eBay – Zero insertion fees 13-14 April

On 13 – 14 April 2013, there will be no insertion fees for private sellers that list up to 100 auction-style listing(s) at a starting price of £1.00 or more in an eligible category on eBay.co.uk. Additional listing fees still apply, such as those for adding extra photos.

To be eligible for this promotion, you need to:

This is truly a perfect time to de-clutter your home. The weather is not very kind to us at the moment and the car boot season has not yet fully started, so why not use eBay to get rid of unwanted items.

Earlier we talked about creating an auction; today I would like to mention a few things about postage.

With the recent Royal Mail price changes, calculating the correct postage is not so easy any more. Too many measurements need to be taken into account and we cannot of course forget about the weight brackets.

Alternatively you might want to consider looking into courier companies. There is a lot of them out there, but in general their prices seems to be much more “client friendly”. I personally use myHermes .

They offer 2 options:

–          Collection service – courier will come to your house or work place and collect whatever you wish to send.

–          Drop off service – you need to take care of delivering your parcels to the drop off point yourself  –  this is a cheaper option, compared to the collection service. There tend to be a lot of drop of points so you will find a local one.

Whichever way you decided to go with your parcels it is worth rememberiing that all these services have limited coverage for lost items or damage in transit… so take good care of your sold items and pack them well. Remember, there is never too much bubble wrap!

Happy selling!

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