5 Free Activities To Entertain The Little Ones Over The Summer Holidays

5 Free Activities To Entertain The Little Ones Over The Summer HolidaysAs much as the kids are excitedly anticipating their six weeks of freedom, away from school and homework, you are probably dreading it! Not that you don’t want to spend time with your children, but several long weeks of trying to find something to keep them constantly entertained can not only be stressful but also extremely costly.

These costs can range from £450 to £4,762 depending on how you choose to spend your break; it goes without saying that holidaying abroad will raise the costs significantly.

But what if you could keep them entertained without breaking the bank? Worry not, for here are five free activities that both you and the kids can enjoy over the summer holidays:

Arts and crafts
The ideal summer holiday would be day after day of sunshine and warm temperatures! Unfortunately the reality is that we often end up with several grey and rainy days. These days it becomes even harder to entertain the kids; you can’t just stick them in front of the TV all day everyday. But what do you do?

In preparation for such days, stock up on craft supplies from Craft Superstore, then the kids can cut, glue, stick, paint and colour, with endless possibilities of what they could create! Why not help them make something that they can continue to play with; a rocketship or superhero outfit perhaps?

Enjoy your garden
With a second heatwave expected this summer, and temperatures set to rival those of the Mediterranean, be prepared to make the most of it! These days, when the sun is shining fill up the paddling pool, turn on the sprinklers and dig out the beach ball. Then sit back and relax, top up your tan, read a good book, all whilst the kids have fun and keep cool. Who needs to be on a beach in Spain when you can do this in your own back garden?

Free attractions
Make the most of the attractions across the country that both you and the kids can enjoy without spending a penny! From museums where the kids will have so much fun they won’t even realise they are doing something educational during their break from school, to festivals, farms and parks! There are a variety of different things to explore, that we often don’t think to do because they are on our doorsteps, that won’t cost any money!

Cycle to the park
Dust off the bikes, pack up ham sandwiches and sausage rolls, and gather together some activities. Then cycle to the park and spend the day flying kites, kicking a football and feeding the ducks!

Document the holidays
Keep the kids entertained across the entire break by having them document their summer. This could be in the form of a scrapbook or diary. Take photos on days out, then get them to write, draw and stick in memorabilia they have collected on their break. This will not only be a fun way to keep them busy during part of each day, but also something they can look back on for years to come.

With so many free activities to choose from, there is no need to let the summer holidays rinse your bank account this year!

What do you like to do with your kids over the summer break?

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42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge

McVitie’s BN Biscuits in connection with BritMums have challenged bloggers to write about their 42 Days of Summer. The brief was very open – tips, ideas and inspirations, whatever you do to make it fun was allowed. I wanted to be the part of it, so here I am.

At first I was thinking about making a day out post, or maybe some fun summer cooking recipe or something crafty, but finally I settled for a kind of tip / advise post.

So how do we assure that the 42 Days of Summer are actually fun?

Well, let’s start with making a list and listening to the kids. Put on the list all those small things that they have always wanted to do. Ok, I must admit that most kids will have a Disneyland or a Legoland trip at the top of their list, but when you really ask them want they want, you might be surprised by some of their choices.

Kids think differently and their pleasures are totally different from ours. They might really want that PJs party you never got around to throwing during the school year, or a movie night with friends, when they can just lounge around in their onesies and stuff their face with popcorn or maybe they still didn’t fulfil their desire of building a den under their bed (I would not advise this if you have a standard bed, we have a mid sleeper so it is doable). A nice family picnic is a great day out and it will not cost a fortune. How about a trip to the woods, this can be very knowledgeable, walking around the trees, picking all the gifts from nature, which later on can be used in crafts or some lovely handmade decorative arrangement.

Evening at the Greyhound Racing Tracks
Evening at the Greyhound Racing Tracks
Day in perfecting homemade sweets
Day in perfecting homemade sweets
Day with the nature, picnic included :-)
Day with nature, picnic included 🙂

Every family member is supposed to make a list – short or long – this is up to you, then try to pick at least 5 things from each list to do over the summer.

This way everyone gets something they wanted and we can learn from one another and hopefully discover something new and exited we never thought we would enjoy.

Maybe your other half wants to go fishing, so we all go. Who said that fishing can’t be fun? Learning about different rods, different type of fishing and not to mention the excitement when you finally hook a fish.

Summer is always a great time to plan for the future; check out new clubs, try new sports… who knows maybe that one trip to the swimming pool you just took will result with your child regularly going to a swimming club after school or becoming a great swimmer?

So, whatever you do over summer, remember that it is all supposed to be about fun.

42 Days of Summer #Sweeet Challenge.

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