Can you think yourself slimmer? Part 2

Change your eating habits in just 9 minutes a day – the easy, lasting, natural way: take control of food & sugar, end cravings for sweet snacks, lose weight without willpower, stop constantly feeling hungry, enjoy eating out without guilt, get more energy, enjoy exercise, keep food off your mind, say goodbye to dieting for ever… this is a Slimpod promise…

Change your eating habits in just 9 minutes a day – the easy, lasting, natural way: take control of food & sugar, end cravings for sweet snacks, lose weight without willpower, stop constantly feeling hungry, enjoy eating out without guilt, get more energy, enjoy exercise, keep food off your mind, say goodbye to dieting for ever… this is a Slimpod promise…So why is it so hard for some people to believe in weight loss without a diet?

I truly struggle to grasp why some people aren’t more open minded?

When I talk to people and tell them “No, I do not follow any diet”, they simply can’t understand how on earth I can lose weight without being on one or taking some magic pills or maybe a super strict exercise routine. They want to know my secret but once I actually share it with them they aren’t satisfied, as it is not a diet and in order to lose weight they expect one!

No exercise routine? Oh, this will not work!

No food restriction? No, this will not work!

You can eat what you want and when you want it? This will not work for sure!

Oh how marketing teams across the world have so conditioned our thinking!

Why is it so hard to understand that once you actually start thinking slimmer, as in thinking differently about food, your own needs for it and its value to your body, you will be able to make all the right choices without any restrictions from outside sources?

Slimpod helps you do just that… it helps you re-evaluate how we think about food. It helps you understand (even if it is only at an unconscious level) why some foods are better for us than others… it simply helps you to make the right choices.

I don’t know about you but personally every time historically when I have ever tried one of the “magic” diets out there, the one offering a quick route to sustainable weight loss as long as you follow it rigorously, well after a few days I just hit a wall and the concept of diet was just going out the window. As soon as I was told, or read, that I can’t have let’s say a cake, all I could think of after that moment was cake… this was making my unhappy and grumpy and obviously I wanted this cake even more now… then I had my cake, my diet was “broken” and I was even more depressed that I am not able to follow a simple diet… never again…

I think healthy weight loss can only occur if you are truly yourself, when you and a happy you can actually listen to your body. Your body will tell you what it needs and when it needs it.

So what do you think?

Could you think yourself slimmer?

…and don’t be a nay-sayer as I am living proof it can be done.

Eat more to weigh less

Eat more to weigh lessSounds weird right?

Well, I didn’t believe it either but I was proven wrong.

A few months ago I was asked to try new XLS Medical Max Strength, new and improved carbohydrates, sugar and fat binder. I was provided with the pills and the support of Jodie Relf, a weight management dietician. Weeks were passing by but my results were less than acceptable. After a few chats I was asked to keep a food diary… so I did…

As it ended up my diet was in general too low in calories, it had too much sugar in it (mostly from fruits) and it was missing vital food groups… as a result my metabolism was extremely slow. I was advised to up my food intake, change my eating times and add some ever so important proteins into my diet.

And you know what?

It worked!

Within a week my weigh started to drop, inches were disappearing and I felt so much better.

The moral of the story is… weight loss is not always about food reduction… in same cases yes for sure it might be the key factor but it is not a hard rule and sometimes, as in my case, you really need to eat more in order to weigh less.

Jodie explained to me why eating proteins in the morning is so important. A breakfast that is high in protein raises your brain’s tyrosine levels which in turn helps your brain to produce norepinephrine and dopamine, which are responsible for your energy levels and what makes you feel awake and alert.

I didn’t eat breakfast for years. Sometimes my first meal would be at 3 or 4pm, until that time I would function on a giant cup of latte. I tried to eat in the morning but as much as I wanted to, I simply could bring myself to having a proper breakfast, so I found a different solution… protein shakes mixed with matcha powder and chai seeds… believe it or not I have now almost stopped drinking coffee… I have so much energy after my morning meal that I no longer have a need for it. Now I will have an afternoon small black coffee as a treat and not as a necessity to stay awake in the morning.

I am astonished that such a small change can have such a huge impact on my overall wellbeing.

So if you are everything like I was just a few months ago: always in a hurry, skipping meals, running on coffee and eating fruit and more fruit thinking that this is good for you… stop… now…

Start your day with a high protein meal.

Drink a lot of water.

Watch your sugar and fat intake.

Try to maintain a regular eating schedule.

Snack smart if you must… use nuts, homemade energy bars or bliss balls.

And I promise you, within days you will feel the difference.

Can you think yourself slimmer?

Can you think yourself slimmer?What do you think?

Can you think yourself slimmer?

Can the way we think effect the way we look?

I was given the opportunity to try Slimpod, a weight loss program which doesn’t call for a diet, extensive exercise, puts no food restrictions on you and actually lets you eat what you want and when you want it… so how does it work?

That is a good question!

How does listening to a Slimpod for just over 11 minutes a day helps you lose weight?

