Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits Filous

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits FilousWe all know how important having the correct nutrition is (or at least I hope we all know). It’s important to us but especially so for our little ones. When they’re growing up, it’s essential that your little rascal has a healthy, balanced diet which helps ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

Kids can run (or crawl in Leos’ case) like crazy, they burn a lot of energy and it is crucial to replenish it by using “real food”, food containing natural ingredients and not added preservatives, colouring or sweeteners. With the busy lifestyle, most of us lead these days, it is hard sometimes to find the right meal for our little one, especially when we are out and about, rushing from A to B and trying our best to get everything done in time.

Well, there is something on the market which can help with this dilemma 🙂

Petits Filous offers a great selection of natural fruit yogurts and fromage frais. We have tried them before (you can read about my Magic Squares here) but now there is a new addition to Petits Filous family – super handy 70g yogurt pouches which are ideal for on the go.

Petits Filous provides your child with the goodness of calcium and Vitamin D, which as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, are critical for strong bones.

Toddler Life - Summer, Pool & Petits FilousThe new Petits Filous resalable pouches come in three different flavours: apricot, raspberry and strawberry. They are specifically designed with kids in mind and contain vitamin D which helps absorb calcium. As the main source of vitamin D is sunshine and we all know how much of a rarity sunshine is here in the UK, therefor it is necessary to top up through diet. Few foods naturally contain Vitamin D but luckily some foods, such as Petits Filous, are fortified with it. As to calcium, well calcium is essential because it gives strength to bones and teeth. Since our bodies can’t make calcium, it is important that children get enough in their diet.

Toddler Life – Summer, Pool & Petits FilousAnd in all honesty they taste delicious. I have to admit I am guilty of “stealing” one from the fridge every now and them 🙂

Have you tried any Petits Filous products?

If you did, which one is your favourite?

*I was provided with a superstore gift card in order to purchase a selection of Petits Filous products.

Fresh Strawberry Shake

Fresh Strawberry ShakeI love berries, especially strawberries. When I was a child my parents used to have a small field of them. I remember each year around mid-June spending hours out there helping them pick them up… hard back breaking work but it didn’t stop me loving them.

Anyhow, I find that now-a-days shop bought strawberries, or any other fruit for that matter, hardly ever tastes like the real deal, but better them than nothing, right?

One day, last month I was very lucky to return home from a bloggers meet-up with a brand new Philips blender in my bag thanks to Currys and Joe Blogs. Now, there is no stopping me. Most days I blend something in the hope of creating something special.

This strawberry drink is my latest invention and I really hope you will like it.


  • 250ml vanilla yogurt
  • 250g fresh strawberries
  • 2tbsp ground almonds
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • 1tsp honey (optional)

Fresh Strawberry ShakeMethod:

Wash the strawberries and remove the green stalk.

Pop them into the blender and blend until smooth.

Add the yogurt, ground almonds and cinnamon and blend some more.

The final shake isn’t sweet, so if you prefer a sweet/er option, add a spoonful of honey and blend until smooth.

That’s it, you are all done.

Now drink and enjoy!

My Fresh Strawberry ShakeTop Tip: Ground almonds will add a bit more substance and tons of vitamin E into a drink but not a lot of flavour. If you prefer a stronger almond flavour and don’t want to use any artificial flavouring, you can use whole almonds and process them yourself. Take a good handful of whole, good quality almonds (the ones from Wonderful Almonds are perfect for this job), spread them on baking tray and roast them in an earlier preheated oven at 175C or 155C if fan assisted for about 5 minutes. Then remove them from the oven and stir well making sure that they are all turned over and pop back into the oven for 2-3 minutes… remove them and check if they are ready (there should be a wonderful powerful aroma filling your kitchen and they should be hot to the touch). If needed pop them back into the oven for another 2-3 minutes, after another invigorating stir. They shouldn’t take longer than 15 minutes to roast, normally it takes only 10. Ideally when finished you want your nuts to be shade or two darker than when you put them in the oven and the smell! The smell should be very nutty but be careful as you can’t let them get scorched and definitely not burnt. If you think that your nuts are ready remove them from the baking tray and cool in a different cool dish. You might think that this is a lot of messing around to roast some nuts and it is, but trust me it is worth it. Freshly roasted nuts have an amazing aroma and much more definite taste. Once cold pop them into food processor and pulse them until grounded. Don’t wiz to much or they will get hot and the oils will clog them together and you will end up with almond butter, so pulse and take your time, then finally add into your shake.

What’s your favourite fruit shake or smoothie?



Peach & Banana Yogurt Shake

Lately we find ourselves with an abundance of natural yogurt in the house. We often use yogurt in cooking, especially the natural one but usually it is one spoon here and one spoon there… not a lot of recipes call for a 500ml tub of it or more… except for maybe a mild curry.

So I tried to bake a yogurt cake just a few days ago but it didn’t came out as I would expect or even hope… I suspected it was my fault for adding a blueberry yogurt instead of a natural one, my cake came out looking pretty weird and blueish. Once I have perfected my yogurt blueberry cake I will share it with you for sure.

So back to my yogurt dilemma… too much yogurt and not a lot to do with it… it was time to go back to basics and start mixing some shakes.

Today’s special was a Peach & Banana Yogurt Shake 🙂

Peach & Banana Yogurt ShakeIngredients:

  • 500ml of fat free natural yogurt
  • 100ml of double cream (or a single if preferred or just the milk if you are counting calories)
  • 2 large ripe bananas
  • 2 ripe peaches
  • 1tsp vanilla essence
  • Milk; enough to make the drink as runny as you like


Wash and peel your fruit, then chop them into smaller chunks.

Pop the chopped fruit into a blender, add all the remaining ingredients except the milk and wiz until smooth.

