Human integrity – when did it go wrong?

“Real integrity is doing the right thing,

knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.”
Oprah Winfrey

Something happened lately and it has me thinking – what is happening with our integrity. People lie and cheat, and they seem to be ok with it all. I know that always in society there will be some grey characters but lately it seems like more and more people break with social norms and boundaries. And for what? – to get ahead at any cost, in order to shine or to achieve some arbitrary target…  it really bothers me that we are losing the part of us, the part which makes us be a human. What is happening to compassion, a helping hand or just a plain simple kindness in everyday life? Does our current lifestyle, this so called rat race, really require us to change so much? Is there no more space for kind, gentle souls?

Let’s look at my family… my dad is very firm and assertive but he also has a lot of principles that he would never break, no matter what. He would also never allow others to walk on top of him. He always treats people fairly and with respect but he has a strong hand when it comes to dealings with others. He is what we would call a winner that follows a set of rules which he was brought up with. My mum on the other hand would do anything for anyone if they but only ask… or sometimes even without them asking. She is an extremely good person and she will always put others ahead of herself… in real life we call these people losers… Really? Did we sink so low that we have no space for “good” people anymore? Her colleges or peers will very often use her, knowing that she will never say no.

This bothers me!

It bothers me that we are living in times when so often injustice goes unpunished. What bothers me even more that most of the time there is nothing we can do about it? We’ve been accused of something we didn’t do lately. People told lies to our face and made up facts that never happened… when trying to dispute them they seemed to ignore the real sequence of events because it did not suit their purpose. How can this be? And why do so many of us stand for it?

The other day I met a man walking with his dog on our local football ground. He didn’t pick up the mess after his four legged friend. When asked politely if he is going to clean it up he told me “No! what are you going do about it?” I just thought to myself – nothing, there is nothing I can or will do about it… but maybe I should… maybe when more people will start acting on the small things which go wrong around us, the world will be a better place…

I really would love to know what you think.

Am I losing my mind and just hanging out with the wrong crowd of people or are we really becoming less sensitive and more robust in these days. Why does something unacceptable just a few years ago, like lying become a tool in everyday life. Do we really have to lie, cheat and compromise our principles in order to survive? Is there really no space for good, kind and all loving people around us?

I thought the meek where meant to inherit the earth….