I am sure there is much great science behind it, all I know is, it works! Believe me or not, those 11 minutes a day listening to Slimpod are well spent. Within days you will notice a difference in your own behaviours and really start to act unlike “you”…

I love chocolate and cake, I could bake a cake and eat half of it in the evening simply because I could and there was always the option of baking a new one the next day… however since I started my journey with Slimpod, in the last 6 weeks I have had one nuttela cookie and I had one chocolate pudding (that was actually last night)…

Do I miss chocolate and cake?

Well… no, I don’t miss them as no one took them away from me, I simply do not fancy them.

Slimpod helped me to achieve the right mind-set towards food. I eat healthier food, create better balanced meals and I do not crave junk food… And you know what the best part is? I do not need any will power to achieve it… it just happens… I’m not sure how but it does.

My relationship with food is so much better these days. I actually enjoy food shopping, it gives me pleasure to pick food, to cook it and to eat it once it is ready but it has stopped being an obsession. I don’t focus so much on my choices… it kind of happens when I see something healthy a green light comes on in my head… when I see junk food my body stays indifferent.

I have to admit I didn’t have much faith in this program before I started it. I couldn’t believe that listening to a track can affect my behaviour and bring about any positive changes. Well, I was proven wrong.

In the last 6 weeks I have lost 5kg.This might not be a giant achievement for some but this weight loss was effortless… all I had to do it listen to my Slimpod. I am extremely happy I’ve tried it. In addition to my Slimpod I’ve received a great handbook and 21 days of email support but this isn’t all – you can join the Facebook community for Slimpod users and you will have free unlimited support in case you need it (I’ve spent over an hour on the phone once getting to the root of my problems).

Currently Thinking Slimmer offers three different versions of Slimpod, three habit-breakers (sweets, chocolate or alcohol), two wellbeing pods (confidence booster and relaxer) and a Fitpod, designed to make fitness fun and easy.

If you need help in any of this areas, I would highly recommend getting a “pod” and listening to it.

It works, I’ve tried it.


5 Top Tips on How To Pick & Stick to The Diet

5 Top Tips on How to Pick and Stick to the Dietwhat is dietWe all have diets, for better or worse but we do all have them.

The type of diet I want to talk about is the diet designed to lose weight, get fit and healthy; the type of diet most of us have thought about, talked about or event attempted to implement at some point; the type of diet which gives us headaches and sleepless nights as we aren’t able to follow through and keep to its requirements…

During the last 10 years I have put a lot of weight on which I struggle to shake off. I have to admit, I have thought about different diets, and yes I event attempted some but with no great success until now… so what changed? Well, I think I realised a few very important things and I would love to share my discovery with you in form of my Top Five Tips on how to pick and keep a diet.

Be Ready!

This is the key. You have to be ready. You have to decide that enough is enough and you have to desire the change.

So many of us start our diet for the wrong reasons and thus we simply can’t follow through with them. You have to be ready!

Unfortunately I don’t have a recipe as to how one becomes ready for a change. For me it happened in late spring after I received a set of pictures from the shoot we had done for one of the newspapers. It really hit me, “OMFG am I really so fat!.”

Until that moment I knew I am “bigger” but seeing myself in the mirror each day didn’t bother me so much… until I saw myself through someone else eyes… I didn’t like that view.

I was ready!

Visual your goals and know your weak points

Knowing what you want to achieve is extremely important. You have to have a clear vision as to what you want and why you want it, as well as an understanding of what is standing in the way to your goal. You need to face the fact and analyse your life and get to the bottom of your problem – are you an emotional eater, are you just overeating or are you simply having an unhealthy or unbalanced diet? Knowing where the problem lies is necessary, otherwise you can’t target it, which means you can’t fix it.

It’s harder than it seems to actually admit to our weak spots. For me it is cake. I love baking and I especially love eating cake but having half a loaf tin cake in an evening whilst watching TV isn’t really the best idea is it?

Pick what’s right for you and ask for help

Don’t follow after the masses. The fact that celebrity A is using diet B really doesn’t mean it will be good for you. Once you know where your problem lies and what are your weak points, you will be much more able to pick the diet which strikes at the heart of it.

There is no shame in asking for help. Even if you are super strong willed, you can’t do it by yourself. Talk to people, join or start a Facebook group, read about and learn how others have tackled any given problem.

Currently I am having double support; I am using:

  • XLS-Medical Max Strength which is a fat binder. Additionally a weekly consultation with a dietician to chat about my progress
  • Slimpod from Thinking Slimmer, which is designed to help deal with my sugar intake with the support of a Facebook group.

I have to admit at first it wasn’t easy to talk and write about my problems and concerns but it gets easier and it helps to know that you are not alone in your struggles.

Be kind to yourself and learn to trade

Setting rules and following them to the letter isn’t easy. I know it, you know it, we all know it. I hate rules and as long as I know that I can’t have something then inevitably it ends up that all I can think about is exactly that something and so I want it more than ever now… Well depending what type of diet you choose for yourself you may well have to learn to live with some restrictions in your life or learn how to trade. Think about it as a type of swapping game – trade a piece of cake for a longer walk; have a glass of beer or wine if this is what you fancy but then later on go and play with the kids in the garden… You have to learn how to allow yourself some of your guilty pleasures but you have to remember that everything has a price… learn to pay for your moments of indulgence with some other small sacrifice. Ying and Yang.

