Turn a night of fear into a night of hope.

Get involved and help World Vision to support children of Syria.

The Syrian civil war is in its fourth year, and has stolen the childhoods of millions of children. Children have seen unspeakable horrors. They have witnessed the deaths of family members, endured sleepless nights of bombing and fighting, and now live in constant fear and uncertainty.

This Halloween, show the children of Syria that they have not been forgotten.

#ANightOfHope 2014

Have a great Halloween everyone and please share if you care!


My Pumpkin Heart #ANIGHTOFHOPE
My Pumpkin Heart #ANIGHTOFHOPE


Turn a night of fear into a night of hope

Carve a heart into a pumpkin this Halloween and display it in your window as a lantern of hope for children around the world living in fear.

While children in the UK are preparing to enjoy a night of fun and frights there are those who live in real fear and not just on one night of the year. Children like Sylvia from Uganda, who lived in fear of being married to a man three times her age. A fear that robbed her of her childhood. A fear no child should have to face.

Let’s make 31 October 2013 the day we stand alongside children living in fear in the world’s hardest places and show we care. Download your night of hope pack today and share your lanterns of hope with us. Together we can turn a night of fear into a night of hope.

My creation in the making
My creation in the making

For more information please visit World Vision.