). It’s important to us but especially so for our little ones. When they’re growing up, it’s essential that your little rascal has a healthy, balanced diet which helps ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

Kids can run (or crawl in Leos’ case) like crazy, they burn a lot of energy and it is crucial to replenish it by using “real food”, food containing natural ingredients and not added preservatives, colouring or sweeteners. With the busy lifestyle, most of us lead these days, it is hard sometimes to find the right meal for our little one, especially when we are out and about, rushing from A to B and trying our best to get everything done in time.

Well, there is something on the market which can help with this dilemma 🙂

Petits Filous offers a great selection of natural fruit yogurts and fromage frais. We have tried them before (you can read about my Magic Squares here) but now there is a new addition to Petits Filous family – super handy 70g yogurt pouches which are ideal for on the go.

Petits Filous provides your child with the goodness of calcium and Vitamin D, which as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, are critical for strong bones.

Toddler Life - Summer, Pool & Petits FilousThe new Petits Filous resalable pouches come in three different flavours: apricot, raspberry and strawberry. They are specifically designed with kids in mind and contain vitamin D which helps absorb calcium. As the main source of vitamin D is sunshine and we all know how much of a rarity sunshine is here in the UK, therefor it is necessary to top up through diet. Few foods naturally contain Vitamin D but luckily some foods, such as Petits Filous, are fortified with it. As to calcium, well calcium is essential because it gives strength to bones and teeth. Since our bodies can’t make calcium, it is important that children get enough in their diet.

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits FilousAnd in all honesty they taste delicious. I have to admit I am guilty of “stealing” one from the fridge every now and them 🙂

Have you tried any Petits Filous products?

If you did, which one is your favourite?

*I was provided with a superstore gift card in order to purchase a selection of Petits Filous products.

Snacking with Graze Good To Go

Snacking – we all do it, some of us more often than others but at one point or another we all do it. Snacking is deemed to be unhealthy and disrupting to a healthy diet but what about healthy, smart snacking? What about fruit or a handful of nuts instead of the staple bar of chocolate or pack of crisps? Well I would say that if we have to snack we should at least explore the options out there and pick the most suitable and healthy one if possible.

Snacking with Graze Good To Go #grazeonthegoSmart snacking just got easier as the online snacking company Graze have launched their new good to go range of 12 new snacks available nationwide in a range of high street stores. So far they are available in Boots, WHS and Sainsbury and their price ranges from 99p to £1.49.

We were lucky to be able to try them before they hit the shelves 🙂

Snacking with Graze Good To Go  #goodtogoEach of the 12 new good to go range snacks has been carefully put together by the graze Taste Experts. Using their flavour expertise and new ideas they put together good quality ingredients in interesting ways to create exciting snack combinations.

New Graze #grazeonthego rangeThe range contains the following snacks:

  • Chocolate Pretzel Dippers – 26g, 141kcal
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart – 46g, 175kcal
  • Herby Bread Basket – 18g, 90kcal
  • Juicy Peach and Raspberry – 30g, 95kcal
  • Lemon Drizzle Flapjack – 53g, 239kcal
  • Mini Strawberry & Banana – 39g, 120kcal
  • Original Fruity Flapjack – 53g, 228kcal
  • Punchy Protein Nuts – 35g, 210kcal
  • Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie – 44g, 241kcal
  • Smokehouse BBQ Crunch – 31g, 137kcal
  • Thai Sweet Chilli Dippers – 25g, 83kcal
  • Veggie Protein Power – 28g, 132kcal

Snacking with Graze Good To GoSnacking with Graze Good To Go  - Juicy Peach & RaspberryAs you can see from the selection above the snacks are very different and I am confident everyone can pick something they fancy at the time. Sweet or salty whatever your taste, Graze will have something for you. There are even a few super healthy options with dry fruits or punchy protein nuts.

Personally I really like the idea of these small snack packs. I wish they were in every store. They are handy, super tasty and well-priced.

What do you think?

Do you see yourself munching on some Graze good to go range any time soon?

NibNibs – From Yorkshire with Love – Review and Giveaway

NibNibs – From Yorkshire with Love

Who doesn’t love nibbling? The late night TV session, a long ride on the train or a short break at work to regain focus – all of these are just a few examples of perfect nibbling moments not to mention the ubiquitous snack in the centre of the table as you enjoy a bottle of wine with friends. There are endless opportunities to nibble but what about the nibbles themselves? Again, the choice in this day and age is huge but once you really take a look closer look it is not so easy to pick the perfect snack… some of them are too salty or too sweet, they are sold in too big packaging or have too many “E” ingredients…

NibNibs -- From Yorkshire with LoveNibNibs – From Yorkshire with Love.

Lately I was introduced to NibNibs; tasty little snacks produced in a North Yorkshire bakery. I was sent a selection of MiniNibs and I must say they are perfect for nibbling on the go. Cheesy straws which come in a 65g tube like packaging. No foil bag which can get ripped, no huge boxes, just a convenient little tube filled with tasty little snacks 🙂 MiniNibs are sold in a choice of three flavours:

  • Cheddar Cheese Straw
  • Cheddar & Spicy Chilli Straw
  • Cheddar & Cheeky Onion Straw

All flavours are extremely tasty and made using quality, local ingredients. They are handmade by artisan bakers. They look and taste good, and I believe just as food should taste. So far NibNibs have won a Delicious Yorkshire Award for 2013-2014 and Great Taste award for 2013.

And if you fancy a shared package, they also make them in “full size” packaging, which includes 175g of these tasty cheesy snacks and one additional flavour: Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper.

NibNibs - From Yorkshire with Love

I think NibNibs have got it right – they have created a very tasty product at an acceptable price. MiniNibs can be purchase at £1.79 per “tube”. It is a bit higher than you would expect to pay for your snacks if bought from your supermarket but hey… they do offer so much more than your usual mass produced snacks… much more… so in my opinion the price is right and they are worth the extra pennies.

Have you ever tried NibNibs or a MiniNibs?

If you have I hope you liked them as much as we did!

Now the big news: NibNibs will send a snack selection to one of you.

Just follow the Rafflecopter link below and use as many entry methods as you wish. But hurry as the competition will end in just 7 days. After this time one of you will be able to indulge him or herself on tasty little NibNibs to fulfil your hearts’ desire.

NibNibs Giveaway

Enter to win a selection of NibNibs

Good Luck!

* I received a NibNibs snacks selection for free for review purpose. All opinions about the products are honest and my own. The competition as stated above is solely run by NibNibs themselves. We are just passing on the good news and take no responsibilities for any prizes not received.

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