Think long term

Let’s be honest with ourselves, most “diets” simply don’t work, especially the “magic diet” types. Yes, they might help you shed a few pounds but not forever… once you stop and go back to your old habits the weight will creep back most likely with some additional lbs. This is why it is so important to think long term. Don’t think about a “diet” as a short term fix… think about it as a new beginning, as a start to a new you and a new chapter in your life’ think about it as a long term commitment which hopefully will be transformed over time into a new healthy lifestyle.

That’s it from me.

This is my guide and the stages I went through in my process of getting to the point in my life where I am now… I am ready for a change, I know what I want and with help of others I will achieve it. I am learning to deal with my personal “trading game” to find the right balance in swopping goodies for hard work afterword’s and I believe over time this new routine, which I am developing now, will stick and then stay forever.

Happy dieting everyone!

The New You Diet Plan

The New You Diet PlanThe New You Plan is the fastest growing diet meal replacement company in the UK & Ireland. The New You meals are suitable for ketogenic dieting with the range of specialist diet meal replacements suitable for Total Food Replacement (TFR) & Very Low Calorie dieting (VLCD). Enjoy four meals a day and occasional snacks and achieve weight loss results that motivate and excite you!

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

When I was offered to try The New You Diet Plan I didn’t have to think twice; I wanted to give it a go. I am not good with diets; I have hardly ever lasted more than just a few days but I am always open to give something new a try, in the hope that maybe it will stick 😉

So I was yet again on a mission…

The New You Diet Plan offers an extensive range of products and plans to choose from. Everyone will be able to choose the perfect match not only in regards to preferred meals but also the intensity and length of the diet. I went for the one week bundle plus snack pack. I had to choose 30 products (with no more than 2 snacks) which is supposed to last me the entire week; 4 products a day; that’s it; nothing more, nothing less… As I said before, the choice is pretty good and you can really vary your meals. I tried to pick one of everything with the exception of meals I know I wouldn’t eat, like porridge (I am simply not a porridge fan).

A few days later my food arrived on my door step. In addition to my chosen meals I was given a VIP accessory starter pack, which included: cool mint fresh breath strips (very handy as chewing gum is not advised while on the diet), drop a jean size e-journal and a fantastic, almost life saving blender bottle (this bottle makes meal creation a pure pleasure; no need for hand blenders and endless stirring… just pop your food into the bottle, add water and shake until well combines… easy peasy).

First impressions

The New You Diet Plan Food SelectionThe New You Diet Plan Lovely NotePerfect. All the meals were well packed with a cute note wishing me good luck. Some of the meals had original eye catching packaging, with all the required information stated on them as well as cooking / preparation instructions, others came in silver bags with just the name of the product on it. I would have preferred for them all to be in their original packaging’s but I understand the need for savings and different packaging for multi-pack products, so really no big issue here.

Did I last the whole week?

I am ashamed to report than I didn’t. I don’t necessary blame The New You Diet Plan, I blame roasted chicken being cooked in the oven and filling the entire house with an amazing smell; I simply had nowhere to hide 🙁 I survived two whole days and on the third one… well you know it already… chicken for dinner…

How was the food?

Actually as powdered foods from packets go, it was outstanding. It was easy to prepare and extremely tasty.

The New You Diet Plan Veggie SoupSome of the meals like Vegetable Soup were totally unexpected. I actually enjoyed their veggie soup a lot but it was like nothing I had had before – a veggie soup based on milk. I truly liked it, it was a nice surprise.

The New You Diet Plan Shaker Bottle and Chocolate shakeIn my choices I took all the shakes, at least one pack of each and I am pleased to report that all of them were extremely good. They tasted like a real shake prepared from scratch and didn’t leave any weird after taste in my mouth.

The New You Diet Plan Sweet BarSweet bars were all yummy too (oh, ok, almost all – chocolate cream cookie flavour bar was the weakest from them all in my opinion).

The New You Diet Plan BBQ ChipsAs to snacks… I only had BBQ flavoured chips – loved them…

The New You Diet Plan Soy Nuts…and BBQ soy nuts – loved them even more 🙂

Final thoughts

I think if you are really motivated The New You Diet Plan might be the perfect solution for you and anyone else who needs to drop a few pounds. Not only is their food nice and tasty, they also offer fantastic support so you are never alone.

As for me, well maybe I just need a bit more motivation… maybe once I actually have nothing to wear because all my clothes are way too tight I will hit the bottom and finally have enough self restrain to stick to the diet. But even with my lack of strong will, I found The New You Diet Plan very helpful. Morning shake replaced a slice of toast or two; sweet bar replaced a sneaker or two… and as they say every little helps…

Have you ever tried a food replacement diet?

Do you have any “magic” dieting tips?