Winning World – February 2013 Summary

My Winnings February 2013
My Winnings February 2013

February came and went, leaving me with few more lovely winnings. It was a shorter month and we had company for over a week, so comping time was limited, even more than it usually is.

In total I received 26 wins/freebies/samples.

My best win from February was: £100 cash from the Aviva Facebook competition. It was decided with a tie-breaker – the topic: What would you spend this extra money on? I believe there were a total of 20 winners.

One day my lovely postman delivered to me a huge envelope. As I was not expecting anything of this size, it was a nice surprise. After digging into it I discovered a huge bundle of BizzyBee products – a selection of different types of rubber gloves, sponges, scrapers, cloths, all useful stuff – from Your Home Magazine. A very nice and much needed win. It will last me for a loooong time.

Looking back at February I know that you have to be in it, to win it. More you enter = more you win, but even with very limited time when you organize yourself to maximise it, you can still stay in the game and hopefully win what you wish for.

For all the compers out there – stay frosty and wait for your postman!

Winning World – January 2013 Summary

My Winnings January 2013
My Winnings January 2013

I knew that following 2012 with wins will be hard but January was very kind to me and it for sure stand up to this test.

In total I received 37 wins/freebies/samples.

My best win from January was: £100 cash from Wonga in their Cash Friday Facebook competition, followed closely by £75 from Promod credit from their advent competition run back in December 2012 (I did not spend this money as yet, still waiting for the summer collection)

Mark declared his favourite was an ETI SuperFast Cooking Thermapen a digital Thermometer, which was the runner up prize in a recipe competition.

Unfortunately I also had a couple of “wasted” wins – 3 x £8 discount codes from TomTom. I asked them if there is an option of combining them, (unfortunately costumer service never got back to me on this one). I tried to give them away to fellow compers but there were no takers. This happens from time to time.

Winning World – How it all started

2012 in winnings
2012 in winnings

In February 2012 I spotted a competition from Triton Showers on Facebook to win an electric shower. At this time we had our second bathroom unused, ready for renovation, so I decided to enter the competition.

On 20-02-2012 I received my first ever winning email Subject: YOU WON THE TRITON SHOWERS T80Z FF COMPETITION!

I was over a moon! This was so easy. 1 entry and boooom, I’ve won!

After this, I started to look around the internet for websites which would help me find some more competitions to enter.

Firstly I stumbled upon:

–       Loquax, which I have used ever since, despite all the changes happening to the website

–       The Prize Finder, which is one of my favorite “comping” websites around

–       Money Saving Expert,  which many people love but I personally cannot find my way around it

–       Hot UK Deals – good for deals but I never took to using it for competitions

These were my main sources for new competitions.

A few months later, after it all started, one of my Laquax friends advised me to be more active on the forum in order to “see” all the content, which was out there. I took this advice seriously and after a few days I had a whole new “magic tab” to look at, with mainly email or magazine competitions – it was like a Christmas morning.

Sometime during the course of the year I discovered Twitter and with this discovery a few extra sources of daily excitement:

–       Competwition 

–       Twitninja 

–       Twitaculous 

Now I was really hooked. Best hobby ever! You can meet some very nice people and get tons of free stuff. I loved it and still do!

As 2012 was my first ever (not even full) year of comping I have nothing else to compare it to. In my eyes – prize wise – it was a fantastic year.

Winning highlights of 2012:

–       Triton Shower, as this win started my comping journey

–       An actual “ton” of fitness water from Bio-Synergy – there were some problems with this one and Best Before Dates and in the end I settled on pallet of orange skinny water, which I still drink

–       A TomTom on Twitter from TomTom

–       Philips hand blender which was a first prize in recipe competition on Philips Facebook page

–       Olympic tickets from Samsung Twitter promotion

–       Sony Xperia T, also from Twitter

I can only wish that 2013 will be as good to me – competition wise – as 2012.

If you think that you have some time to take up this fantastic hobby, why not give it a try… but beware IT IS VERY ADDICTIVE.

Few things to remember while starting up:

–       Do not cheat, no one likes a cheater and if your caught your standing in comping community will be burnt, finished, over!

–       Enter competitions you feel comfortable with – if you do not like Facebook, skip this one.

–       Enter for things you need or want – there is always MORE competitions out there than free time to enter them all

–       Enter for items you would use – do not enter for gig tickets in London if you live in Scotland and have no intention of coming down

–       Always read the Terms and Conditions

Have fun and Good Luck! May the wins be with You!!!

Unless I have entered the competition in which case I hope you get the 2nd prize >;o)