Weaning on the go

Weaning on the go

All is good in the world of weaning as long as you stay within the comfort of your home surrounded by all those countless cupboards holding lots of yummy ingredients, as well as the fridge and freezer, not forgetting about the stacks of pots, bowls, food warmers etc etc… however once you leave your home and all those essential comforts behind then things might start to get a bit tricky…

If you have the time and are well organized you will probably plan in advance your days out, we… well… we aren’t so well organized and if you are a regular reader of my blog then most likely you already know that. Home cooking is very important for us but in the case of weaning on the go I much more prefer the ready-made food option.

Cow & Gate were kind enough to send us a selection of their “friends” food pouches – my first spoon.

Weaning on the go with Cow & Gate

“Friends – my first spoon” are design for 4-6 months old babies who have just started their weaning adventure and are really ready to discover new foods. There are four flavours in the collection: carrot, peas, broccoli and cauliflower. When you study the ingredients list… well there isn’t a lot to study… these pouches are made from carrot, peas, broccoli or cauliflower and water and… nothing else. They come in a very handy 50g size and are perfect for beginners. They are ideal for helping to build up your babies taste pallet so they are well positioned to try more complex flavours in the future.

“Friends – my first spoon” are suitable either to be used as a main meal or as a snack for later on 🙂 They do not require any cooking or any other special preparation… just open and serve; this makes them an ideal food for when you are on the go. And just in case you baby isn’t in the mood for your choice of food once it is opened, then you can simply reseal it and store in a fridge for up to 24hours.

I am glad we had the chance to try Cow & Gate Friends pouches; they make feeding outside of the home environment so much easier.

1. Weaning on the go2. Weaning on the go3. Weaning on the go

Have you used any pouches like these when your baby was weaning?

What’s your personal top tip for weaning on the go?

Babypotz – Weaning Made Easy

Babypotz Starter Set – Weaning Made Easy

Weaning means a lot of different foods, a lot of mess and a lot of work, unless you feed just shop bought pouches and jars, but even then you still most likely have some leftover which means… a lot of different foods, a lot of mess and a lot of work 🙂

We were sent a box of Babypotz to help us get through the weaning stage and I must admit they are a great help.

Babypotz - Weaning Made Easy.

Babypotz are dishwasher, steriliser, microwave and freezer safe, BPA Free, reusable and stackable pots. They come in different sizes and our starter pack contained 10 of 30ml, 60ml, 90ml, 120ml and 150ml pots. Babypotz make for an ideal storage solution during weaning. Different sizes are just what you need so you can fill them with different food and quantities depending on your requirements.

As we are just starting for this moment we use carrot, peas, potato, parsnip, pumpkin as well as apple, pear and bananas. Babypotz make measuring of the food easy. I know the size of each pot and I can easily mix different flavours to get the total quantity of food I need for each meal.

Each Babypot comes with its own lid. The lids are quite secure and so far we haven’t experienced any accidents with them coming off. The pots are easy to clean but I wouldn’t personally recommend putting them into dishwasher – they are very light and tend to move to much; after a wash cycle I never seem to find one in the same spot that it was in before the wash program started.

Babypotz Starter Set has a RRP of €21.99 (or £17.98 via Amazon.co.uk) There is an option to order some labels (at an additional cost) or you can purchase pots in your favourite size only – currently you can pick pots starting from 30ml going up to a massive 710ml. For the full stock list please visit Babypotz website.

In addition to using Babypotz during meal times, we also use them for freezing. They are simply ideal for this purpose. Here is our creation of a pumpkin puree ready to take a trip to the freezer 😉

Babypotz – Weaning Made Easy.

Do you batch cook and freeze baby food or do you prefer shop bought pouches and jars?

Do you like the idea of Babypotz?

Babypotz – Weaning Made Easy

Ready, Steady, Wean!

Ready, Steady, Wean!

Yes, it is that time already.

Baby is bored with just drinking milk, so the time has some to start weaning.

This is both an exciting time whilst being at the same time scary…

Will he like it?

Will he eat it?

What to try first?

100s of questions and a bag of mixed answers… should we just play “eeny, meeny, miny, moe…” to pick the correct one?

It was time to look for some help.

Cow & Gate offers an online Five Step Weaning Plan with lots of useful information and tons of great tips. The program (as per its name) is split into five steps:

  • First spoonfuls
  • Introducing breakfast
  • Introducing Variety
  • Meat, Fish & alternatives
  • Establishing 3 meals a day

Each step has a clear description and a lot of tips to make this step of the journey as easy and as pleasant as possible for both the baby and the parent. My favourite part of the website is the recipe collections perfect for each step. As we are on step one, we have 10 quick and easy purees to pick from.

Step 1 Recipes from Cow & Gate

We’ve made some Carrot Puree using the quick and easy instructions on the Cow & Gate website:


1 medium carrot

Your baby’s usual milk or cooled, boiled water


Peel carrot, and cut into slices ½ cm thick.

Steam them for 8−10 min until soft.

Cool slightly, then add 2 tbsp of the water or milk.

Blend with a food processor or hand blender until runny and smooth. Add more liquid if you need.

It is important to experiment in the beginning. Let your baby pick the flavours he or she likes; let them discover at their own pace what real food tastes like.

For us it wasn’t very hard. Leo was eager to try something new. He opens his mouth and waits for more yummy “mash” to arrive. I think he is enjoying this time, despite making really funny unhappy faces at times.

1. Ready, Steady, Wean!2. Ready, Steady, Wean!3. Ready, Steady, Wean!4. Ready, Steady, Wean!5. Ready, Steady, Wean!

Do you have any weaning tips for us?

Something you do or did in the past which made the whole process easier?

* We received a small goodie bag from Cow & Gate containing feeding spoons, sipping cup and a food selection to help us start the weaning process.