Giveaway – 3 months’ supply of OzKleen Cleaning Powers

OzKleen are simply The Best!

They sent to me a 1 year supply of their Power range products including – Kitchen Power, Bath Power and Carpet Power.

I like to share so one of you, my lovely readers, will receive 3 months supply of these fantastic cleaning products. I am giving away to one lucky reader:

–          2 bottles of Kitchen Power

–          2 bottles of Bath Power

–          2 bottles of Carpet Power

They are all full size (500ml each).

To enter my give away please comment below with your best cleaning tip. Let’s share our knowledge so we can make those house chores more pleasurable.

Additional entries:

1. Follow OzKleen on Twitter and Tweet the message below,  then please leave a comment below telling me that you have done so

I want to win 3 months supply of @OzKleenUK Kitchen, Bath and Carpet Powers via @AgataPokutycka & Bark Time. Enter:

2. Become a fan of OzKleen on Facebook  and post on their wall

I am trying to win 3 months supply of OzKleen powers via Bark Time. For your chance to win visit

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Additional daily entry:

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I want to #Win 3 months supply of @OzKleenUK Cleaning Powers from @AgataPokutycka Enter at Closing date 30-06

Good Luck!


  1. Open to UK readers only
  2. One obligatory entry per reader + 2 extra entries + 1 additional extra entry per day allowed
  3. Winner will be picked at random and informed within 7 working days via email or Twitter
  4. Winner will have 7 working days to claim the prize, after this time, a new winner will be selected
  5. Closing day is 30-06-2013 at 23:59pm, an entry made after this time will not be counted

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updated 04-07-2013

and the winner is: Esther James AKA @esthermate

Well done!

Esther just confirmed her delivery address and the parcel with her new Powers will be on its way to her shortly!

Thank you all for entering.

New competition coming soon…

297 thoughts on “Giveaway – 3 months’ supply of OzKleen Cleaning Powers

  1. I clean my bathroom tiles SO easily… I secure a floor cleaning wipe to a dry mop head ( the swiffer kind where it has little openings to hold the wipe) Then I spray the wipe with shower cleaning spray and mop my tiles. To do the whole bathroom it takes about 10minutes … and no rinsing.
    I hope my tip saves everyone a ton of time!

  2. i always try to clean a mess as soon as it happens. also, one of my best cleaning tools is baking soda! thanks for such a great and very useful giveaway!

  3. Put on some energetic music, drink a full caffeine coffee and begin. If you are not in the mood but it really needs doing, set a kitchen timer for 5 minutes and do as much as you can in the time and very often that gets me going and I just carry on. I always put lemon or vanilla oil in the water when washing the floor or hoovering.

  4. put a bowl of warm water with a slice of lemon in your microwave for 1 min. It will removed odours and make the microwave easier to clean.

  5. Easy way to clean oven shelves is to soak them in the bath for a while and the use a metal pan scourer.

  6. I clean my bathroom tiles whilst I’m leaving my conditioner on my hair for a few minutes. Multitasking. Rinse once you get out 🙂

  7. When i do the washing up i squeeze a few drops of lemon juice in the bowl along with fairy liquid-this gives my glassware an extra shine-always rinse afterwards!

I love all comments :-)