Add the milk slowly until you get just the right consistency you require, I tend to find the thickness of my drinking straws in the cupboard dictate just how runny my shake should be 😉

Pour into glasses and enjoy!

My Peach & Banana Yogurt ShakeThere is no added sugar, which means that if you skip adding the cream you can enjoy a delicious and totally guilt free shake, which will give you a nice refreshing energy boost.

I am thinking that tomorrow’s special shake will be a coffee based one. Happy me as I adore coffee flavour.

Do you like shakes?

How do you make them usually?

Do you use yogurt, milk or ice-creams as a base?

Review – Yu! Healthy Snacks

Yu! logoMost of us when asked “Do you like fruit?” will answer “Yes, sure I do” and it will be the truth, but how often do we really eat them?

We buy a lot of fruit on a regular basis and eat it but as weird as it sounds we often forget about them and they just sit there in a huge fruit bowl or in the fridge… sad but true… sometimes you just don’t fancy an apple.

Yu! Healthy Snacks found a great way to bring fruit back into our lives in the way that might encourage us to eat more of them – they turned ordinary fruit into a healthy yet tasty snack. Mark often moans that the taste of something is inversely proportional to how healthy it is, a cream cake is divine but unhealthy, all bran taste like cardboard on its own but is healthy. Yu! seem to have cracked it and even Mark thinks they are good.

At this moment they offer a selection of:

  • Yu! Fruit & Yogurt – fruit pieces covered in yogurt
  • Yu! Jus Fruit – 100% delicious fruit pieces
  • Yu! Bar – fruit bars
  • Yu! Granola – granola clusters & fruits
Our Yu! Healthy Snacks selection
Our Yu! Healthy Snacks selection

We were sent a selection to try out and we loved them! Why?

First of all they taste great! They taste like concentrated fruit, tiny little morsels that explode with flavour when you bite one. The only downside we spotted was that they are very moreish and the packs can sometimes appear not big enough when you reach for “just one more”.

Secondly they are good for you – they are made with real fruits and real yogurt and they have no artificial colours so you can sit there all smug in the warm glow that you are treating your body like a temple.

 Third they come in small packs, which are perfect one person snack size – ideal to put into lunch boxes, handbag or even your pocket!

And did I mention that they taste great…

Yu! Fruit & Yogurt - raspberry pieces in yogurt coating
Yu! Fruit & Yogurt – raspberry pieces in yogurt coating

With different types of Yu! snacks and different flavours everyone can pick their favourite. My favourite so far is the raspberry pieces in yogurt coating – they have a perfect balance between sweet coating and fruit itself. Perfect if you need a quick energy boost.

Yu! Jus Fruit - fruit chews blueberry
Yu! Jus Fruit – fruit chews blueberry

Yu! Jus Fruit are great for all the fussy eaters out there, if one of the kids is putting up a roadblock in the search for enjoyable fruit consumption give them ago they may do the trick. They contain 100% real fruits and can be counted as 1 of your 5 a day (on the downside you have to eat the entire packet all to yourself with absolutely no sharing, life can be so hard at times)! We think it’s a great way to put some healthy food back into our diet!

* Product was provided by Yu! free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own .

Review – Danone Danio – Super Thick Yogurt

Danone Danio

As a BzzAgent I was given a chance to try Danio – Super Thick Yogurt – made by Danone. My BzzAgent kit arrived and in it selection of money off vouchers to purchase this new product.

My BzzKit for Danio Danone campaign
My BzzKit for Danio Danone campaign

I was given 8 vouchers in total with different monetary values. I used 6 of them myself, as I wasn’t able to choose which ones not to buy. The remaining 2 vouchers I gave to a stranger in our Tesco store. This lady helped me to resolve my dilemma over the hard choices regarding my purchase of Danio 🙂 She suggested that I should get one of all 6 flavours so I can try them all and form my own opinion with a full understanding of the whole selection. I liked her advice. She was keen on trying them out as well, so I shared my remaining vouchers with her.

Currently there are six Danio flavours to choose from:

  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry
  • Blueberry
  • Passion Fruit
  • Cherry
  • Peach
My selection of Danio
My selection of Danio

We tried them all and they are all really tasty.

Each pot has a RRP of £0.85 and total weight of 160g.

Danio is currently on special offer in Tesco – any 3 for £2 – offer valid until 16/07/2013.

Danone Danio is not like other regular yogurts. Danio is extra thick! Really believe me, it is thick, you can almost slice it! You can turn your tub upside down and the spoon won’t move it will still be there.

Danio has 2 layers:

  • Top layer – plain thick yogurt, with very gentle mild taste; it is creamy and tastes really good
  • Bottom layer – fruit layer, which depending on chosen flavour will provide you will all sorts of sensations, from sweet and sunny peaches, via wild berries to the exotic taste of passion fruit
Danone Danio Cherry
Danone Danio Cherry

This is the product details sheet from Tesco website about Danio Yogurt

  • Super thick
  • High protein low fat strained yogurt
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial flavours
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Low fat strained yogurt with a fruit layer and sugar.
  • High protein low fat strained yogurt

The secret behind Danio’s super thickness? It is made to Danone’s strained yogurt recipe which uses more milk (than standard yogurt), to make it amazingly thick and high in protein.

Allergy Information

Contains: Milk

Other Information

Additives: Free From Artificial Flavours

Additives: Free From Artificial Preservatives

Additives Other Text: No preservatives


Sounds good does it not? Tastes good too!

I especially like the fact that it is so thick. There is a good selection of soft cheeses on the market, but most of them are soured. Danone Danio can be used instead of soft cheese on your morning toast or a bagel. Sweet breakfast, your way!



Product was provided by Tesco via BzzAgent free of charge for review purposes. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.